Mike South And His Super Gonorrhea : Where’s The Proof?

I wanna put this out there to my fans.

Because sometimes you guys can get a little retarded and think that I’m hurting your feelings. So I’m gonna try not to hurt your fucking feelings.

When I’m talking to the fans out there and I’m saying, “You’re fucking retards, you’re asshole faces, all of that. I’m not talking to my “fan” fans.

Let me explain fan fans.

We have one of those unique shows where we have a lot of porn people who watch our show. I can never really get away from that, because that is who I am and that’s what I’m about. So we have a lot of porn people who watch the show.

Some of these porn people are my friends. Jon Blatt, Todd Blatt, Scott Blatt…let me think…who else? That’s about it.

Other than that, everybody else in the adult business are pieces of shit.

Now of course, there are companies here and there that I do business with who are good people that we make money with and they make money from us. So if you throw them into the mix along with the Blatts, you might get five or six people. Other than that, everybody else is a loser scumbag asshole.

Then of course, the fans who are part of the porn business. I wouldn’t consider a Monica Foster a fan, I consider her part of the team of The Rob Black Show. There are a couple of others who chime in from the business who are decent people. They listen to the show maybe twice a week, read the site once a day, but you can count these people on one hand.

All of the other people are assholes. They’re scumbags. They’re douchebags. They’re fucking losers.

I can give you a list.

Steve Hirsch, Frank Koretsky, Paul Fishbein, Larry Flynt, Paul Cambria, Marci Hirsch, Mike Kulich, Jerry Estrada, Adam Hasner, Kenny from Art Attack, the list goes on.

All the talent, Evan Stone, Tommy Pistol, Seth Gamble.

The agents, LA Direct, Derek the Pussy Boy Hay, Foxxx Modeling, fat ass Chris, you scum fuck, Sandy at OC Modeling, cuntbag twat, all their loser associates, I fuck you where you breathe.

Porno Dan, Just Dave. This loser douchebag would say, “Who’s Rob Black? He’s just some fan.” Just some fan? Just Dave, you’re just a fucking jackoff.

The list goes on and on. And a lot of these people watch this show.

Bill Margold. Remember we talked about that loser douchebag? He would actually sit there and tweet about me every day. Like a fucking stalker.

They all listen to me. It’s amusing.

Mike South, they all listen to me. They claim they don’t, but they all do. Diane Duke, Jeffrey Douglas, Marc Randazza, Kurt Treptow, you fucking pedophile, Alec Helmy, I’m still waiting for my lawsuit. Fred Kahn, Caine and Weiner, take my weiner and shove it in your mouth, you fuck.

Peter Warren , Steve Javors, Theo Sapoutzis, Mark Kernes, all of you can suck on my big fat cock. The list goes on and on.

So my fan fans. When I’m screaming and calling you guys losers, I’m not talking about my fan fans. I’m talking about these losers. I’m talking about these assholes who watch me everyday.

Frank Koretsky, I know that you don’t listen everyday, because you refuse to hear what I say about you. But I know your friends send you my show bits, so you’re at least up to date. Like when we called people last week at your investment properties and inquired where we could invest in your million dollar properties that you pay for with other peoples money and are blowing a big wet fart.

You people are the scumbag assholes that I’m talking to. The thousands who watch me everyday, you people are cool. It’s those porn fucks who listen to me and say, “What’s he gonna say next?” It’s that Howard Stern thing. When his ratings were so high and people who hated him listened everyday and they said, “If you hate him, why do you listen?” And they go, “Because I wanna hear what he’s gonna say next.”

That’s all of you. All of you porn people listen everyday because you wanna hear what I’m gonna say next. It’s gotta be porn people. Somebody’s listening. Otherwise it’s all mainstream people and I figure we’re gonna be outta here in a coupla months with a 10 million dollar contract.

The porn people who are never gonna amount to anything in their fucking lives, you are the people I’m talking about.

The people who post on Mike South’s message board who are in the business and don’t use their real names are the ones I’m talking about. They talk a big game, but they all hide. So they go on Mike South’s message board using a fake name and Mike South also posts under a fake name. If you disagree with him, he puts you on moderation. So if you say something he doesn’t like, he won’t post it.

He has somebody who is intricately intertwined with his message board, and this person argues with other marks on there and this person is a fan of ours. He’s somebody who communicates with us on a daily basis and he posts on Mike South’s message board.

He has Kelli Roberts from Lukeisback post on his message board under a fake name. There’s Bill Margold and different talent that go under fake names and they pretend that there’s all these stimulating conversations and it’s six porn people. And one of them is part of my camp.

Mike South, you fucking loser. You have somebody on your message board with is part of my clique!

So this is our business. This is the blog that you all say is the gospel.

I gotta question. Since Mike South is the blog that you all go to for the most accurate information and he’s the one with all the facts and he’s looking out for all the people in the business. Nobody will answer this question on Mike South, because it’s all moderated and all the people are just shills. Kelli from Lukeisback won’t say anything. My guy won’t say anything because Mike will boot him off. My mark said, “All you gotta do is tell Mike he’s awesome and stroke his ego and Mike South will love ya.”

So nobody will ask real questions, because Mike South doesn’t wanna get into it because he wants to control the message. He’s a fraud. He’s a phony.

Here’s my question.

Mike South put out a story a few weeks ago in the middle of the Kurt Treptow pedophilia scandal that involved XBIZ, Free Speech Coalition, Marc Randazza, Julie Meadows and others.

At the height of this story with all of these people involved with a child pornographer and child rapist, Mike South broke a story about super gonorrhea.

Mike South told the entire world that there a deadly strain of super gonorrhea going around and that at least 14 performers contracted it. They were all treated for it and it was all swept under the rug. It was this mass coverup.

You ask Mike South, “Mike, do you have evidence of all of this?” And Mike South says he has the evidence and has all the paperwork, but the people involved don’t want this evidence out.

Of corse, nobody challenges this, you can’t challenge anything without facts. But Mike South has all of this paperwork that proves that all of these people contracted super gonorrhea.

Here’s the question I have that no one over there can answer because it will be put in moderation.

A few months ago, we were notified by talent that Mr. Marcus had indeed infected several women with his syphilis on set and I was provided with a note. A doctor’s note. It had the girl’s real name on it and it stated that this girl had been treated for syphilis. It stated that while the girl had been exposed and treated for syphilis, she was no longer contagious but could possibly still test positive.

The note said that they were clear and could not infect anybody. The talent was given this note and about 12-13 other talent were given these notes and they keep these notes with them to explain any confusion.

Now if I went on my show and said that all these talent were exposed and treated but they didn’t want me to release the info and you’re just gonna have to believe me, what do you think would’ve happened?

People would’ve said I was lying and it was irresponsible to float out that information and would’ve demanded I produce some documentation to prove these heinous allegations. I know for a fact that is what would’ve happened.

So what does Rob Black do? Rob Black produced the doctor’s note, pulled out a black magic marker and scribbled out the talent’s name. Then we scanned it and we posted it.

The doctor’s note had all the facts that we were stating. It had a letterhead form the doctor’s office, a signature from Dr. Maio, it was completely legit. The only thing redacted was the person’s name. That’s it. Very simple.

We posted it and everybody could see that it was Dr. Maio’s signature, that it was from PASS, that is was authentic. A very simple thing was done and that was to scribble out the name of the person.

I would imagine that a journalist who was trying to expose a big coverup of super gonorrhea that was gonna put people away, an outbreak of super gonorrhea that numerous talent were exposed to and treated for, I would imagine that a journalist of such ethics like Mike South would have been able to do a very simple thing and that is to take a black magic marker and put a big black line through the person’s name.

Is that too difficult for a hillbilly from Georgia? Is that too complicated a task for Mr Duck Hunter himself?

Again, I came on the air and told you that Mr. Marcus infected countless people with syphilis.

And people said, “Nooo!”

And I said, Yeeeesss!”

And I produced PAPERWORK. Very professionally done, from a genuine source that proved what I was saying, with the names redacted so nobody could go on a witch hunt.

So again, I gotta ask. If Mike South, the blogger’s blogger has the paperwork that he claims he has would not take that paperwork and scribble out the real names and back up his claim that all of these people were infected with super gonorrhea, why would he not take the very simple step of redacting the names and provide real evidence?

All during the time that a coverup of a child pornography ring was going on? Can anybody tell me that? I’m listening.

I know all of you like to call me The Kazoo. Can you look past your animosity towards me for one second to explain to me why your Lord and Savior the super blogger Mike South cannot provide evidence of his claim that all of these people contracted super gonorrhea?

We provided the evidence that Mr Marcus exposed people to syphilis, we showed that it happened and the only thing that was missing were the names of the people involved, which was inconsequential because our documentation showed that they were indeed exposed.

How can you sit there and not demand that your blog boy Mike South not provide factual evidence, scribble out the people’s names, just like Rob Black did, that all of these people contracted super gonorrhea, all of them were treated for it and it was all swept under the rug?

Is there any reason why this is not being done? Or do you not have any answer? You just say, “Rob Black, the kazoo.”

Yep, I’m the kazoo. But you’re still not answering the kazoo’s question.

When you get an answer, can you tell me? Because I would think that you all wanna protect the talent. Oh, you don’t have an answer? You just wanna insult me?

When you guys are done insulting me because I make all of you look like bitches and I blow your covers and show that you’re all insignificant in this fucking business maybe you could provide some evidence.

Because I back everything up that I say. You all don’t. And I’m the asshole. I’m the meanie.

I’m the meanie because I challenge you and make you all look like little bitches. Once again the big bad meanie is making you all look like big bad bitches. Because you can’t even provide evidence to protect the talent when it’s as simple as taking a pen and scribbling out their little names.

I have facts. I have evidence. You all have nothing but bullshit. You’re all smoke and mirrors and that’s all you’ve ever been since I’ve been in exile. And now that I’m back and I’m putting you all on front street by exposing your little bullshit message board and you professing that you’re all experts when you’re experts of shit.

If you gave a shit about talent, you would provide facts. You don’t. You’re bitches. The only person who has the evidence of all of these people contracting super gonorrhea is Mike South and none of you are willing to stand up and demand he provide the proof.

You’re phonies, you’re frauds. Maybe you can drop Mike South a line and say, “Hey bitch! Why don’t you provide some evidence?”

Oh. It’s Rob Black the kazoo. Kazooing away.

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