Massive Workmen’s Comp Claims in the Offing? Sounds Like a Class Action Suit

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This will give you some back story as to what Rob Black was talking about Thursday night

“The adult industry is exposing itself to extraordinary amounts of liability,” said Black.

“And it’s frightening that our industry loves to foster the idea they are outlaws and pride themselves on being rebels.

“Policy dodgers and weavers in the business can’t fight certain laws. Laws require you to wear gloves to handle food. But industry pirates like to have waivers.”

Black said those waivers, such as the ones employs, will do a lot of good once the government shows up with million dollar fines and puts people out of business.

“Cal/OSHA and California held TT Boy responsible for HIV contracted on his set. TT Boy had his talent sign a waiver claim, but any talent who has caught any disease- they can wipe your ass with that agreement. So the same answer would extend to the liability waivers,” Black went on to say.

“There is no way that a worker can sign off on being beaten, maimed, mauled, anything that would hurt a worker.

I guess Jeffrey Douglas has been informing all the clients that that’s the way to go. Guess what Princess Donna? [pictured]

Unfortunately for you that’s not going to fly because right now there’s about 17 girls that are working with four lawyers and everyone’s coming up with workman’s comp and work safety complaints – they were put in dangerous work environments. It’s staggering right now.”


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