Mike Kulich, Amber Lynn and Chanel Preston Lose Free Speech Coalition Board Election

There was a bit of porn news that was sort of amusing. It kinda went unnoticed.

Of course, why would somebody want to bring up again the extreme failures of Free Speech Coalition? They released it before the weekend, so it was buried, but it was big news a few weeks ago.

What I’m talking about, and it’s pretty hilarious, is the official announcement of the new FSC board of directors.

Free Speech Coalition, for those of you who don’t know, is the governing body of the adult business. They cover the testing facilities, they’re incredibly corrupt, they have a pedophile and child pornographer Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow that works with them, they are just a deplorable organization.

They are a shell whose primary purpose is to grab as much money from whatever’s left of the industry.

They have officers on the board who get paid a salary and they are part of the 501 non profit, a chairman, a secretary, etc. About five people who are part of the office that get paid, Diane Duke, Jeffery Douglas, Mark Kernes and so on.

FSC also has board members that vote and are the ones who make decisions on what the policies are in the industry. There were six people who ran for the two open seats. And I’m wondering how the four people who lost must feel.

Let me read the press release from FSC.

“Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has announced recently elected or re-elected members of its Board of Directors. The Board election, open to all active FSC members, was held during the month of December.

Incumbent board members who were re-elected include Bob Christian, Larry Garland and Christian Mann.”

Bob Christian, Christian Mann and Larry Garland. No surprise there.

“Mark Schechter owner, ATMLA (Adult Talent Managers Los Angeles), is one of two newly elected board members.  “I am honored to be elected to the Board of Directors of the FSC,” commented Schechter. ”I am excited with the opportunity to contribute to the FSC organization and have a positive effect onto the adult industry and the people who are a part of it.”

Mark “Sphincter” Schechter of ATMLA is a porn agent which is basically a pimp. ATMLA was the agency that had all the talent that came down with HIV last year. Cameron Bay, Sofia Delgado and Cameron’s on again/off again boyfriend. What’s funny is that when they came up positive for HIV, ATMLA listed them on their website as “not available.” So if you went to book them, they would have to say, “Sorry she’s not available. Came down with a little case of HIV.”

Mark Sphincter say he want to have a “positive effect on the adult industry.” I guess that positive effect is a little HIV positivity.

Sphincter bought the company from Shy Love. Nobody knows how it went down, just one day Mark Sphincter’s the new owner of ATMLA. And he was elected to the Free Speech Coalition board.

The other person elected was a gentleman by the name of Mo Reese.

“Also newly elected to the Board is adult content producer and photographer Mo Reese, who stated, “I would like to thank FSC members for their support—it is an honor to have earned a seat on the board of directors. I look forward to taking a more active role in helping our industry move in a positive, productive direction.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Mo Reese is a PA, a production assistant. He has no real credentials or tenure in the business. He is a PA. When he announced his candidacy, he listed no credentials. He said he was a PA for Andre Madness and at Wicked Pictures. He was a flunky who ran around and got water for people.

So those are the two new people on the Free Speech Coalition board. There you go, guys.

Besides you newly elected members you have:

Peter Acworth. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the great Peter Acworth from Kink.com, the company at the center of the Cameron Bay HIV case. Kink.com is basically the root of all evil in the adult business. They have a site called Public Disgrace, which is the shoot that landed Cameron Bay in the hospital with a busted tit. This is the company that let Xander Corvus, an actor in the adult business work with a bloody wound on his penis, and he shoved that bloody penis into the mouth of Cameron Bay, all at the direction of Kink.com.

This is all factual. There were reports that when he cut his penis, the crew took a vote and decided that he should continue working with his bloody penis.

So this is Peter Acworth, still part of the esteemed organization known as Free Speech Coalition.

Then there’s Jeffrey Douglas. He gets paid by Free Speech Coalition. He’s a lawyer. He’s never really been successful at it, though. His big cases were Max Hardcore, which resulted in a loss and 2257, which also resulted in a loss. Why Max Hardcore would use Jeffrey Douglas is puzzling, but he ended up in prison because of it. So Jeffrey Douglas is still there at Free Speech Coalition.

Alec Helmy is the owner of XBIZ. Another johnny-come-lately who has contributed nothing to this business except help destroy it. XBIZ is a propaganda piece and they are the ones who also support child pornography and pedophilia. They work with a man named Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow, who is a child pornographer who has spoken on panels sponsored by XBIZ. They have no problems aligning themselves with child rapists.

Marci Hirsch is also part of the board that stays on. Marci is just a pawn in a bigger game. She is the little sister that amounted to nothing. Her brother is someone who amounted to nothing except he was in the right place at the right time to be introduced to a man by the name of Bill Asher, who is the brainchild and genius behind Vivid Entertainment. Bill Asher is a Dartmouth graduate. The man is a genius. He brought Vivid Entertainment out of a shitty office on Califa Street that I wouldn’t have pissed in and made Steven Hirsch a multi-millionaire.

So Marci is what she is. A chubby little girl who flirted with the male talent and chaperoned the Vivid girls. God bless her, she is just the sister of someone who got a lucky break. She’s just someone surviving, collecting a paycheck and living in the shadow of her brother. I actually feel bad for her and am sorry that I ridiculed her, because what she is is all she will ever be.

Then you have Joel Kaminsky. I like Joel. Joel’s a great person. He’s part of the Kamins family, Rondee Kamins. I don’t think he’s too involved in anything that goes on there. I don’t even think he knows he’s on the goddamn board. He’s just part of the old school system who lets them use his name to give them an old school respectability. Joel and Rondee helped me out at Extreme and were always awesome to me and I respect and love them.

Mark Kernes is back on the board. He’s one of the people who actually gets paid. He’s part of the 501 and serves as the treasurer. I’ve had my ups and downs with Mark Kernes. He’s ultimately just a pathetic old guy who’s a porn mark. Just a degenerate old man. He’s like the guy in Office Space who they keep moving around because they don’t know what to do with him. He writes legal analysis from time to time. He’s the last guy from the heyday of AVN. He’s that familiar face left over from the old regime before AVN was purchased by Manwin.

Reed Lee is another who is part of the 501. He gets paid, he’s been there for a long time, along with Lynn Swanson. These are people that you don’t hear their names as much as Jeffrey Douglas or Alec Helmy. They just take the scrapings of what’s left as the industry struggles to survive.

So those are the incumbent board members in good standing.

Now here’s the comedy. As farcical as this whole organization is, as much as a non-entity it is as far as helping this industry, you gotta ask yourself this. The people that ran against Mark Sphincter and Mo Reese, you gotta ask what kind of loser do you gotta be to lose to Mark Sphincter and Mo Reese! As ridiculous and inconsequential as this election was, what kind of complete nobody are you that you lose to Mo Reese? Mo Reese beats you?

Three or four people also ran. I’m trying to think if it was four or three. If I’m missing a name, maybe someone can fill me in. (the fourth name was Mark Franks from Castle Megastores. But don’t feel too bad for him, he has a successful store chain, so I doubt he gives a shit.)

Here are the three people that lost to Mo Reese and Mark Sphincter. Those three people are:

Chanel Preston
Amber Lynn
Mike Kulich

Here’s my question. Is the election completely rigged or are Chanel Preston, Amber Lynn and Mike Kulich complete losers?

Mark Sphincter is head of ATMHIVLA and Mo Reese is a fucking PA.

Mike Kulich threw his hat into the ring. And he came up with these awesome proposals to defer talent testing costs by having them barter DVD’s. The tests that the law requires producers to pay for. Kulich also fundraises for Jewish causes. Mike Kulich is just a philanthropist. He has an awesome company which distributes through Exile Distribution. He donates, I mean, this is a guy who is well respected in the industry. Yet, he is such an incompetent imbecile that he can’t even win an election against Mo Reese and Mark Sphincter. What does that tell you? Forget about what Rob Black says about you. Your own peers in the industry think you’re more of a piece of shit than Mo Reese.


Is this industry just like the Middle East, like I described it a week ago? Bitch, bitch, bitch and when an opportunity for a regime change comes along, they keep all the same players and add a coupla nobodies like Mo Reese and Mark Sphincter.

Kulich, I know you listen to the show. Or maybe you don’t cuz I offended you. But how does that feel? To know that you are such a complete failure that you can’t even win an election against Mo Reese and ATMHIVLA’s Mark Sphincter? You gotta go speak at some more Jewish Community centers or sell some more Sasha Grey comps buddy. It’s embarrassing. Mo fucking Reese. Unbelievable.

Then you have the other two people who were running. Amber Lynn. Now Amber Lynn, this amuses me, because remember a coupla years ago? Amber Lynn was gonna run for Free Speech Coalition. She had her biggest supporter Bill Margold. She didn’t make the cut last time and her and Bill Margold called for a recount, it was a big conspiracy, a whole thing.

She runs this year, but this time it’s gonna be different. Because she has a radio show. And her radio show has got such huge ratings. Bigger than mine, bigger than Howard Stern. Amber Lynn announced that she had millions of people listening. And I said Amber honey, if you have millions of listeners, I will eat a plate of shit.

I never did eat that shit, because there was no way to prove that a 50 something plastic surgery nightmare’s radio show was a ratings juggernaut. But even with this ratings juggernaut, that show lasted about two months. Then she announced she was on another radio show on LA Talk or some shit that James Bartholet was associated with.

She announced that with her huge radio presence and millions of listeners that she was gonna have a platform and be a voice for pro choice, and talent shouldn’t be forced to wear condoms. Amber was set and charged, baby. I mean, it was a shoo in for her to be on the board! Who else has this platform to get out this message?

Amber, you’d be better off sucking my cock like you did ten years ago, honey. Because with all your platforms and millions of radio listeners, the Free Speech Coalition said you’re a fucking wack job and you will always be that. Someone who drove Ron Sullivan to his deathbed. With all of your juice and legendary history, Free Speech looked at you and said, “Mo Reese is more qualified and is a better voice for the industry than a 52 year plastic surgery freakazoid.”


Which brings me to my good friend Chanel Preston. I don’t even know what can be said. This is the woman who is hosting the AVN Awards. This is a woman who has Adella at Fine Ass Marketing, who does all the PR for AVN. Adella was involved with my cousin Matt when they gutted my uncle’s company Zane. Her PR firm is the most prestigious in the industry and her number one client is Chanel Preston.

Adella never did anything for Chanel Preston. I, Robert Black, the evil motherfucker, cast in in every movie that put her on the fucking map, from Justice League as Wonderwoman to Reservoir Doggs to Training Day, Birds of Prey, Mork and Mindy. The list goes on and on. Oh, and I forgot her fabulous agent Mark “Daddy” Spiegler, the greatest agent in the universe.

Yet, Mo Reese and Mark Sphincter are more popular and more prestigious than the great Chanel Preston.

So I feel bad. I’m saddened that the three people mentioned, Chanel Preston, Amber Lynn and Mike Kulich couldn’t manage to muster the level of awesomeness of Mo Reese and Mark Sphincter.

So what that says is that Free Speech Coalition, and the process they go throughout to elect this prestigious board is totally corrupt and absolutely rigged and bullshit or these three people, Chanel Preston, Amber Lynn and Mike Kulich are complete losers. Because more people like Mo Reese and Mark Sphincter.

Which one is it guys?

There’s no gray area here. Either you’re complete losers or Free Speech Coalition is totally corrupt.

Now, I’ve been telling you that Free Speech Coalition is bullshit from day one. But you say, “Rob, that’s not true. Free Speech Coalition are awesome. You’re just mean.” OK.

Let’s pretend that they are just the greatest organization in the world. Still, if you can’t win an election against Mo Reese the PA or Sphincter the pimp, what does that tell you?



Which one?



I’ll leave that for you guys to decide.

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