Michael Weinstein 8 Years Ago: “There is no precedent in any state law for mandating the use of condoms, and I feel we should be careful before crossing that threshold…”

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Recently an article posted on www.adultbizlaw.com reminded us how Michael Weinstein attended an informational meeting in 2004 after the HIV outbreak. The meeting was called by Paul Koretz [now a Los Angeles City Councilman].

A report written after the meeting paraphrases Weinstein as saying, “AIM may be best suited to deliver HIV testing and prevention services to the porn community rather than other HIV related organizations like AIDS Healthcare Foundation.”

AVN dug deep into its archives this week and came up with more astonishing quotes attributed to Weinstein at that meeting.

Weinstein: “I also want to salute AIM for the work they’ve done. AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which has tested in sex clubs and other high-risk venues, has worked with AIM in some of these areas, and we certainly admire the work that they’ve done.”

Weinstein: “It’s really hard to imagine a better set-up than to have a group that grew out of the adult film industry itself. It seems to me a lot of the success of the prevention programs is that they’re accepted and integrated into the milieu.”

Weinstein: “In the gay porn industry, the overwhelming majority of people use condoms, and so the question is why? And the reason is, condom use was the community norm in the gay community in the late ’80s and early ’90s. And why was that? Because the gay community had been through a holocaust and therefore using a condom did not seem like a very high price to pay when you were watching your friends and loved ones die all around you. Essentially, the issue of condom use in films is a reflection of condom use in society, and unfortunately the community norm in the gay community is eroding and it is nonexistent among heterosexuals.”

AVN: But while Weinstein was much in favor of pro-condom “public service announcements” at the start of adult videotapes, he was leery about requiring their use in the making of the features.

Weinstein: “There is no precedent in any state law for mandating the use of condoms, and I feel we should be careful before crossing that threshold… In the end, prohibition [of non-condom sex] does not work.”

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