Michael Lucas Is Looking For Someone To Write His Memoirs

I could recommend a number of bad ghost writers who’ve collaborated on some pretty torpid books about the industry.

from www.villagevoice.com – Michael Musto writes: Yes, the gay porn star with the big lips is ready to open them and tell his story, and he’s searching for just the right author to jot down every pearl.

I personally rejected this plum assignment because (1) I didn’t hear any exact dollar figure tossed around; (2) I’m busy; and (3) I suspect Lucas will want to tell things HIS way.

So I recommended another gay writer, who, it turned out, had already recommended ME.

And now, poor Michael Lucas is left with a helluva tale to tell and no one to take dictation on it and then fluff it into something that’ll sell millions at the counter of the Blue Store.

Someone help Michael Lucas or he’s fucked!

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