Mike South Defends Crush Videos; What Do You Expect From A Man Who Kills House Pets?

Mike South is such an idiot when it comes to life. With all that we’ve got going on in the business, he’s defending crush videos.

He’s defending crush videos and again talking about disease when he’s made the industry less safe by shooting without proper tests.

Listen to what he says:

“I don’t like giving the government more power because they always end up abusing it….though others try to characterize me differently I am NOT for a condom mandate through legislation…I think we should have an industry mandate to use condoms until we come up with a viable solution to the rampant STD problem.”

“I also get that self regulation rarely works….though ideally I would like for it to.”

Again, he’s one of the issues of the “rampant STD problem.” We have an STD problem and Mike South is one of the reasons that there’s an STD problem. Plain and simple. Mike South shoots talent without proper tests and that contributes to the STD problem. Everything this guy says is absurd and now he’s defending crush videos. How he defends these videos are completely ludicrous.

Let me give you a little excerpt:

“When I was in second grade I took a .22 rifle to school everyday and when school let out I walked home through the woods. If I killed some squirrels or rabbits thats what we would have for dinner. I never killed anything we didn’t eat, or in the case of the dog and cat wasn’t a mercy kill.”

What school lets second graders take a .22 rifle to school everyday? Does he show up to school and the teachers check his rifle and puts it in the locker? Where the fuck did this jerk off go to school? Plus, and maybe it’s because I come from a civilized place that not full of inbred hillbillies, but I’ve never met anyone who hunts squirrel and eats it. Squirrels are dirty disgusting creatures. They’re rodents. They’re like rats. Who the fuck eats rats? A second grader takes his gun to school and shoots rats with bushy tails to take home to his family to eat for dinner. And this guy gets offended when I call him an ignorant hillbilly? This is a guy who worked for NASA?

This is a guy who defends girls who kill animals for sexual gratification. Crush videos. Mike South say it’s all right for two girls to make videos where they kill chickens, pigs, rabbits and fish. Where they take a little pig and kill it, while rubbing their pussies and saying, “You like how I slaughter that pig?” What the fuck? Mike South actually says that this is acceptable. He says that by owning animals, they are your property and the government should have no say in what you do with your property. And if you go to his site there are actually people who agree with him.

He says he posted what he posted to spark some debate. If anyone agrees which what he’s saying, they’re a serial killer. That’s how serial killers are spawned. From abusing and killing small animals. If you kill a pig to eat a pig, that’s one thing. If you kill a pig on video while you’re masturbating and you sell that video to other people who get off on that, you’re sick and mentally fucked up.

It goes back to the Ira Isaacs argument. Everybody skates over the fact that he sold videos with dog fucking in them. Everybody talks about the shit eating. I’m OK with shit eating. It should be protected by the First Amendment. But fucking dogs is animal abuse and animal abuse is a crime. Michael Vick went to prison for dog fighting. There is not a civilized place in America where cockfighting is legal. You go to prison for it. So I would say that a girl mutilating a chicken for sexual gratification is in the same ballpark as cockfighting. And I don’t hear too many people defending cockfighting.

How does Mike South or any of his retarded followers defend what he is doing? The girls Stephanie Hird and Sara Zamora were arrested and charged with felony cruelty to animals for abusing chickens, pigs, rabbits and fish. Mike South says, “What’s to prevent the government from saying I can’t go fishing?” When you fish, you have to get a license. There’s some form of regulation involved. You can’t just scoop up fish and bash their brains in for fuck videos. You have to have a license to hunt. You can’t just grab a deer and bring it in your living room and start punching it in the face while you’re jacking off in the corner. You can’t do that. There is no slippery slope. The government’s pretty liberal when it comes to what can or can’t do. You can get your dick pierced, you can sign off your daughter to get married at 16. What you can’t do is fuck your dog in the ass and slit its throat when you’re done.

You gotta read this guy’s article. He’s actually comparing crush videos to when your dog gets hit by a car and it’s screaming in pain and you put it out of its misery. “Well, ya know we euthanize pets when they’re in pain, what’s the difference if we kill em for sexual gratification?”


“Uh, guess what? I was only kiddin. I just wanted to spark some debate.” There’s no debate. Crush videos and killing animals for sexual gratification is fucked up. Whether you film it or not, it’s fucked up.

A dog is property according to Mike South. I guarantee that if you’re sitting on your front porch and you start hacking up your dog with an ax and your neighbor calls the police, I’ll bet they come and arrest you. I’ll bet if you don’t put the ax down right away, they’ll shoot you. Because they will say that anyone crazy enough to do that might come after them next. That’s how ludicrous it is to say that dogs are property and you can do whoever you want to them. According to the bible, women are property. If you’re a fundamentalist, your wife is your property. So can you beat the fuck out of your wife and not go to jail? “That’s my property. That’s a slippery slope.”

Here’s another fucked up thing he wrote:

“One of my girlfriends had a cat with feline Leukemia, I liked the cat, it was laid back and it liked me. She called one day in tears because she was going to have to take it to be euthanized, it had seen its last day. She asked me to go with her. When I got there the cat was indeed in bad shape…couldn’t move off its blanket and the vet had told her to bring it in. The cat HATED the vet, it always scared the thing to death and it seemed wrong to me for it to be that afraid during its last hour(s) so I put it in its basket with its blanket I opened a can of tuna for it….it couldn’t eat but it was licking the juice and I shot it”

Is that the most fucked up thing you’ve ever heard? That’s Mike South. And that’s the guy who talks about being safe in LA, but in his neck of the woods, they shoot with no condoms and no tests. Just the fact that he had a relationship with this cat and he gave it a can of tuna and while it was licking the can he shot it. It’s like a fucking gangster movie. You get in a car to go to a diner and you stick an icepick in the back of a guy’s head. “I’d thought he’d never shut the fuck up.”

I couldn’t fathom to be the one who euthanizes his own pet. That’s just sick and fucked up. I can’t imagine having a dog and saying, “Spot’s feeling mighty poorly right now. I think I’m gonna kill him.” That’s the shit you see on TV about these backwoods hillbilly kids who grow up to be serial murderers. I got a sixteen year old cat in the other room. I can’t imagine seeing him limping and falling over and deciding to take him in the tub and drown him or shoot him. What caliber gun do you use to shoot a cat that’s not gonna make its head explode?

The first episode of House of Cards shows Kevin Spacey as a win at all costs senator and he sees a dog who got hit by a car and instead of calling the vet, he strangles the dog. It sets him up as this callous evil do anything character. And Mike South is talking about putting a bullet in the back of a cat’s head because it doesn’t like the vet. I don’t care how scared the cat is of the vet, you gotta be a sick twisted motherfucker to shoot a pet while it’s laying there licking a can of tuna. That’s the kind of warped asshole who says that crush videos are fine because he doesn’t have a problem with killing house pets.

And this is a guy who you trust to shoot scenes without tests and condoms. Fuck condoms, this motherfucker might shoot somebody!

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