Mike “Elliot Rodger” South Goes To Bat For Super Pimp Derek Hay

I went over to Mike “Elliot Rodger” South’s site today and got a laugh.

He apparently listened to our show yesterday and wrote his own piece on the Mark Kernes op-ed. We posted an article last night and Mike South basically ripped off everything we said and answers the Diane Duke salary question. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60403 That’s basically the only difference, other than our article was written much better. He says that Duke pulls in 160 thousand a year, but of course he doesn’t know that because if he had real figures he would list not only what Duke makes but what Joanne Cachapero and Jeffrey Douglas make as well.

South doesn’t know what Diane Duke makes. Just like Mark Kernes wrote in his article things that I have said about the industry not moving to Vegas but adds that it’s hot in Vegas to give it his own spin, Mike South parrots everything I talked about yesterday and adds that Diane Duke makes 160K a year, as if he has inside knowledge of FSC’s payroll.

Mike South wrote a piece off of everything we did yesterday. When he’s not killing animals and picking up random hookers off the street for his bukkake parties, he’s ripping off Rob Black. He is a stalker like Elliot Rodger. He shoots untested hooker talent, makes up lies about TJ Cummings trying to infect girls with AIDS www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60401 and makes up stories about porn stars being bitten by snakes. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60395 He makes stuff up. When he’s not doing that, he’s stealing material from The Rob Black Show.

When have you ever seen The Rob Black Show do the same story as Mike South other than to refute his bullshit? There are things he discusses that I wouldn’t touch with a 90 foot pole, because they are all lies. South likes to talk about me and say that I lie, yet he steals my material.

After a couple of weeks of wild accusations and misinformation from snake bites to Twitter AIDS, he then brings up a story about a hooker website. Again, this guy is Elliot Rodger sitting in his truck making YouTube videos and vowing to strike back at the jizz biz. He made a cryptic post about HelpUBookHer2, an escort site. No different than Derek Hay’s escort site. Remember, Mike South is in cahoots with Derek Hay. Whenever somebody is muscling in on Derek Hays territory, South comes to the rescue. Don’t you find it strange that Mike South is making cryptic Elliot Rodger threats about a hooker site? Why? Because they are on Derek Hay’s turf.

It’s is a hooker site that is owned by Derek Hay. Mike South is associated with these people and protects them. Makes sense when you think about South and his affinity for prostitutes. He delivers another “shot across the bow” threat to HelpUBookHer2. He talks like a guy who you don’t wanna make angry. A guy who is gonna show these people at HelpUBookHer2 who’s the boss. If you don’t heed my warning, you’re all gonna pay.

Elliot Rodger.

He threatened TJ Cummings: “Here’s a shot across the bow. I’m gonna get you.” Mike South is a dangerously psychotic individual, ladies and gentlemen. That’s why he does what he does from a remote place in Georgia. Because if he did the things he does in Los Angeles he would either be in jail already or somebody would’ve killed him. What he gets away with can only be gotten away with when someone lives in a trailer set deep in the backwoods of some hillbilly Ku Klux Klan swamp in Georgia.

After he threatens TJ and before he steals my material, he makes a threatening post about a hooker site. Why attack this hooker site? HelpUBookHer2 sets up arrangements between porn stars and clients. That’s what they do. That’s also what Derek’s escort agency does. Mike South can say whatever he wants, but at the end of the day he is attacking the competition of Derek Hay. Why else would he put out an Elliot Rodger threat? That’s what it is. “Here’s a shot across the bow. You better stop or I’m gonna rain down hell on you.”

Mike South, you’re an extortionist. If you know someone is doing something wrong and trying to deliberately hurt somebody, why would you not alert the authorities instead of putting out cryptic threats? Instead of saying “Hey TJ. You’re trying to give girls AIDS. You better stop or I’m gonna release all of this information and make people think that you are even though I don’t have the evidence to prove it. Yeah. Because my name’s Elliot Rodger and I’m jealous of the whole industry and if I could get away with it, I would slaughter all of you with my squirrel hunting gun.”

That’s Mike “Elliot Rodger” South. “Hey HelpUBookHer2. You’re operating a porn star hooker site and you’re competing with my boyfriend Derek. I know you’re doing shady stuff and if you don’t stop, I’m gonna tell the world about the shady stuff.” OK. What’s the shady stuff, Mike South? If they’re doing things that are hurting people, why would not tell the world so people could protect themselves?

This is a guy who is so desperate for attention that he throws out lies. So people take notice of him. So people will finally take him seriously.

Elliot Rodger.

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