Meet FSC’s Poster Boy- James Lee

Who’s got better hair- James Lee or Jimmy Johnson? It’s a tough call.

The FSC makes the following announcement today: The Free Speech Coalition is pleased to introduce the “No on Government Waste – No on Measure B” campaign staff.

Planning with our campaign manager for the potential ballot measure began early in 2012 with the committee officially coming together in July. During that time, campaign staff and committee members have worked tirelessly gathering and analyzing polling data, developing communication and fundraising strategies, soliciting donations to build the campaign infrastructure and preparing for the launch of the campaign.

Senior campaign staff includes:

Sue Burnside, the “No on Measure B” Campaign Manager is the Founder and CEO of Burnside and Associates. Established by Sue Burnside in 1991, Burnside & Associates is a Los Angeles-based political consulting firm specializing in sophisticated grassroots field operations, turnout programs, ground-based vote-by-mail programs and coalition building. Fifteen percent of Burnside & Associates’ races have been decided by less than one percent of the total votes cast. Their direct mail programs have a 95 percent win record.

In 2008 Burnside & Associates achieved a perfect 100% win record for both their Political and Corporate Clients. In 2009, Burnside & Associates was proud to announce a 100 percent win record for their Corporate Clients. In 2010, they scored a 90% win rate for their clients. They kicked off last year with Rep. Janice Hahn’s historic first open primary Congressional election in California and ended it with solid wins for their political, corporate and municipal clients. Included in their long list of clients are the DNC in Oregon, New Mexico and California, Linda Sanchez for Congress, AARP, HRC-Protect Our Constitution-Hawaii & California Project, America Votes, JetBlue and many, many more. For more information about Burnside and Associates, click here.

James Lee [pictured] of The Lee Strategy Group, Inc. (LSG) is the campaign’s Communications Director. Prior to forming LSG, James was a director at the global PR firm Burson-Marsteller working on a wide array of issues, including utility deregulation, wireless standards, biotechnology and healthcare, business-to-business marketing, labor relations, environmental communications, community outreach and coalition building. He also has extensive experience in HIV and AIDS drug development having worked for biotech firms searching for cures and treatments.

James’ extensive campaign experience includes working for several conservative candidates and organizations including President George H.W. Bush and Governor Pete Wilson. Because of James’ extensive experience working to fight onerous government regulation and the relationships he developed in the course of those fights, he brings to the campaign the ability to connect successfully with the County’s more conservative business organizations. Campaign poll results emphasize the importance of a bipartisan effort as this ballot measure cannot be simple-mindedly pigeonholed as either a Democratic or Republican issue. For more information about LSG, click here.

Goodwin Simon Strategic Research (GSSR) is the pollster for the campaign. GSSR is an independent opinion research firm with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Together, Partners Paul Goodwin and Amy Simon bring more than 30 years of experience in polling, social and political marketing, policy analysis, program evaluation, and communications for clients in the political, public, and private sectors.

GSSR offers a comprehensive array of quantitative and qualitative research services, including telephone, on-line, and intercept surveys; focus groups; and consulting. Their research and consulting services guide strategic and tactical decision making across the full range of campaign concerns.

GSSR’s client list includes, American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), American Cancer Society, California Progressive Alliance, Courage Campaign, Marijuana Policy Project and yes, even AIDS Healthcare Foundation. For a more extensive list of clients and more information about GSSR, click here.

“We couldn’t be happier with the people who are coming together to fight this ballot measure,” said Diane Duke, Free Speech Coalition CEO.

“This issue is non-partisan, and it cannot be broken down by traditional demographic lines. We have assembled an exceptional team of experts that can reach all parties and bring us to a win.”

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