Meet The Crush Video Girls Stephanie Hird And Sara Zamora; Adam Redford On The Run

I’m gonna have to give AVN some more credit here.

They’ve been keeping up with the crush video girls. That’s what I call them. The crush video girls. They have a new story that has mugshots of the girls. They also have a picture of the guy that they were doing the videos for.

So I gotta give AVN props, they’ve been on this story. Once in a while they actually do news, instead of a goofy Peter Warren press release. Here’s the story on AVN:

“Miami Models Plead Not Guilty to Animal Cruelty Charges”

“Sara Zamora, one of two women charged with a variety of offenses related to animal cruelty, pleaded not guilty in court Friday to the eight felony charges she faces, while the other woman. Stephanie Hird, pleaded not guilty today to five felony counts. Specifically, as AVN has previously reported, the two models, Hird, 29, and Zamora, 28, are accused of making “videos for Adam Redford, a South Florida fishing boat captain who produced so-called animal ‘crush’ videos, which feature actresses killing animals while engaged in sex acts with themselves or others.””

If you look at this guy Redford, he looks like a fucking serial killer. Seriously. Like a fucking serial killer.

“The two women were arrested about two weeks apart and Miami-Dade police say they are still looking for the 57-year-old Redford, according to, which reported today on the women’s bond court appearance and imminent release of Zamora, who was granted bail in the amount of $5,000. Hird, who already posted bail of $7,500, was released from jail earlier this month into her parents’ custody.”

Parents’ custody? A 29 year old girl released into her parents custody.

“According to the news station, the two women are each “charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty for engaging in sex acts while torturing and killing animals, including chickens, fish and mice. Zamora is charged with eight felony counts of animal cruelty. Hird is charged with five felony counts of animal cruelty.””

“Hird, who works mostly under the name Megan Jones, entered the industry a decade ago and has approximately 70 titles to her credit, per”

So this group of nasty, disgusting, deplorable motherfuckers are now free on bond and the guy who was part of this sick twisted game is on the run.

As much as people like Mike South want to dismiss this, even when it involves a rodent like a mouse, when you’re killing animals and you get sexual gratification form killing these animals, you’re on the road to becoming a serial killer, if you haven’t already killed human beings. Read any book about serial killers and almost all them acquired their taste for killing from killing animals. They get sexual gratification from it.

I don’t care if it’s a rat. As nasty as rats are, if you’re masturbating while you’re bashing a rat over its head, you’re a sick twisted motherfucker. If you’re taking chickens and bashing them on the ground as you’re jacking off and filming it, you’re a sick twisted motherfucker.

What dirty scummy bitches these are. They are just wretched beasts. Somebody should crush their fucking heads.

Again, gotta give AVN props for covering this. Good for them for staying on this story. Hope these cunts get what’s coming to them.

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