Measure B will become effective Dec. 14, But Who Knows How It Will Be Enforced?

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from – The final tally of Los Angeles County’s vote requiring condoms in porn films shows that the initiative passed by a stronger margin — 14 percentage points — than was known the day after the election.

Final results certified by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday showed that the final yes tally was 56.96%, up from 55.85% recorded the day after the Nov. 6 election. In total, 1,617,866 people voted in favor of Measure B, while 1,222,681 were opposed.

With the final vote certified, Measure B will become effective Dec. 14, said county spokesman David Sommers.

“The margin was overwhelming,” said AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein [pictured], which put Measure B on the ballot. “The people have spoken, and now it’s up to the county government … to follow the will of the people.”

Sommers had no new details Tuesday as to how the county plans on enforcing the law. Measure B envisions regulating adult film production companies in much the same way the county regulates restaurants for health inspections — porn producers would be required to obtain a county health permit as a condition to film, and that permit would require the use of condoms.
Drawing up an enforcement and inspection process will take considerable time to implement, officials said.

Also unclear is whether the porn industry will act on its threats to file a lawsuit to block implementation of Measure B. A call to the porn industry’s lobby group, the Free Speech Coalition, was not immediately returned.

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