Mike South aka Michael Thomas Strother completely broke, loses internet access!

Mike South

South must have sold a few memberships to his gay bukkake site in the past few days or he’s at the library using their internet because his internet was shut off for days after he couldn’t pay the bill. Here’s the story he came up with but we know better:

Don’t let the AT&T horseshit ads fool you my internet has been out since Sat afternoon and it was an “area outage” … three fucking days…. all I had was cell access to the net which was way too slow for anything productive, but all is well now…for now.

While I was out apparently Monica Foster thinks I made a death threat to someone…lord what does that girl smoke…I can’t be mean to her because it just isn’t in me to attack people with mental health issues.  I know she is pissed because I accepted an ad from Randazza so I guess now that makes me the enemy….Good Lord….anyway, Will catch up  Thanks Y’all


And where are South’s balls? Foster may be mentally ill and a special needs child but she dishes it out and deserves it back ten fold. Fuck her. Pussies like South that give her a free pass because she’s a woman, black and mentally ill are the problem and why she has such a pissy attitude and acts high and mighty. People need to start knocking that cunt down a few pegs and make her realize that she isn’t shit, has never been shit and will never amount to shit. But good luck keeping your internet on this time, Strother.

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