Mike South: “Blacks on Blondes and Dogfart were the most notorious pirates of all”

Mike South writes on www.mikesouth.com: Hush Hush sent out a press release yesterday announcing worldwide distribution rights for Blacks on blondes and Dogfart brands.

The press release stated “Blacks On Blondes had never before released any of their content to DVD despite incredible demand from their legion of fans.”

“The addition of Blacks On Blondes to the Hush Hush family also means that Blacks On Blondes will now become part of the Operation: Takedown Piracy anti-piracy program the studio spearheaded. “I can’t wait to clear the Blacks On Blondes content off of these piracy sites,” said Senior Pirate Hunter Nate Glass. “Their content is insanely popular online and we’ll work hard to make sure that retailers across the country aren’t competing with illegal piracy sites when they sell the DVDs.”

Now this is rich!

Considering that Blacks on Blondes and Dogfart were the most notorious pirates of all. When they started they were ripping scenes from VHS tapes as well as photo content and redistributing it all over the net on piracy sites.

Yup Dogfart and Blacks on Blondes started out as content thieves and to this day many of their affiliates use that same stolen content to promote them.

What? now the bad guys are the good guys? I smell a dogfart.

Fuck Hush Hush

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