Meet The New Rob Black Show Bitch : NOHODrink CEO Jay Grdina aka Mrs. Jenna Jameson

Have we got a story for you, ladies and gentlemen.

We’ve got a new public enemy number one. Or should I say public enema?

The excitement I’ve had this afternoon can only be described as awesome. I want all my fans to get ready for a epic bout of harassment. Because never in the is history of The Rob Black Show have we had the CEO of a publicly traded company acting like a tough guy when he is nothing more than a punk bitch. Obviously somebody had contacted this CEO bitch to fuck with him. Nobody told him exactly what he was walking into.

When we were driving to the studio, Tom Byron said, “I actually feel bad for Jay Grdina right now. He has no idea what’s coming.” He doesn’t. He’s exactly like he was a decade ago. A little bitch. We’re gonna have fun with this little cunt.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you the story.

The man I’m talking about is none other than Jay Grdina. You can also call him Mrs. Jenna Jameson. Jay Grdina, who was the husband of famous porn star Jenna Jameson. He was also Chasey Lain’s suitcase pimp. And he was Russ Hampshire of VCA’s little bitch boy. He went by the names of Justin Sterling, Teddy Fine and Jay Grdina, which is his real name. In some circles, he goes by the name of John Grdina. He has a lot of names, because he has a very shady past. But we’ll get to that. Because as he told me in an email, he was looking at life in prison and didn’t rat or roll over on anybody. But somebody who was looking at life in prison isn’t doing life in prison. That makes me believe he ratted on somebody. That makes me believe he cut a deal because he’s a bitch cunt.

The interesting thing about all of this is he is the CEO of a publicly traded company called Dolce Bevuto, LLC. He has actually gone on Bloomberg and CNBC and all of these financial venues and talked up his product NOHODRINK. The stock symbol is DRNK. He is the CEO of a publicly traded company and he’s sending emails to me trying to act like a tough guy. And when I put him on blast in an email reply and said, C’mon, you little faggot. Bring it,” he started to step back and be cute to try to diffuse the situation. But we’ll get to the emails later.

Right now, I’m talking to the world. And I’m saying that the CEO of a publicly traded company, the head jerk off in charge is a bitch cunt. NOHODRINK is an energy drink that is supposed to prevent or cure hangovers or whatever the fuck it does. Who knows if the shit works. Remember, we’re talking about Jay Grdina, the suitcase pimp to the stars. The con man’s con man.

He’s lives in Arizona. He’s probably lost his LA privileges because he’s burned every bridge there is. He’s fucked people over right and left. He’s got Arabian horses that he thought were worth a lot of money that he thought were gonna make him rich and be his golden parachute. A couple of them gave birth and died. He probably fed them NOHODRINK.

I hope somebody texts him and he sends me another threatening email. He actually said he was gonna come down and “see me.” I’m waiting, cunt. Bring whatever army of losers you want. Bring your friends. Oh. I forgot, you don’t have any friends left. You fucked them all over. I hear you’re still friends with Steven Hirsch. Bring Steve. Love to see little Stevie.

I gotta think somebody’s fucking with him. He’s so outta the loop. He talks in his email about me typing with my “chubby fingers.” Obviously he hasn’t seen the svelte musclebound god I have become. He talks about my five or six listeners and readers. Nobody has clued this asshole in that this is the program and AdultFYI is the website that EVERYBODY goes to. Nobody clued this fucking retard in that we have almost half a million listeners on The Rob Black Show and readers on AdultFYI every month. Somebody is fucking with him. That’s why Tom Byron said he felt bad for him. He’s gonna get torched. And he’s gonna get torched every fucking day.

Jay Grdina, you are a bitch. Until you come down here like you said you were gonna do, we’re gonna torture you every single fucking day. Fuck Frank Koretsky. He’s moved down the list. He’s lost his spot at the top dog cunt. You are now the target and it’s gonna be fun watching you squirm like a girl.

Jay Grdina, the owner of a publicly traded company called Dolce Bevuto LLC, we’re gonna light you up everyday. You might as well call your boy Dick Ritchie or whatever his fucking name is over at to dig up some dirt on Rob Black. C’mon, give us some publicity you faggot cunt.

Grdina, I fuck you where you breathe. C’mon you faggot.

We’re gonna tell the complete history of the bitch punk faggot known as Jay Grdina. Right now and everyday, we’re gonna tweet pictures of you fucking your meal ticket Jenna Jameson, right alongside your appearances on Bloomberg. Big tough guy CEO sticking his little pee pee into his meal ticket. That’s all he ever was. A suitcase pimp. He was Chasey Lain’s little bitch, he was Russ Hampshire’s little bitch and he was Jenna Jameson’s little bitch. That’s all he is. That’s all he was and will ever be.

If you go to AdultFYI, we put up a story Everything we said in this story was 100% true. It was a story about Jenna Jameson and Brad Armstrong reuniting and in telling the history we made reference to the former Mrs. Jameson aka Jay Grdina that he didn’t flattering. He didn’t appreciate the comments none too much. The fact that everything was true upset him a little.

Somebody’s gotta be fucking with him to send him this article. This is like fucking with a retarded child. If fact, I’ve got a retard hockey helmet that I’m gonna hang next to the Warren Sapp jersey that hangs on the wall behind me as I do the show. I’m gonna dedicate the retard helmet to you. It’s a lifetime achievement award for the biggest retard in the universe Jay Grdina. You know Warren Sapp. You know all the same people we know, because the people you met were all the people we knew before. You’re a mooching fucking faggot. You met Warren Sapp through Dennis D, who stole your money. You paid Dennis D to be your friend you fucking faggot. You paid money to be Dennis D’s friend and then he took your money and spurned your love.

So you get the retard helmet award for all time. Somebody wants you to suffer, because you made the mistake of trying to wage a war with me and it’s the last war you’re ever gonna wanna wage.

I’m not gonna waste space on AdultFYI anymore right now taking about the bitch faggot Jay Grdina. If you wanna see me go off on this little fairy cunt bitch on my show last night, check back later and we’ll post the video.

More to come, cunt. Much more to come.

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