Miami police seek clues in slaying of Southern California “Playboy model” found burned in trash bin

It was not a good year for models last year, and this year is picking up where it left off. After reading this account, I know already read the murder mystery. The boyfriend usually does it.

from – Police have named the boyfriend of a Playboy model whose badly burned body was found Sunday in a Miami dumpster as a person of interest.

Paula Sladewski — who appeared in the video “Playboy: The Ultimate Playmate Search” — was so severely burned officials had to use dental records to identify her.

“We were praying that it wasn’t her,” said Sladewski’s stepfather Richard Watkins, according to the Miami Herald.

“It’s been real hard. I didn’t know this many tears could fall.”

The L.A.-based model had been visiting Florida during a holiday with her boyfriend, Kevin Klym, 34, who reported her missing. The couple splits time between a home in Michigan and a home in Rancho Cucamonga, California, The Miami Herald reported.

On New Year’s Eve Sladewski went to a Lady Gaga concert in Miami and spent the weekend visiting nightclubs and bars, reported.

Klym told police that he and Sladewski got into an argument at a nightclub and he was kicked out of the club in the early hours of Sunday morning. That was the last time, Klym told police, that he saw Sladewski. After he was booted from the club, he said he took a taxi back to their Miami Beach hotel, the Miami Herald reported.

The model’s charred remains were discovered on Sunday night after a passer-by alerted the authorities to a trash bin on fire in a Miami street.

“Her body was burned so bad that there wasn’t even enough to send her home,” said Watkins, according to “It’s heartbreaking.”

Klym has been cooperating with police, said Lt. Neal Cuevas, a North Miami police spokesman, according to the Miami Herald.

“[Klym’s] considered a person of interest as would anyone who last saw her alive,” Cuevas said, the paper reported.

Klym has denied any involvement in Sladewski’s disappearance. His lawyer, Marc Beginin, said Klym is “devastated and traumatized. He has no involvement whatsoever,” said Beginin, the paper reported.

Watkins told the Miami Herald that the couple, who had been together for two years, had a “very volatile relationship.”

from – Police in Miami are investigating the slaying of a Rancho Cucamonga model whose body was found burned inside a trash bin.

Paula Sladewski, a 26-year-old who posed for Playboy, was on vacation in Miami with her boyfriend. According to the Miami Herald, her boyfriend said the two got separated while at a club. She was found Sunday night, and police used dental records to identify her.

She was “burned beyond recognition,” Lt. Neal Cuevas, a North Miami police spokesman, told the Herald. Police want to talk to the boyfriend, but officials are not calling him a suspect in the slaying.

Sladewski’s neighbors in Rancho Cucamonga told KTLA that the model and her boyfriend were often heard arguing inside the home.

“You could hear slamming and stuff like that but nothing more than that, and they kept to themselves,” said one neighbor, who wished to remain unidentified. Officers had been called to the home for domestic disputes.

Sladewski had appeared in the 2003 Playboy movie titled “Playboy: The Ultimate Playmate Search,” according to IMDB, KTLA reported.

from -Hey rest of the media, can we have a chat? So, a pretty young girl winds up burned to death in a dumpster somewhere in North Miami-Dade, and all anyone can focus on is the fact that she once appeared in a Playboy video?

Over 80 girls are listed in the credits for that video, and the description boasts that over 6,000 aspiring models were involved in Playboy’s pseudo-reality TV hunt for their next Playmate. There’s no indication that the victim, Paula Sladewski, actually posed for Playboy or its website. In fact, her family tells The Herald that nothing big ever came out of her modeling career.

Yet, CBS News seems to be the biggest culprit blaring “Playboy Model,” in the headline. One affiliate even called her a top Playboy model, which, as far as we can tell, is not really the truth.

We know, we know, it sexes up the headlines, but it just seems a little disrespectful when there’s a dead girl who was found burned alive in a trash can during her vacation, and everyone’s running around saying that all that really matters in her life is that she posed topless for a lad rag, when that doesn’t even appear to be the case.

Now that that’s out of the way, The Herald reports that Sladewski’s boyfriend, 34-year-old Kevin Klym, a person of interest in the case, has now given his side of the events.

According to the missing persons report he filed, he says that the two got into an argument at Club Space. He wanted to leave, and yelled at her, but the bouncer kicked him out, leaving Sladewski alone in the middle of the Overtown super club. He took a taxi back to the hotel. Though, the missing persons report wasn’t filed until hours after the body had already been found.

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