Meet Mike Strother : Loose Cannon Blogger Undone By “Credible Sources”

I want to talk about a man who runs a blog site. His name is Mike Strother. Some of you may know him as Mike South.

Mike Strother has claimed for years that his website is one of great knowledge and wisdom. That he has numerous sources who provide him with factual information, so he can tell the masses what is going on in the adult business. He has convinced numerous media outlets with the help of a woman named Adella from Fine Ass Marketing that he knows the ins and outs of the business. He has preached from the highest mountaintops about the health and safety of the industry. He claims to know what’s good for the industry as far as economic trends and our trade organizations. He also claims to be a rocket scientist who was employed by NASA.

His website is a joke. It is full of misinformation and lies. Until I came along, nobody had ever challenged him on his bullshit. He was given free reign for years to terrorize the adult business. Now that The Rob Black Show has exposed him for the lying dirtbag he is, his website and message board have become an industry joke.

His website is nothing but lies from anonymous keyboard warriors who email him the same bullshit they email me. Mike Strother is so desperate to have anybody go to his piece of shit site that he runs anything anybody sends him. Sometimes he’ll post one of his lies and a lawyer will send him a cease and desist and he’ll take it down, but more often he just says, “I’ve been had. My bad.”

Every inaccurate story Mike Strother has put up, The Rob Black Show has been there to shine a light on the bullshit. When the industry had the big disease outbreak last year, he posted a picture from the 50 anal cream pie gang bang and misidentified one of the participants as Xander Corvus. Anyone who knows anything about the business knows that Xander does not do gang bangs. When corrected, his response was, “My bad” but he never took the picture down. He then posted a picture of a 50 year old Mexican hooker and told everyone that is was Sofia Delgado, a woman in the business who had recently contracted HIV. Person after person relayed to him the fact that it was not Sofia Delgado, that Sofia was in her 20’s and the picture wasn’t her. His response? “My bad. But you get the point.”

Mike Strother then posted a story about a porn performer named Billy Glide who had died after being bitten by a rattlesnake and deciding to sleep it off rather than seek treatment, because he didn’t want his friend who owned the snake to get in trouble. We later found out this story was bullshit because his credible source was Alana Evans, an industry loudmouth. Billy Glide in fact died of an overdose of GHB and alcohol. He never pulled the story from his site. He just said he had credible information. Credible information from someone who doesn’t even work in the industry because no one hires her skanky ass.

His next doozy was reporting that legendary performer Jon Dough committed suicide back in 2006 because he had tested positive for HIV, when in fact he killed himself because of a massive addiction to crystal meth. His evidence? Another “credible source.” Somebody with inside industry knowledge that he never names. That’s the license he uses to create lies about people.

Mike Strother has waged a war on the adult industry since 1997, when Rob Black got him fired and ostracized from the business. He has wreaked havoc on the industry for not letting him in the cool club. For not letting him have a seat at the big boy table. He creates lie after lie and when he is corrected, he acts as if it’s the first time he’s ever been proven wrong. He claims to be a person of high intelligence, but he is nothing more than a fraud. He is a hillbilly racist who grew up shooting squirrels so his white trash family could eat. He shot a girlfriend’s cat in the back of the head while it was licking a can of tuna because he didn’t want to take it to the vet.

Mike Strother is a deplorable human being who is so delusional that he believes the things he says and thinks that he amounts to something. He’s gotten away with doing what he’s done for years because nobody called him on it. When I came on the scene and started exposing him, people started coming forward and calling him on his bullshit.

Lately, Strother has been going off about a man named Gregg Dodson. Nobody knows or cares who he is, but supposedly he is involved in a hooker site called This Dodson guy pissed off Mike Strother somehow, so Strother made up lies about him.

A few years ago, Mike Strother told everybody that he had bought into a strip club. Nothing could be further from the truth. He somehow convinced somebody that he could manage the club. He bamboozled the owner that he had the most read website in the industry and if he was hired he could promote this shitty strip club in Ohio to his millions of readers. When he worked at the club, he got in trouble with one of the strippers who actually filed charges against him for threatening her because she bumped into his leg. He threatened her because she bumped into his hurt leg and grabbed her hair so violently that she filed police charges.

So Mike Strother got fired from the club and was sent packing back to Georgia.

This guy Gregg Dodson was somehow involved and would tell people from the club about what a loser Mike Strother was. Strother had a big chip on his shoulder because another company where he thought he would be a big shot kicked him to the curb. He got shitcanned for incompetence and for violence. Not against a guy, because he’s a pussy. He’s a chickenshit punk. He assaulted a woman.

Mike Strother now has heat with Gregg Dodson. He tells Dodson that he better shut up about him or he’s gonna reveal all of this information about his escort site and how the people are bad and doing drugs, etc. He posts all of this stuff that somebody would only know if they knew them. A “credible source.”

Another website, that is operated by a kid named Sean and another guy named Ari aka Michael Whiteacre, who I call Devil Man, got in contact with this guy Dodson and got the truth about Mike Strother and his escapades in Ohio. They posted cease and desist letters from Dodson’s attorneys that were sent to Strother and to his hosting company about the lies that Strother was posting and told Strother that lawsuits would commence if he did not stop. And lo and behold, those elements were deleted from the post. By deleting the posts, he proved that his sources were not credible. He got his information from anonymous keyboard warrior emails. Emails that I get and throw in the trash or respond to and call them names. And they keep emailing me! I guess they like to be abused. Mike Strother takes these emails and by posting peoples’ bullshit, he gets served with lawsuits. When you look at the cease and desist letters and you see what Strother deleted, you can see that he’s admitting to posting lies.

But Strother is apparently so upset from being kicked out of the strip club by Gregg Dodson that he just can’t let it go. He posted something about a Wicked girl named Kaylani Lei and that she was a hooker who was associated with Dodson. His source for this information were a couple of emails that he supposedly got from a competing agency. He said that he normally doesn’t care who escorts or not, but it was bad timing with all of the scrutiny on the industry and it would call the attention of the feds and put the business in a bad light. I found this incredibly amusing considering his butt buddy Derek Hay, which is a porn star escort site with a huge roster of girls in the business who are bigger than Kaylani and Derek Hay is a much more of a pimp than Gregg Dodson ever could be.

But here’s the best part. It was all a lie. This isn’t Rob Black saying this. This is Mike Strother saying it on his own site. After he posts this huge bullshit story about how evil Kaylani Lei and Gregg Dodson are, he then takes the story down and puts this up at about 11 o’clock last night:

“Someone Is Playing Games”

Remember, this is Mr. Credible Sources. This is the guy who fact checks and says that everything I say is a lie. I never post retractions and I have never been sued. He writes a huge story about a Wicked girl being an escort and his message board posters all chime in with digs at Wicked and how funny that their girls are prostitutes.

Listen to this:

“About the Wicked contract girl story it appears that someone is going to GREAT lengths to fuck with me and with Kaylani…”

Great lengths? Anonymous emails that you immediately posted are great lengths? Are these the same great lengths that made you put up stories about Billy Glide, Jon Dough, Xander Corvus and the 50 year old hooker that you said was Sofia Delgado? Can you imagine if CNN ran a story that Barack Obama was getting fucked in the ass by Vladmir Putin and 8 hours laters they took the story down and said, “We though it was real. Somebody is going to great lengths to fuck with CNN.”

Strother made a post recently about freedom in America and how it is under attack and rights are being eroded. Really? He has the freedom to post complete lies and then 8 hours later take them down and his excuse is, “Somebody’s fucking with me. I’m so stupid I got hoodwinked!”

A guy who is supposed to be a rocket scientist, yet an anonymous emailer, the same one who emails me, somehow baffled him.

“…whether the story was true or not I no longer  think Kaylani was trying to fuck with me at all but I do think that someone is trying very hard to fuck with me and Kaylani so I prefer to err on the side of caution and as such I killed the story.”

How did you kill the story? You ran the story, asshole! If you claim to have the most read website in the business, you didn’t kill anything because everybody read the story. Again, imagine if CNN ran a story in the morning about Obama and Putin blowing each other and at the end of the day saying, “Oops. We got hoodwinked. Somebody’s fucking with us, so we’re gonna take the story down.” It’s too late, it’s already out there.

“I am now working with people I trust on this matter, my apologies to Kaylani for not being more diligent and allowing her to get drug into something she likely had nothing to do with.”

I guess he was working with people he didn’t trust before. All of the stories that he posted before were from people he didn’t trust. He wasn’t smart enough to know that they were playing him. What did he say about me? “I played the Kazoo.” You are the one who got played, motherfucker. You get played every day. You post story after story that are lies.

He apologizes for not being diligent. He wasn’t diligent about Billy Glide, Jon Dough, Xander Corvus, etc. How many times is this guy gonna get away with telling lies?

“It is entirely possible that the lourdesenterprises email was fabricated and it was a good one.”

What a genius. This is a guy who, according to him, worked on space shuttles at NASA. A guy who is so intelligent that he got fooled by an anonymous email. Think about this. A fabricated email. That is what Mike Strother uses as a source for information to post an inflammatory article on his site.

“If Steve Orenstein would like to contact me I would welcome it and give him any info that is pertinent….Meantime  Back to Porn…”

Why would Steve Orenstein contact inbred hillbilly retard Mike Strother about a story that is a lie? Why? Is Mike Strother so delusional that he thinks that Steve Orenstein would call him?

There is your buddy Mike Strother. Your buddy Mike South.

You know, a lot of these idiots on Mike Strother’s message board talk shit on Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre. It’s the same 3 or 4 nut bags that talk about jewish conspiracies and gay mafias. All they do is call people names. At least what Tompkins and Whiteacre post have some facts attached to them. When they posted the story about Mike Strother and his lack of testing, it was facts backed up with evidence and verifiable sources. When they talked about Strother trolling for hookers to use in his bukkake parties, it was factual. They presented evidence to back up their claims.

People say they’ve talked shit about me. So? At least they did it in an amusing way instead of just calling me names like jew fag. I told all of you, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I don’t give a fuck about everybody’s little bullshit games. I’m here to entertain. I will give my opinions, but I’m not gonna just make up shit to amuse myself. When I tell you about something going on, I’m gonna tell you why it’s wrong and I’m gonna lay out my case point by point and prove it to you with evidence, like I did with the Mr. Marcus syphilis notes. If I tell you about a conversation I had, I’m gonna name names and places. I’m not gonna tell you about something and say I can’t divulge my sources. Because then it’s all lies. I’m gonna say this person said this to me at this event. Mike Strother does not do that. He is a liar.

Mike Strother listens to half assed jerkoffs who send him emails and it’s all the same shit they send me. He thinks he is someone special who has his own collection of nut jobs who email him retarded stories.

Mike Strother/South is a loose cannon. The second most dangerous man in porn. The first? John Stagliano.

But that’s a story for another day.

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