McLovin Loses His Museum; Rob Black Got Mike South Fired From Elegant Angel

There’s hasn’t really been much to say about porn lately. It’s kinda silly to try to make something out of nothing that’s pretty lame. Just press releases and ignorant people. It’s hard to give a shit. Unless it’s somebody with AIDS, somebody with syphilis or somebody gets killed. But none of that’s really been going on. No disease, nobody dying, no dwarves being raped. We’ve got enough shit going on that’s more interesting than trying to manufacture stories to talk about in porn. But we’ll talk about a couple things. We are AdultFYI, so we might as well give some FYI about adult.

Let’s take a look at AVN. They have a story about an article that was in Cosmopolitan. Way to go, AVN. You’re burning up the world of journalism.

Next story.

“The Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum Has Closed Its Doors”

Who gives a shit?

“It wasn’t supposed to end like this, as the result of an eviction and a lawsuit for rent that Ted McIlvenna…”

What is that? McLovin?

“Ted McLovin, president of the San Francisco-based Institute for Advanced Study of Sexuality, says wasn’t ever supposed to be paid by the Erotic Heritage Museum, which he founded in 2008 at “3275 Industrial Road in 2008 with property donated by Harry Mohney, owner of the Déjà Vu strip club empire.”

“But, as reported by the Las Vegas Weekly, “The museum, which has been dealing with staffing issues, disputes with the property owner and intermittent closures over the last few months, shut its doors Wednesday after being served with an eviction notice.”

“It has been a rough ride for a while. As AVN reported in late 2011, an audit by the IRS that rejected a $10 million appraisal of the museum’s collection led to a lawsuit between Mohney and “Laura Henkel, the curator of the museum and the person picked by Mohney, reportedly at the suggestion of McLovin, to appraise his erotic collection in order to get a charitable deduction for the materials he planned to donate to Exodus for use in the museum.” Exodus Trust is a San Francisco-based non-profit educational organization operated by McLovin.”

This sounds like a big old bullshit tax write off scheme that a bunch of old pornographers tried to come up with, but the jig was up. They all got caught. McLovin is crying like a little bitch.

“The intervening years have not been any smoother, and now the museum, which was supposed to be a fixture in Vegas, is no more. Still, McLovin says he is hopeful that some of it will remain.”

“What we’re trying to do now is leave the library in Las Vegas,” he says. “We’re hopeful we’ll be able to put something together with UNLV.”

“According to the Weekly, the “library is massive, containing 5,000 books and thousands of magazines, technical journals, artifacts…”

What artifacts? Rubbers? The first cumshot ever made and it’s enshrined in crusty tissues? Fuckin McLovin.

“…films and pieces of reproduced and original art.”

What original art? Instead of the Mona Lisa you got a picture of a girl with seven dicks around her face? What art? McLovin, you assholes tried to get a ten million dollar tax deduction. You weren’t able to. Mohney donated the building as a tax write off. Like my dad did back in the 90’s when he had a slum building that he donated to Goodwill. He wasn’t doing anything with it. His accountant said, “You know, if you donate that building to the Goodwill of Rochester, you can take a 50 thousand dollar tax write off.” My dad said, “Are you serious?” He said, “Yeah.” My dad donated that building and the Rochester newspaper called my dad this great philanthropist. My dad was like, “Philanthro this. I got rid of a slum building and got to write it off on my taxes.”

So Mohney got rid of this dumpy building to some guy named McLovin and then McLovin tried to get an appraisal for 10 million dollars for pictures of girls with jizz on their faces. Get the fuck outta here, McLovin.

Artifacts. People are over on Axel Braun’s set scraping up old jizz.

“I think I got an artifact here!”

“Nah, that’s just some old Marc Wallice HIV encrusted cum.”

“We’ve got some old Tony Montana AIDS riddled cum. Matter of fact we’ve got all the porn performers cum shots that are full of AIDS. We’ve got a poster that’s got tissues glued to it with a Tony Montana AIDS load, a Marc Wallice AIDS load, a John Holmes AIDS load, a John Stagliano AIDS load, a Darren James AIDS load. Just a bunch of AIDS loads on the wall. Here ya go. Here’s our artifact.”

Artifact. It’s a picture with dried AIDS cum on it. Fuckin artifact. I’ve never heard of anybody talking about a dirty old dildo as an artifact. You know what an artifact is? A seventy million year old dinosaur fossil. When I watch Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones finds the Lost Ark of the Covenant, that’s an artifact.

You got McLovin with a dirty rubber filled with John Holmes AIDS cum for an artifact. Get the fuck outta here!

“(We have) films and pieces of reproduced and original art. (McLovin hopes to eventually digitize all the films to ensure they won’t be damaged by the Vegas heat.)”

McLovin, listen to me. Old rubbers will definitely melt in the Las Vegas heat.

“Not all of the pieces may make it, however. “We’ve had a steady stream of people come by all day, and we’ve given them all an erotic art piece,” says McLovin.”

These artifacts are so priceless that they’re actually giving the shit away. They go to the museum and they’re like, “Hey man, would you like this vibrator? Gloria Leonard used it.”

“Yeah. She just died. She used this in a scene with Tom Byron in Taboo American Style. It’s a very precious artifact.”

Really? Like finding a wooly mammoth tooth? Get the fuck outta here!

“It would appear that giving those art pieces away to well-wishers is either a simple act of generosity or McLovin’s inimitable way of saying to the city, “Sayonara, fuckers!”

Yeah, McLovin is definitely saying sayonara, because only McLovin would call used rubbers and dirty dildos rare pieces of art or artifacts.

I love when you guys get real. Alexandra just sent me this. This was in the NY Daily News. Is this in McLovin’s museum as a rare artifact?

“The world’s oldest sex toy was more than just a feel-good aid. The 30,000-year-old siltstone phallus doubled as a tool to ignite fires.”

“The racy relic was found in a cave in Germany and is being studied at the University of Tubingen there, according to Independent Online.”

OK. First of all, this old dildo isn’t in McLovin’s fucking museum. It’s in a fucking university in Nazi Germany, where they eat their own shit. Germans play with their own shit and go, “Scheisse! Yummy!” They eat shit like Pacman. Remember Pacman when he ate all the dots? That’s what Germans do when they eat shit.

“The prehistoric phallus, which has marks where it was obviously used for striking against flints, also features carved rings around one polished end. Researchers say it’s easy to see what it was used for.”

What researchers? Some idiots in Germany who eat their own shit? This isn’t an American anthropologist. This is a bunch of shit eating Germans. They said, “Yes, it could be used to make fire, but with the ridged edge we think it was used for cavemen to fuck themselves with.” And eating each others shit is a Thanksgiving feast.

There’s your porn news. Alexandra’s sending me an article about a stone dildo discovered by a bunch of people who eat their own shit. It wasn’t USC who found the stone dildo. It was researchers from the shit eating country of Germany. They said it was used in the prehistoric days to fuck each other with while waiting to eat their own shit. “Hey you got a brontosaurus burger over there?”

“No, but I got a shitburger!”

What a weird porn world we live in. Patrick just sent me a clip of Pacman. Pacman’s eating those dots like Germans. “SCHEISSE! SCHEISSE SCHEISSE! SCHEISSE SCHEISSE SCHEISSE!” Hilarious.

Let’s see what else is going on at AVN. Same stories as the ones posted earlier. James Bartholet interviewing a bunch of old wretched broads and interviewing a bunch of people in a white room. I’ve never seen a website with as many cut and pastes from other sites. Is that all anybody does anymore? When have you seen Tom Byron or Rob Black just cut and paste a story? Thank you. We do all original stories. If you got a website that draws traffic, do some fucking work.

That’s it for AVN.

Fuck. Find me some AIDS. Find me some syphilis. This is boring.

Let’s go over to XBIZ.

Top story:

“Nina Elle Performs Her First Boy/Girl Scene With Keiran Lee”

Does she have AIDS? That’s all I want to know. Has John Stagliano been fucking anybody with his AIDS dick? That’s all I wanna know. Anybody got syphilis? I know Mr. Marcus gave girls syphilis. I got the doctor notes. Anybody got the syph? Anything?

That’s it for XBIZ. Let’s go to Hillbilly Boy.

Hillbilly Boy’s still doing the same schtick. Still doing “Thomas Scott Sparks Doesn’t Know When To Quit”

Mike South, you don’t know when to quit you retard. When will you quit and go away you insignificant loser? Please. When will you go away?

This is a guy who had all of this evidence about super gonorrhea that he never produced, but he’s obsessed with this Scott Sparks guy. He must’ve fucked one of Mike South’s girlfriends in the backwoods of Georgia. He posts about an anonymous girl who got harassed on Twitter by Scott Sparks. First of all, you got work from Scott Sparks? Fucking bottom feeding twat. Nobody knows who you are. You don’t have any friends in the business who told you that they never heard of this guy? Exactly.

Then South posts a story about Evil Angel and Cal/OSHA investigations with a link that doesn’t work. If you go to Cal/OSHA’s site, there’s nothing about Evil Angel. He writes a story about Evil Angel’s violations with nothing to back it up.That’s everybody’s lying bitch boy.

The guy made a career out of lying about me for over a decade because I got him fired from Elegant Angel. He put out one movie that was the biggest piece of dogshit ever made. Back then Elegant Angel was the biggest baddest company in the adult business and Mike South was there for one movie. He got 5000 dollars for one movie and guess what? I got his ass fired. I went to Patrick Collins and told him that he was a fucking loser. Greg Alves brought him in to use as leverage against Van Damage, who was the other amateur director at Elegant. Van Damage wanted more money, so Greg brought in Mike South to keep Van in check. Greg knew if he brought in Mike South that Van wouldn’t ask for more money, because he would be scared of being replaced. We all made more money than Van. Van was our boy, our dog with his creepy peepee, so I went to Patrick and said, “You gotta get rid of this Mike South. He’s disgusting. His movies are gross, his dick is gross, he’s a gross motherfucker. Patrick goes, “You think so?” I said, “Yeah, you gotta dump him. He’s a loser. A loser is a loser.” So Patrick told Greg to fire him.

Greg came to me and said, “Thanks for telling Patrick I had to fire Mike South. Why did you do that?” I said, “Because he’s a douche. He sucks.” Greg goes, “You’re just trying to protect Van.”


Subsequently Van Damage left with us and we started Extreme Associates. So Mike South, for the last decade you’ve been lying about me because I had you shitcanned and you had to run back to Georgia like a bitch. That’s why you never had a career in the porn biz, because Rob Black had your ass fired. A loser is a loser. Rob Black was the biggest and baddest motherfucker in the game and he got your ass fired.

Now all you have is a shitty website with a bunch of anonymous losers who post on a message board under fake names. All you do is post about bottom feeding douchebags. All you do is argue with Rob Black marks on your message board.

Monday, I’m gonna give you all some good Evil Angel news. I’m gonna give you some good old gossip Monday.

Mike South, you are a bitch who got his ass fired by Rob Black. You are my bitch.

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