Meet Kayden Kross : Mike South Supporter, Animal Lover And Real Estate Scammer

We’ve been very busy here at The Rob Black Show. Making awesome commercials for our new format, keeping everyone up to date with the news on AB1576 and yesterday we drove all the way down to the OC to pick up the official mascot for The Rob Black Show, an adorable French bulldog we named General Zicari. If you go to my Instagram, you can see a pic. Cute lil fucker.

We’re working on a new article now, but to keep AdultFYI updated, we thought we’d post a story we wrote a few weeks ago when Mike South was defending crush videos and he said that Kayden Kross would be writing a piece on it. Wonder what ever happened with that? It was almost a month ago that South said she would be writing it. Hope it’s worth the wait.

In the meantime, enjoy this piece we did on animal lover and real estate scammer Kayden Kross.


Recently, we posted an article about Mike South and his obsession with a clinic in Texas that Free Speech Coalition somehow made money from. Somehow some Lamborghini driving Indian who runs a clinic in Texas with an affiliate program is his smoking gun to prove that FSC is corrupt. It’s bullshit, of course. Just like everything that spews from Hillbilly Boy’s piehole.

Mike South is jealous because someone had an idea and the wherewithal to drive a Lamborghini while he lives in a trailer in Georgia and drives a pickup truck. He’s also extremely bitter over having been raised by a family who made him shoot rodents so they could eat. Hey Mike, I went out and had a nice sushi dinner this weekend with my beautiful girlfriend. Those of us in civilized society have nicer things because we don’t live in the backwoods of Georgia and we don’t get our kicks from having our hick buddies spray their diseased loads all over speed freak strippers. Sorry you live in such squalor. Maybe in another life you won’t be such a loser.

We also talked about the ratched lot of South’s dwindling supporters and outing them as such. Supporting a man who spreads lies and has bullied people in the industry for the past decade and a half is tantamount to being a Nazi sympathizer. We discussed putting a website together to expose these people who advertise or otherwise support this cretin. Vicky Vette, Adella from Fine Ass Marketing and Kayden Kross, to name a couple.

Speaking of Kayden Kross, does anybody remember her being involved in some real estate scam a few years ago?

Here’s an article from XBIZ in 2008:

“Kayden Kross Indicted on 2 Felony Counts”

“Adam & Eve contract performer Kayden Kross has been indicted on two felony counts of grand theft and real estate fraud, and will be arraigned in Sacramento on Oct. 14.”

“Court records indicate that Kross was indicted on California Civil Code 1695.3, which details home equity contracts, and California Penal Code PC 487(A), Grand Theft (exceeding $400).”

“Kross was indicted under her real name, which was confirmed to XBIZ by a representative of Adam & Eve Pictures.”

“Also named in the indictment was William Henley…”

So they don’t print Kayden’s real name, but they print William Henley’s.

“…who is charged with grand theft and California Civil Code 2945.4(D), which prohibits foreclosure consultants from “[receiving] any consideration from any third party in connection with services rendered to an owner unless that consideration is fully disclosed to the owner.””

“Jon-Paul Valcarenghi, of Sacramento law firm Rothschild Wishek & Sands LLP, who is representing Kross, was unavailable for comment.”

“Kross is scheduled to feature at Ten’s Showclub in Tucson, Ariz., starting tonight. A representative of Ten’s, contacted on the telephone, confirmed that Kross was in Tucson and would perform as scheduled.”

“Kross has not returned calls from XBIZ.”

“Adam & Eve Public Relations Director Katy Zvolerin told XBIZ that the company had no comment on the charges.”

This is someone who supports Mike South. It’s not about being a criminal, I went to prison. But I didn’t go to prison for trying to cheat people out of their homes.

Here’s another article:

“Kayden Kross Pleads No Contest in Real Estate Case”

“Adam & Eve contract performer Kayden Kross, who had been indicted in September on felony counts of grand theft and real estate fraud, pleaded out the charges on Monday.”

“According to court records, the grand theft charge has been dismissed and the real estate fraud charge was reduced to a misdemeanor. Kross pleaded no contest and was sentenced to one day in custody and three years of probation.”

“The charges had been filed under Kross’ real name, which was confirmed to XBIZ by Adam & Eve when the charges were first filed.”

“William Henley, who was also named in the charges, will be back in court July 15 for further proceedings.”

“Kross was unavailable for comment when XBIZ called.”

I wonder if William Henley went to jail. Did he get into any trouble? Or did Kayden roll over on him? What was it?

Kimberly Nicole Rathkamp. That’s Kayden Kross’s real name. Wow, what a Nazi-sounding name that is. Kimberly Nicole Rathkamp, my question is if you guys didn’t do anything wrong, did William Henley get in more trouble? What happened to William Henley? Because if Henley wound up getting real time, that means Kayden Kross is a fucking rat. That mean Kayden Kross served up the whole operation and walked out with just a slap on the wrist. If we find out what happened to William Henley, we’ll know what happened with Kimberly Nicole Rathkamp. Can’t get over her Nazi name. “Hello, I am Kimberly Nicole Rrrrathcamp unt I vould like to steal your house.”

Kimmy, let’s hear about William Henley, then we’ll know the entire truth to this story.

Wait a minute, I just got sent another article. Perhaps this will shed some light on Frau Rathkamp.

From AVN:

“Kayden Kross, Victim of Mortgage Scam, Pleads ‘No Contest’”

She’s a rat.

“”The situation was, I basically was talked into purchasing two properties that were in foreclosure by a broker who stood to make a lot of money by brokering the transaction,” Kross told AVN.”

She was “talked into purchasing.” Really? She’s a rat. She was involved, they all got busted and she fucking ratted on everybody. End of story. She just said it. She got “talked into.” How do you get talked into purchasing property? I get when you’re on set and you get talked into swallowing cum. Getting talked into purchasing property isn’t a spur of the moment event like swallowing cum. It’s a sequence of days. It’s a lot of work to purchase property.

It sucks I wasn’t around during this time. I was preparing to go to prison. I missed out on this stuff. Kayden wouldn’t have gotten a free pass if The Rob Black Show was on the case.

After she was talked into purchasing these properties she told AVN:

“”It was a super-sophisticated transaction that I knew nothing about…””

So why did you do it? Isn’t Kayden Kross supposed to be this highly intelligent woman who is touted as a genius? Kayden Kross is a genius according to everybody, including Mike South. South is her biggest cheerleader.

Kayden was part of a land deal where she purchased property and was talked into it. It was super sophisticated and she knew nothing about it.

“”…it fell apart; the numbers were shaky, and the broker was just setting it up to get his fee and run, so that really screwed me up. I didn’t know what I was doing or supposed to be doing, and I still don’t know exactly what I did wrong and exactly what was illegal about it.””

Again, you see she’s a rat. You see Kayden Kross is a fucking rat. If you don’t see she’s a rat with these fucking statements, then you’re a moron. An ignorant hillbilly jerk off moron. This is somebody who is a rat. Plain and simple.

“”The thing that they got me on was not filling out a contract with the people I bought the property from,” she continued. “The people who I bought the property from were people who, through all of this, were trying to get money out of me, and basically through the two and a half years or however long it’s been, they have been in the police station every single day, annoying the hell out of police officers, trying to get them to make a case against me so they could get a settlement out of me, and they got me on the technicality that there was no written contract, and they had never actually prosecuted anyone for that in the history of Sacramento.””

“”Everyone who knows me knows I’m not the type of person who will intentionally screw someone over,” she said. “I just got pulled into a situation I knew nothing about. I was trying to refinance my own house, and he was the broker, and he and the mortgage lender are the two people who did this to me. Actually, I wasn’t the only girl they did this to; their general MO [modus operandi] was to take girls who had cash, which are usually house girls, and – cash and a good credit score which was all they needed, so a few girls got pulled in. The did the same thing on all of us.””

And everybody went, “Awww…OK Kayden. Poor Kayden.”


This is a girl who’s supposed to be smart. And you guys just all fell for it.

This is a girl who supports Mike South. And this is a girl who is going to write an article on crush videos for Mike South. She’s real credible. Can’t wait to read that one.

Just another example of people bullshitting the industry. Everyone’s gotten a pass for years and years because they bullied people. Everybody was afraid that somebody would write a bad story about them. So you had people like Mike South who did whatever they wanted. Mike South would write whatever bullshit he wanted and people were afrad that if they said anything, Mike South would write about them and spread lies about them. If you didn’t have a forum to speak out, everybody would just think that you fuck chickens. In turn, everybody would be afraid to speak or Mike South would go ahead and write a story about how you like to fuck chickens. You like to fuck chickens and that’s the gospel and what are you gonna do about it? So Mike South bullied everybody for a decade and a half.

Mike South can’t bully people anymore. Mike South can’t spread lies anymore. It’s over.

Because I’m here everyday to tell the world that everything he talks about are fucking lies.

Plain and simple.

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