Mike South: Gene Ross’s site, like Lukeisback has done, was falling off the radar

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Mike South is a former rocket scientist so Mike South would probably know a thing or two about radar. But falling off of it? Mr. South many years ago with his vast knowledge of the arcane wrote articles discounting the value of Alexa rankings. I’m old school, and a dummy and rely on Alexa, so unless Mr. South has a more verifiable way to make statements like the above, I’d like to check it out.

As Internet rankings go, I know Mr. South got a huge spike when Adrian Chen over at Gawker sucked his cock with an article proclaiming South as porn’s Mr. Gossip. I’ve only been dishing porn gossip 27 years so when Chen contacted me to comment for the South article, I politely declined because, what do I know.

The same what do I know applies to how you can jimmy your Internet rankings. I know AVN and XBiz do it- okay, I suspect. I know people buy Twitter followers. Me, I do my site the old fashioned way by posting stories hoping for the best.

I notice that Mr. South also takes a swipe at Kelli Roberts who now runs LukeisBack. Roberts has authored a book on how to make money off the Internet, so I have no idea what South is driving at. I take it Roberts is a marketing genius, and the people over at Bluebird will back me up.

I know I got occupied there for awhile working on Scotty Schwartz’s book. Granted, it’s not going to be a blockbuster like South’s Stripper Quotes, but I do my best. Now that I’m back in action, just for shits and giggles today, I went on Alexa and compared the porn blogs and how they’re doing.

Here’s the results. I believe the lower your number, the better the ranking, but what do I know:

Adultfyi.com: 12,812
MikeSouth.com: 15,470
LukeisBack.com: 22,969
The RealPornWikiLeaks: 31,456
Xcritic.com: 34,206
Lukeford.com: 61,736
RogReviews.com: 84,769
Tattle.xxx: 271,183
XXX Wasteland: 441,012
Porn Valley News.com 2,693,467


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