Men of Action My Ass: AVN Was Being Run By a Suit Salesman

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In 1987, AVN was just about to go out of business. Owner Paul Fishbein struck a deal to go on the newsstand. Fact. I was taking over the job of editor from John Paone, and the deal had already been struck. Fact.

John showed me the template of the AVN newsstand issue. I told John, “This is a disaster. You can’t do this. It’ll never work.” Fact.

But Fishbein had already struck the deal. In two months, the magazine was ready to fold. Fishbein had to meet a guarantee of 50,000 issues a month, and his printer Stuart Franks held the note. Paul had to meet that note. So what Paul did, was, he eased his original business partner Barry Rosenblatt out of the picture and gave the partnership to Stuart Franks. Fact.

That’s why AVN moved to Upper Darby because Barry Rosenblatt owned the house that AVN was operating out of and Paul had to get out. Fact.

Paul Fishbein offered me partnership in AVN. Fact. But when we moved out to California, Paul was introduced to this guy Yoram Dahan. Fact.

Yoram was dating Bonnie Kail whose father Ed Kail was a stalwart at VCA Pictures where he sold tape for Russ Hampshire. Fact.

Yoram, a smooth-talking Israeli with an Elvis pompadour knew nothing about the business, but Paul made him the No. 2 man at AVN. Fact.

Forget the fact that I singlehandedly took AVN out of bankruptcy, Paul brings in an outsider- a suit salesman at that- and insults me by making Yoram the No. 2 man at AVN. Fact.

Yoram was subsequently fired for reasons I’m not even sure of, but Paul trusted him with everything. Fact.

Yoram was also one of the first guys to buy up porn star domain names then sell them back to the performers at jacked up prices. Fact.

Guys like John “Mr. Stretch Class” Stagliano and Russ “Mr. McDonalds manager” Hampshire bought AVN ads on the strength of Yoram being this No. 2 Man of Action. Fact.

Yoram and Bonnie Kail married and divorced. Fact.

AVN are “Men of Action”? Bullshit.


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