Michael Bay’s Massive Unit- Rebecca Bardoux and Houston Agree

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from www.orgasm.com – Michael Bay has created some of the biggest blockbuster films in Hollywood history including The Rock, Bad Boys, and the Transformers franchise. But there’s one blockbuster that the public doesn’t know too much about: his huge dick! Yes, that’s right!

Inconspicuous Michael Bay has perhaps the biggest dick in all of Hollywood and if the reports are true he could rival any male porn star for shear massiveness!

So how do we know this? Well, we haven’t seen it, however, several porn stars including porn veterans Houston and Rebecca Bardoux have. They have both claimed that it was so massive that it scared Bay himself!

Despite this, he is also known as a cheapskate that rarely likes paying for his date’s dinners. That and the fact he has threatened to sue anyone (and that includes porn stars) that claim to have slept with him. We at Orgasm.com wonder how he hides his massive member so well? And why would he want to keep the fact that he has a massive member under wraps?

Well, I guess he follows the old saying: Speak softly and carry a big stick!

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