Mary Carey Launches “Politically Naughty with Mary Carey” at 4PM PST on

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Los Angeles, CA — When Jon Stewart broke the news that he
would be taking a break this summer from hosting “The Daily Show,” reality
star and political pundit Mary Carey was a bit let down. Having been part
of a legendary Daily Show segment in 2003 with Rob Corddry during her
California gubernatorial run, she realizes the value of the information
that Stewart brings to the average American.****

However, when she learned that correspondent Jon Oliver was not only taking
over the show in Stewart’s absence, but it would be renamed “The Daily Show
with Jon Oliver,” she was beside herself.****

“Oliver is no Stewart. Hosting the Daily Show? He’d be lucky be a
commentator at Russia Today with Larry King,” noted Carey. “Unlike Oliver,
I’m a real politician with the assets to deliver the news.”

Intent on filling the inevitable void that would be occurring, Carey is
launching her own show “Politically Naughty with Mary Carey,” which will
debut this Monday, June 3 from 400-500pm PST on The show will take a look at the bad behavior that permeates politics, especially the sex scandals, and the general misbehavior and hypocrisy that politicians so often engage in.

“Jon Stewart’s first guest on The Daily Show was James Doohan, better known
as Scotty from Star Trek,” noted Carey. “Mine is Amber Meade from The Bad
Girls Club, so I think most people would agree that I’m off to a more
interesting start.”


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