Maybe What I’ve Been saying Is true

Shark Mike South goes on the attack today and Jules Jordan is the chum in the water. South rants about Jordan’s alleged cozy relationships with porn pirates. With the appropriate spelling and punctuation corrections made, South has this to add which I find interesting:

“But lets not ignore Jules Jordan’s roots. You see Jules owes EVERYTHING he is to the kindness of the industry, namely Paul Fishbein. Before he was driving around in his Bentley and taking douchebag photos of himself Jules was but a lowly store clerk in a video store in Philly that was owned by Paul Fishbein, the owner of AVN.

“For whatever reason Paul took a liking to Jules, probably Jules wasn’t as much of a scumbag back then, and Paul got Jules a job at IVD. Jules started shooting and of course IVD distributed it through Pleasure Productions.

“But you will never make much money in this biz that way so Jules moved to Los Angeles where Paul helped him get distribution through Evil Angel. You will get rich that way. Jules did and he split from Evil Angel and Paul helped him to set up his own company and get paid by the people who usually wait 90 or more days to pay….Jules usually got paid on time.

So know you know the whole story but remember when this lowlife squeals about piracy….when he was making money from it he was totally ok with it. Fucking Hypocrite.”


It strikes me that when I left AVN back in the day, and I began lifting the veil on the Fishbein hypocrisy, South was one of the first to get in AVN’s corner to attack me. What I said was true then, and what I’ll be saying in the weeks to come is true now. Except my arms are bigger.

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