Mercedes Ashley: I block ALL Trump supporters: THEY’RE RACISS!

Mercedes Ashley

So when Mercedes Ashley pops off and claims all Trump supporters are raciss, and gets called on it, she simply uses her block button to avoid getting stomped in a political debate. When will these whores finally just stick to whoring and leave politics, religion and sports out of it?

Mercedes Ashley@mercedesashley



@mercedesashley Put down the koolaid


Not only does she make sure to add her web site to the tweet, where she whores herself out and sells her used crusty granny panties, and where she would gladly welcome funds from any and all Trump supporters, but she then blocks Dean Simons because she knows she’d get her ass handed to her in a discussion.

See, there’s a little double standard here. Many Obutthead supporters not only voted for him only because he was black but never voted before in their lives and won’t vote again. Now that people support Trump because they are sick of what has happened to this country, they’re raciss, end of story, “Kick and block.” Enjoy cancer, grandma, you won’t make it to see all 8 years of Trump’s presidency anyway. 😛


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  1. She looks like shit in this selfie. She needs to “retire” from being a hooker. She blocked me when it finally made national news about what ISIS was doing in Iraq. That’s when Obama stated that he was going to send US troops there to fight them. Mercedes was supporting Obama and I was explaining to her that it made the news several months prior that Obama had released the leader of ISIS from Guantomo Bay. She argued with me about Obama being a saint and then she blocked me.

    She says that ALL Trump supporters are racist, then how is Tito Ortiz a racist?

    The thing about Mercedes, is that her mind is stuck as a ghetto chick. She’s not too bright as far as doing legit and extensive research. The lights are on, but nobody is at home.

    It’s truly amazing at how so many women in porn are just dumb as shit.

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