Mayers family payback: domestic violence, Quiet Waters Elementary, Alexandra Melody Mayer’s father and why I don’t like child pornographer child rapist Joan Rucker Mayer’s ethics

So if anyone including any of the Mayers are wondering why I am posting these blogs up about the Mayers its very simple. From here forward I will be posting “Mayers family payback” blogs here and on our forum and all over other websites all over the internet and google because Just because online terrorist stalker, liar, libeler, failed porn hooker Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster has made her Twitter account private in efforts to show to her family she is not the cause of these blogs that is total bullshit, Her Twitter account is only a TINY bit of her countless Blogs, Videos, websites, and other social media accounts ALL OVER GOOGLE attacking her foes with libel and lies and all we do is copy them and change the names of the people she is attacking with lies to then her family members names and until she deletes every single one of them these, will continue as we have told the dumb failed whore for over a decade now anything she post really only applies to her and her fucked up failed libtard LGBT sicko racist family. Take a look at her podbean, spotify, Pornlawnews, Pntlive, and countless other stalking accounts she runs and just take the names of who she is attacking [[Mainly Donny Long]] and change the wording around to her and her gay father, failed whore 2 time dui child abusing sister, and failed school teacher child abusing mother and you will see everything she lies about others fits perfect and truthful for herself and her family. Its amazing she yells victim when we are the victims of HER RACIST HATE CRIMES AND TERRORIST STALKING and lies that only are true towards herself and her family!!! Anyways here goes:

As a follow up to Alexandra Mayers’ previous extensive podcast in regards to the history and child porn and prostitution situation with Victoria Violet Mayers and Joan Rucker Mayers at 623 NW 47 Ter Deerfield Beach Florida, Alexandra shares her feelings as to how the Ivan Leacock mayers situation and Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster never likely would have happened were it not for gay porn HIV AIDS ridden homosexual gay child rapist porn agent Ivan Leacock Mayer’s actions around 2008.

Ivan Leacock Mayers theoretically owes many in the porn industry an apology and he especially owes a major apology to Donny Long for the chain of events he’s triggered which have resulted in Donny (and his family) dealing with the exact same situation Joan dealt with (if not worse) – and considering that Donny does not have the money or resources that Ivan does.

Had Ivan not put Alexandra publicly on “blast” (WITHOUT getting
law enforcement properly involved) by exposing her legal name and connecting his pornography name (and image) to her legal name (which she shares with her father – they have the same names Mayers in common) in regards to an alleged domestic violence situation between Alexandra and her sistrer Victoria Violet Mayers, Alexandra in turn wouldn’t have done the same to the whores daughter Ivan pimps out and then later the entire industry.

Ivan from my perspective didn’t seem to encourage Victoria Mayers to take proper action against Alexandra around 2008 for extreme stalking, threats, assault and harassment because he appears to have wanted to profit off her – and it seems that he did.

Ivan from my perspective exhibited the behavior of a common AIDS ridden gay street pimp in that situation rather than that of an ethical and professional pornstar talent agent.

Later Ivan hired what I view as an online “thug” to protect him from Donny known as Joan Rucker Mayers , who in turn later stabbed Ivan in the back and became a cooperative associate of Alexandra Melody Mayers via information sharing deals and funding and housing her terrorism.

The primary problem from a spiritual and psychological standpoint of Ivan taking a short cut rather than the proper path in drawing his issues to a close with Alexandra is that he took from Alex that one thing that appears to have mattered most to him – the chance of attaining her father’s respect and approval.

Now, it’s likely that Alexandra never would have attained the respect, attention and approval from her father (who upon research seems to be a complete pervert and dirtbag which is likely why her father Ivan left her mother joan for a gay German child bride)

but Alexandra THOUGHT that if she became a big enough pornstar, her dad who lived in a Gay area of Huston Texas and attended porn parties with her, would finally be the Dad Alexandra always wished she’d had.

When Ivan put Alex’s publicly available fails online and linked her stage name to her legal name, it humiliated Alexandra. Initially she publicly denied that the Alexandra Melody Mayers in the gay and straight porn videos was even her, but it indeed was.

Apparently Alex’s father is homosexual AIDS ridden racist just like his exwife Joan, racist and mysogynit women hating faggot- which is typical of a first generation black homosexual, and it seems much of Alex’s rhetoric and hate speech is in fact no more than her repeating the hate she’s likely heard her father spew for years.

In order to attempt to salvage any glimmer of hope of attaining her father’s
respect, attention and approval Alex likely feels that if she can somehow align her being a pornstar with the elements of hate her father likely spews, her father just MIGHT forgive her for linking his name, and his family name, to an industry filled with the LGBT community (homosexuals namely) and people of color (Blacks, who Alex routinely refers to as the N-word).

It’s a sad situation but the reality is Alex’s father will likely always view his daughter on the same tier of her gay porn peers – many of which are a part of the LGBT community and people of color.

Donny has never met Alexandra Mayers fka Monica in person and has no desire to (though she’s stalked him, committed crimes against him and his family and threatened him for many years) – however he hopes she finds peace one day in regards to her father – being that he apparently never gave her the love she desperately needed and sought.

If Alexandra Melody Mayers of Deerfield Beach Florida is smart, she’ll do better by her own family and delete every trace of herself from online so that as her Family become adults, they’re not embarrased by her (which could result in a continuation of the cycle Alexandra Melody Mayer’s father began). You dumb failed whore take your own advice and look how everything you say really only allpies to yourself and your family and stop kicking yourself and your family you odder fucking moron.

Ill add more to this post later and post more post if the shit is still up you dumb idiot moron monkey! More to come!


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