Meet the Trans Escort Claiming to Service Anti-LGBT Republican Congressmen

Trans Escort Claiming to Service Anti-LGBT Republican

Baroness Brittany Bendz, known as the “Darling of K Street,” opens up to Aurora Snow about the powerful men in D.C. she says she dominates—including bathroom bill-pushing GOP lawmakers.

While conservative lawmakers continue to deny the basic acceptance and civil rights of the LGBT community, as epitomized by North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” and recent employment protections that were shot down at the last minute—it’s interesting to note that some of them have a stronger connection to that community than they’d ever publicly acknowledge.

Some of these same lawmakers aren’t practicing what they preach, and, as is often the case, their secret sex lives fail to align with their party line.

Enter the “Darling of K Street,” Brittany Bendz.

Bendz is a transgender porn starescort

—and MIT grad—whose reputation

for guarding her client’s identities has

made her a huge hit with politicians,

lawyers, and other members of the United

States government. She is their dirty little

secret; the skeleton in the closet of

squeaky clean, happily married men

elected to power.

Thanks to its revolving door of influential lobbyists and politicians, K Street symbolizes the ultimate trifecta: power, money, and sex. This is where S&M temptress Bendz made a name for herself dominating Washington, D.C.’s affluent, turning the tables on politicians who ask for it (not so surprising when you consider that D.C. is the kinkiest place in the nation.)

Selling sex on-camera or off makes little difference to this real-life Baroness, who felt that becoming a “purveyor of intimacy” was simply an extension of her career in porn. However, she won’t see just anyone—in these privately paid encounters, Bendz prefers to cater to a white-collar clientele, from bankers to congressmen.

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