Matt Holder’s Real Life Fatal Attraction from Monica Foster

After 7 years of a one night stand, Monica Foster is unable to move on from Matt Holder. It had been proven that Holder and Foster did not actually date nor were they ever a couple. Truth is, Foster gave Holder some free pussy as she thought he could help make her famous. Holder didn’t want to turn down some free pussy, but that one night cost him 7 years of misery. Holder gave Foster the only orgasim that she has ever had in her 37 years on this Earth. Being the bad lay that she is, Foster was unable to satisfy Holder sexually. Holder didn’t want to come back because sex with Foster wasn’t worth his time and energy.

For the past 7 years, Foster had defamed, libeled, and stalked Holder in the attitude “If I can’t have you, then nobody can have you”. Foster had spread lies about Holder which includes, he gave her herpes, he got her pregnant and he only paid for half of her abortion, and other horrific things.

Donny Long mentioned Holder to Foster over the phone. Foster LIED and said that she was fine with him moving on his life which is a crock. This crappie painting of her’s of Matt Holder PROVES that after 7 years, she is unable to move on and she hasn’t gotten over him.


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