Metrobabes Illustrated Hits Streets

(CHATSWORTH, CA) — Known for featuring some of the hottest chicks this side of the Valley, Metro’s popular Babes Illustrated series has pleased many a fan of the fairer sex. But get ready for the latest installment – not only is it stylishly directed by award-winning director James Avalon, but Babes Illustrated 13 marks the debut of AnnMarie as a Metro contract girl!

“Working on Babes Illustrated 13 was a lot of fun because James Avalon is a great director to work for, I got to have sex with tons of different girls, and I got to play a character,” says AnnMarie. “As much fun as I have being Nadine, I’m not that ditzy. She’s crazy and messes with all the girls… the character is very wild and very diva, and that’s just not me. It was fun to be that way!”

AnnMarie had such a good time shooting the feature that it comes out in all of her sexual performances, so much that AVN lauded it with an Editors Choice and six pre-nominations including, Avalon for Best Director, Best All-Girl Feature, Best Art Direction, Best Editing, Best Videography and Best All-Girl Sex Scene (AnnMarie, Red Heaven and Ramona Luv). But which scene was her favorite?

“The scene on the rock with Ramona and Red was the one I enjoyed the most because they’re both new girls and there was good sexual vibes,” she recalls. “It was freezing cold out there! We had to keep moving to stay together and keep warm.”

So will AnnMarie fans dig the show?

Says AnnMarie, “I’m confident in recommending it because it’s a great movie, it’s put together well and it gives you more than just hot sex – it’s the right combination.”

Grab yourself a copy of Babes Illustrated 13 from an adult store near you!



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