Metro Talent John Forbush pimping down syndrome retard

Katelyn Kei

John Forbush has been sending girls to what he calls a poker party. It turns out it’s actually a house where two Asian professors host a gang bang party.

What kind of girl would agree to go to this? Those that are tricked and lied to about what the party is and those that don’t have the mental capacity to know better.

Meet the down syndrome chick Katelyn Kei, who despite having been in the business for years has only one actual credit to her name. Katelyn Kei has been on the Metro Talent website for awhile and in that time you are telling me he couldn’t book an Asian girl with perky tits and no tattoos on a single legit job?

Wonder why that is?

Could it be that his agency is actually a front for other nefarious activities LIKE GANG BANG PARTIES where I’m told the girls are severely beaten and abused.

This girl Katelyn Kei is reported to have the mental capacity of a child. Just look at her face and you’ll see something about her just isn’t right.

Who reps a retard and puts them in porn and prostitution?

John Forbush does. That’s who.

Here are some of the quotes about those who have spoken with her or have heard her speak.

  • She either is not a native speaker but came over to the US at a young age or has some type of speech impediment.
  • She is definitely off. Like maybe she is partially deaf or something.
  • I had to listen to the clip a second time. As I said I could not quit put my finger on the accent. She does sound like someone who is hearing impaired but she responds quick to interrogatories from the male talent. It’s almost like she learned English from a non-hearing person.
  • Have you heard her speak? Something ain’t right with that girl.
  • Anyone seen her? She should try her hand at something else.
  • I ran into her at the Love Ranch. I had to walk away. That girl has problems. A little slow in the head maybe?

What’s not right is the fact that her “agent” is pimping her out for $120 an hour. By the time he takes his cut, what is she left with?



The photo she uses on her escort ads isn’t what she looks like in person. Some say that’s not even her. Here however is a photo of what she actually looks like. Look at her face closely, it doesn’t match at all with the escort ads.





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