Maybe John Stagliano is Too Old To Care

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James Lee’s the Big Mahoff PR man recruited by Diane Duke and the Free Speech Coalition to fight Proposition B. That we all know.

What you might not know is a stat put out by According to that website, there were 361 defendants charged for obscenity under the George Walker Bush administration. John Stagliano was one of them, although his day in court came during the Obama tenure.

What makes all this particularly disturbing, relative to Lee, is the fact that Christian Mann who’s Stagliano’s general manager at Evil Angel is also on the board of directors at Free Speech. Which means if Robert’s Rules of Order are adhered to, Mann would have had to give a thumbs up to the hiring of James Lee.

James Lee not only ran PR interference for the Bushes to help get them elected to the presidency, he also endorsed Republican senator James DeMint for Vice President.

Do a little reading on DeMint and you’ll discover why he’s considered one of the most conservative senators in the senate. A hard-nosed bull goose loony conservative who don’t much like gays and anyone who offers less than a strict timeline interpretation of The Book of Genesis.

There you have it. James Lee is now working on behalf of the porn industry, thanks to Diane Duke and I suppose you’d have to say, Mann; but maybe he abstained.

If I were John Stagliano, who squiggled out of a guilty verdict by virtue of a government screw-up, I’d be very unhappy about any of this. But, maybe at his age Stagliano thinks, if only in his mind, about taking one last shot at playing for the Chicago Cubs.

A man can dream, can’t he? Even if he’s surrounded by assassins.

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