Michael Weinstein Was a Business Partner of Sharon Mitchell’s, But No One Tells You That

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Rob Black on his Friday Internet show made an announcement that he knew would shock the adult industry.

“Michael Weinstein was doing business with Sharom Mitchell at AIM,” Black declared.

“She was in bed with those guys. Sharon and AIM were in cahoots with Weinstein. He was working with the adult business. He’s political and a smart homosexual. This guy was working with our business, but no one tells you that.

“Sharon saw [accounting] stuff she didn’t like, and she questioned Weinstein. We’re not denying that he’s shady, but Weinstein decided to bury Sharon and bury the business. Weinstein went on a mission after Sharon. Guess what? No one in the business protected her and she’s gone.”

“Let me repeat. Weinstein was working with the industry. He went after Sharon, and no one spoke up. Then he went on to the next person which is our industry.”

Black said if the industry wants to mount an intelligent attack, he’s just laid out the game plan.

“How’s that business? I just gave you all a treat. Give me a treat.”

By treat, Black meant he’d like to have John Stagliano’s head on a silver platter.

“John Stagliano is putting our worker’s at risk,” Black went on to say.

“If you went to a restaurant and asked for a home made hamburger and then you saw Smitty in the kitchen working with the meat. He’s pulling it out of his hairy hands and knuckles and he makes a patty smiling at you. By, the way, he says, I got HIV. Would you go that’s a little HIV seasoning? That’s awesome. Or would you run out of the restaurant and call the health department?

“I just gave you guy’s ammunition for Weinstein,” said Black.

“Weinstein had a relationship in the beginning with our industry. Now he’s on a crusade. Black suspects that would be a far better plan of attack instead of Julie Meadows going on the James Bartholet show and making inflammatory comments about Weinstein.

“Julie Meadows is saying a guy who runs a hospice is a fucking animal, this guy is the worst human, this guy is evil incarnate. Do you realize how retarded you look?

“It’s hard to debate a health issue, guys,” Black concedes.

“If you want to go after Weinstein, put out that he was aligned with the business. But you can’t say the guy’s a piece of shit. He takes care of AIDS patients. This guy cares for dying people. You know how hard that is to attack him?

“The attack is that he had a hard on for Sharon Mitchell. He hates the fact that Sharon Mitchell and him fought about money and that she was exposing him for corruption. Hate the guy because he’s shady. Sharon Mitchell was going to expose some things. Attack him on the money issue and that he was getting kickbacks.”

“Julie Meadows re-train your thoughts,” Black suggested. “You haven’t been in the business for how long? Who the fuck are you, and you were in Sacramento?”

Black thinks Bartholet also has no business talking politics and that he’s better suited to be talking about what parties everyone’s going to.

You attack Weinstein on corruption and his relationship with Sharon Mitchell,” Black repeated.

“But you cannot attack somebody unless you clean up your dirty, shitty yard.”

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