Mike South Has Completely Lost All Credibility; Doesn’t Test For STDs On His Own Sets

I am thoroughly entertained right now. Let me explain why.

I haven’t had this much comedy and excitement on a night show in quite some time. Monica Foster sent me a link on AVN. I said, “What is this?” She said, “It’s about a piece that Michael Whiteacre wrote.” Whiteacre kinda looks like a guy that you would see in a cartoon parody of somebody playing the devil. He’s got the black hair, a little mustache and he’s sporting a little grease bomb. Like you would see in a cartoon, “Hellooo… I’m the devil!”

But that’s not the funny part. Monica says, “You gotta see this article that Michael Whiteacre wrote on Mike South.” That peaked my interest. “There’s a link in the AVN article. Check it out.” So I did.

Right there on the front page of the AVN website is a picture of Mike South, the retard hillbilly jerk off from West Memphis or Georgia or wherever inbred hillbilly retards live. I think Tom Byron told me he’s from Georgia. Next to him is the Devil Man. That’s what I’m gonna call this Whiteacre from now on. Devil Man. He’s the Devil Man.

The headline read:

“Mike South Dismisses Whiteacre Accusations”

I’m looking at it and I’m thinking, “What kind of accusations could somebody make about Hillbilly Boy?” Seriously. The biggest loser asshole who thinks he knows everything about the business, yet he’s 8 trillion miles away playing with the confederate flag on a fishing boat with a bunch of toothless hookers. He claims to know everything, yet he has misinformation on his site like identifying Xander Corvus as a participant in the 50 man anal gang bang and when he’s called out on it just shrugs it off and says, “My bad.” Posts pictures of old fat hookers and labels them as Sofia Del Gado and when he’s proven wrong says, “Well, you get the point.” So the guy’s just a fountain of bullshit when it comes to anything on his website.

I click on the picture of Hillbilly Boy and Devil Man and it says:

“Adult industry rabble-rouser Michael Whiteacre stirred up controversy today in the online pornosphere by posting on gossip site TheRealPornWikileaks.com a piece that levels allegations against blogger/producer Mike South of shooting adult content without the use of condoms or industry-acceptable STI testing methods.”

“Among the charges Whiteacre directed at South in his sensationalistic piece were that South performed in a scene in January for his site StripperFacials.com involving condom-less vaginal and oral sex without providing any test results for himself to his female scene partner; that he has shot multiple scenes for his site SouthernBukkake.com for which the only testing utilized for the male talent was the “OraQuick” oral swab-based home HIV test; and that he even employed one male performer in a bukkake shoot with no test whatsoever, on the basis that said performer “was vouched for by the [female] talent.””

I read this and Tom Byron says, “You gotta read the article on The Real Porn Wikileaks. That’s your boy Sean Tomkins site.” I go, “That fucking retard?” I gotta pick my poison. I gotta take cyanide or I gotta take strychnine. But I’ll tell ya. The way I feel right now, I’d rather take Sean Tomkins cyanide than Mike South’s strychnine. Sean Tomkins is just an annoying urchin that sends emails and harasses people. Mike South is a piece of shit lying cocksucker who has been spreading lies and bullshit for the past 18 years. He used to love to lie and create drama and more bullshit about me and if I coulda choked this little faggot in his trailer in the backwoods of Georgia I would’ve. But he was a gutless piece of shit who never showed up out here in LA and walked around because he knew he would’ve gotten slapped, not just by me but by everybody he maligned and created bullshit about. So I’ll take the poison from the Devil Man and the wanna be tough guy from Texas over this piece of shit lying cocksucker Mike South any day of the week.

So I went over to The Real Porn Wikileaks website and looked at the article www.therealpornwikileaks.com/outrage-porn-producer-caught-shooting-without-std-tests-condoms/#comments

First of all ladies and gentlemen, you gotta take a look at the most disgusting, repulsive human being you’ve ever seen. His name is Mike South. The pictures on the website make him look like a homeless man. He’s got this long, stringy greasy hair. He looks exactly like what I talk about when I describe Mike South sitting on his porch playing his banjo and sucking on his mother or sister’s cunt. An inbred fuck. This is what this guy looks like. He’s disgusting. Who would have sex with this disgusting slob? Whoever is in this scene with this repulsive creature needs to be hosed down with Clorox bleach. You gotta see these pictures. The girl has a look on her face like she’s just been handed a death sentence. Like she’s on a one way train to Auschwitz. What a hideous wretch Mike South is.

Let me read you some of what Devil Man wrote.

“Multiple eyewitnesses confirm that Mike South, an amateur pornographer from Georgia who regularly lectures the mainstream adult business about health and safety issues, is shooting boy/girl and multiple partner sex scenes without requiring full STD screening — even from amateur male talent “off the street””

“South is also accused of not providing his own test results to females before performing condom-less vaginal and oral sex with them; not requiring performer panel testing from female performers hired to have oral sex on multiple men in one scene; and not offering to wear a condom in scenes in which he will engage in vaginal penetration.”

“Participants in his shoots also claim that the only testing they have seen South require of the males in his bukkake scenes is an ELISA-based OraSure home HIV “swab” test, which the men purchase themselves and bring to set.”

“Report by Michael Whiteacre” aka Devil Man

“Over the years, Georgia gossip blogger and amateur pornographer Mike South has opposed every system of adult performer testing protocols and test result verification — from AIM Healthcare to FSC/PASS.”

“But it’s guys like South who are the reason the adult business needs such a system.
Last week, a dancer and amateur performer from Ohio named Jessica Chase came forward on TRPWL in the wake of an ugly post written by Mike South that referred to her as “Bimbo” and a “dumb bitch.””

“Chase demonstrated that South was a vindictive liar and hypocrite, but in the course of researching that article we discovered there was much, much more to this story.”

“Jessica Chase had met South when he worked as a manager of a strip club in Dayton. Eventually, South released three scenes starring Chase, all of which were shot in Atlanta, Georgia (South’s neck of the woods): a boy/girl scene with South as male talent, and two bukkake scenes featuring multiple males.”

“On January 6, 2014, before driving to Georgia to work for South, Chase got herself tested through Talent Testing Service.”

“She recalls, “I went through Talent Testing on my own accord (he had actually told me not to waste the money because he tests everyone with an OraQuick HIV test).
Chase arrived in Georgia on January 10, 2014, and stayed in a room South got for her at the Embassy Suites Atlanta – Perimeter Center.”

Now it shows that she took a battery of tests, HIV, chlamydia, etc. Everything required by everyone else in the industry.

“That day, the two taped a condom-less boy/girl scene, including oral and vaginal sex, in her hotel room.”

There’s Mike South kissing the girl. Looking disgusting as hell. It almost makes me want to throw up right here. It says under the picture “South posted this scene on his stripperfacials website in January, but suspiciously the clip disappeared last week after Jessica Chase’s story appeared on TRPWL.”

““He did NOT offer to use a condom,” says Chase.”

Then it shows a red faced scruffy South trying to stuff his decrepit hillbilly cock into an obviously disinterested and disgusted Jessica Chase.

““He told me he had been tested, and having known him previously [I] did not think he would lie about it. Obviously he did. He NEVER showed me lab results.””

“Chase’s first bukkake scene was shot the following day, in the same room. The scene included oral sex with multiple men, and facial pop shots.”

“Chase says she was never shown lab test results for any of the other participants. The guys came in and were swabbed with an OraQuick test, then South logged the results and ok’d them to work.”

“As for the actual swab tests, Chase says South “did not provide them. The guys brought them.””

““All the guys apparently aren’t properly tested. I realized this when my partner Brian who was in the bukkake said he saw a written log that looked like testing dates and all were just handwritten OraQuick results. This was when I was in bathroom getting cleaned up after shooting so he and I could leave. I feel like an idiot for having trusted [South].”

Now regardless of however Mike South wants to spin and bullshit, if they only got an OraQuick test for HIV, they didn’t get a chlamydia test, they didn’t get a hepatitis test and they didn’t get a syphilis test. So in actuality, any of these guys could’ve had syphilis like Mr. Marcus. They could’ve easily had hep C, they could’ve easily had syphilis or super gonorrhea. How is Mike South Mr. Safety? What qualifies him to lecture the industry about needing to be safe when this scumbag is getting guys off the street and only giving them an HIV swab test bought at Walgreens?

Now South can go on AVN and say that Devil Man and the Texas Longhorn are full of shit, but it’s obvious that Mike South is fucking this girl and it’s obvious that this girl did a bukkake with guys who did not have a full battery of tests including hepatitis C and syphilis. So when Mike South goes on his website and rallies against Mr. Marcus, this piece of shit doesn’t have any of his guys tested. Why? Why doesn’t Mike South have his talent have the same tests that everybody in the industry does?

More of the story:

“Just to make sure I have this 100% correct: Are you saying Mike South did not require talent (including yourself) to be tested for other STIs — gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, Hep C, etc…?”

“No sir, he did not. I’m not kidding. He keeps written notebook records.”

“How many performers were there?”

“Including him, 8 or 9. And NOT ONE showed me lab results.”

Now Mike South, I would expect that you would answer these charges, instead of doing what you accuse everyone else of doing which is stonewalling. When you go after Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition and Manwin and demand answers. You’re doing exactly what you accuse everyone else of doing. Why is it OK for you to demand answers and when you don’t get them you go on your little internet lynching brigade?

I’m looking at some serious evidence here. It’s very simple Mikey. Did this girl do a bukkake with 8 or 9 guys or not? We can watch the video and see that she did. It’s very simple for you to provide the tests for those 8 or 9 guys that show that they are clear of chlamydia, syphilis and hepatitis C. Mike can you provide that? You demand evidence, we would like some evidence.

All you say is, “Consider the source.” The source has nothing to do with the fact that this girl did a bukkake for you and she worked with 8 or 9 guys for you. The question is were those 8 or 9 guys tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis or hep C? Were they? Let’s see if you can provide the evidence, fuckstick. C’mon. Cuz I’m gonna go with this story every fucking day you hillbilly motherfucker. I’m gonna string you up by your fucking balls, you fucking faggot.

This is a good article. I gotta give Devil Man and the Texas Longhorn credit here. It’s a great expose. A lot better than a Mike South article. Mike South gives you a lot of bullshit with unnamed sources. This article has a girl that says, “Hi, my name is Jessica Chase. I had 8 or 9 guys shoot cum all over my face. None of them showed me tests that they were clear of syphilis or gonorrhea or hep C.” Hey Mike that’s pretty factual, bitch. If you don’t wanna answer this, you’re a liar and you’re a piece of shit and you got caught, fuckhead.

This is one of the most detailed and laid out with actual evidence articles that I’ve ever read. You go to Mike South and he gives you a bunch of fantasy shit. A girl got pregnant by an agent, but he doesn’t name the girl. Either produce the evidence or don’t print it you fucking idiot.

You fucking cocksucker, you finally got caught, you fuck. You know what you are Mike South? You’re one of those Republican politicians who preaches against homosexuality, against pornography, against infidelity and we find you cheating on your wife with a gay dude, getting fucked up your ass, while you’re doing blow and jerking off to porn. You sit there and post on your site about gonorrhea and syphilis and the industry’s testing system being fucked up and you have 8 or 9 untested guys blowing loads in a girl’s face. You are the biggest hypocrite low life piece of dog shit in the world.

I told you all, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I might hate Sean Tomkins or the Devil Man or they might hate me or whatever, but if they write something that is awesome, it doesn’t mean I’m not gonna talk about it because I don’t like them. It’s great shit. I’m gonna give them props. I don’t even know Devil Man, but Sean Tomkins, go ahead and send me harassing anonymous emails. You have carte blanche. I might even say Mark Spiegler’s a cool guy. That’s how good this shit is. This is a glorious day. My dick is fucking hard.

Let’s read some more.

“On her next trip to Atlanta, Chase shot a second bukkake scene for South on Feb 12 or 13th.
But by then her January 6th TTS test result was out of date.”

““I was going to get tested again for the second one, and he told me not to because there wasn’t going to be penetration.””

““Penetration” meaning vaginal or anal sex. More on this later….”

“Once again, Chase was never shown any STD test results for the group of men who participated in the scene.”

““I asked if they were tested — he replied yes. I didn’t ask how. I honestly think it’s a money thing. He had made the comment to me to ‘not waste my money.’”

““These guys aren’t getting paid. These are basically shoots he sets up at a hotel — fly-by-night BS.  He has a button on southernbukkake. Guy sends pic of himself and [driver’s] license. South checks it, if the guy is good, he performs. He gets the date and time a bit in advance and room info same day.””

“The scenes involved oral sex, not just ejaculation on you, correct?” 

“Yes, oral sex and facials.”
“Chase had brought her partner Brian along to perform in the bukkake shoot “because South didn’t think we had enough guys.””

“But Brian had never tested at TTS or through FSC/PASS, and is not listed in any performer testing database.”

“So Brian only tested with the OraQuick, correct?” 

“He [South] didn’t bother to test Brian, even though we asked, because “I knew him.””

“Brian was completely untested.”

“TRPWL asked Brian to confirm the circumstances of his performing in a Mike South bukkake scene.
He replied: “I was not asked to provide or take any test for STDs or otherwise, as I was vouched for by the talent.””

“Someone vouched for him, and that was good enough for Mike South.”

“Lots of people would have vouched for Marc Wallice in 1998, and Mr. Marcus in 2012.”

“As reported previously, when South and Chase traveled to Florida to supposedly do “a bunch of shoots” later in February, South suggested himself as the male talent in an oral sex scene with Chase.”

“On that trip, did South ever show you a current test or ask you for a current test before he suggested that he do a BJ scene with you?”

“No, he didn’t show one or ask.”

“Did he state that the wanted to use condoms?”

“He DID NOT state he wanted to use condoms.”

“Did South require condoms or an STD lab test for you, Lindsey Lovehands, and whoever else was involved in the material you shot?”

“No, he did not.” 

“Victoria Quinn is a dancer and amateur performer from Georgia who performed in a bukkake scene for Mike South in the fall of 2013. Quinn says she had no current STI test at the time of the shoot.”

“Quinn described the circumstances to TRPWL:
“He [South] had the guy talents — well, random guys that have shot with him … bring in that ‘at home HIV swab test’ that you can get at local stores,” she recalls. “I saw each of them get swabbed and if they passed they were good.””

““From what I recall I was not asked by Conor [Coxxx, an unlicensed talent agent whom South endorses] nor Mike to get tested.””

“In advance of the shoot, one of Coxxx’s “recruiters” asked Quinn if she had a current test.”

““I honestly answered no because . . . I wasn’t told [to] and I just was, ‘uh was I supposed to be?’”

““The recruiter’s question got me worried — but Conor had told me in the past that girls weren’t tested (or were [for their pro shoots] since it’s required with Talent Testing), but he told me they do HIV testing [on South’s set] and the girls who had done it like XXX and XXXXX said it was fine and never noticed anything internally wrong with themselves or positive test results in the near future.””

“Asked if she had ever been swabbed with an OraQuick test for the shoot with South, Quinn replied:
“I was not swabbed on set or asked to provide one to get swabbed.””

““He has a notebook,” says Quinn. “He noted down if they passed and put the slip in the binder. Then he returned the used box back to the men, thinking he didn’t want trash in the hotel room.””

““It was a bukkake, so I only did oral, so no condoms were involved, and since I knew the guys were only HIV tested I never swallowed or let anyone shoot in my eyes or mouth.””

Now the Devil Man gives another reference from Mike South underneath another disgusting picture of him, so I don’t have to go through South’s blog to find this. Very nice of him.

“Mike South, The Lawgiver”

“Ten months ago, on May 28, 2013, South issued his (unsolicited) counsel on the issue of adult performer testing standards.”

“His recommendations were the following (emphasis added):”

This is a good one, guys. I remember this.

“First everyone shoots condom only or doesnt [sic] shoot for a week or two then EVERYONE tests as though they were new to the biz.”

“When you first come into the biz you get a full battery of tests….HIV, chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hep A B and C, HPV (yes there is a test for men), and Syphilis. If you test positive you don’t work until your test is clean.  Hopefully this motivates performers to be more careful in their private lives.”

“People who are negative for HEP A and B and HPV get vaccinated for them”

“HIV testing includes both the PCR and the ELISA tests”

“Prior to every shoot all performers take an instant test for HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and syphilis.  Instant tests are available and inexpensive, I am sure that we could get them in quantity for 30 bucks or less for the full panel.  If there is a problem administering these tests without proper training then get people trained as part of the licensing requirement.”

“Every thirty days performers additionally get an HIV test (PCR) and a HEP C test”

“The cost of all testing must be paid for by producers so there will have to be a method to work this out, sure it might be a little difficult but I guarantee you it won’t be as difficult or as costly as trying to fight these laws in perpetuity.”

Guess what? Mike South did not do a single one of these things.

Then Devil Man goes into a bunch of statistics about the HIV rate in California vs. Georgia. Now one thing I’m not seeing is where it says that this OraQuick tests for anything other than HIV. Last time I checked, the hep C and syphilis tests were tests where you had to get your blood drawn. I don’t see where Mike South had a phlebotomist on set. All I’m seeing is Mike South the doctor swabbing people with a store bought HIV kit. Mike South, the guy who used to ridicule Sharon Mitchell for saying she was a doctor.

Mike South can try to dodge this all he wants. “Consider the source.” Forget the messengers, it’s coming from two girls who were there. It’s very simple to nip this all in the bud. Let’s say Devil Man and Texas Longhorn are completely full of shit. Will we find Jessica Chase performing in a bukkake scene that you shot? Simple question. Yes or no? Can you provide, just like you demand evidence from everybody else, proof that the guys she performed with in that bukkake scene were clear of hepatitis, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea? Can you provide documentation that all of those guys were free of those diseases at the time of the shoot?

You can’t motherfucker. You were caught. You’re busted, bitch.

You live in the biggest glass house and you’ve been hurling boulders at people for the last decade and a half. And what has happened? Your entire house is fucking shattered, bitch. If you didn’t have a moderated message board, everybody would be calling you out for the bitch punk you are.

You can try to discredit Devil Man and the Texas Longhorn all you want, but they found out some phenomenal factual information. They named names and provided documentation to support every single one of their claims. You are caught and you are busted, you fucking faggot.

Finally, let’s go back to the AVN article for the biggest fucking pile of bullshit from hillbilly boy.

“The charges by Whiteacre were based on interviews he conducted with performers who alleged that they had worked for South on the shoots in question.”

“South has long railed on his site MikeSouth.com against the testing protocols implemented by the majority of the industry, and these charges, if true, would seem to fly in the face of the calls he has made many times over for more rigid performer safety practices.”

“AVN contacted South for a response to these accusations, and while he offered no specific rebuttals to any of them, he did state, “Consider the source … of course they are without merit but in all honesty I feel no reason to defend myself against someone who is simply clearly trying to libel my good name and reputation to build his own credibility.””

Listen, if Mike South wanted to shut these guys down, all he would’ve had to say to Peter Warren was, “Aww, Peter. You know what rabble rousers these guys are. I’m gonna send you over all the paperwork on tests for all of the guys on the shoot so you can see Whiteacre’s full of shit.” Did Mike South do that? Nope. All Mike South did is what he always does which is not answer and then insults the messenger. That’s all he does. Like when I told everybody I got him fired from Elegant Angel. He doesn’t respond to any of the allegations, he just posts that I think I’m responsible for everything in porn. Never addressed any of my claims because they were all true.

This is the best:

“In addition, South stressed, “I have an OSHA compliance person on every single one of my sets,” and repeated a claim he’s made numerous times before: “I have been in this biz for 25 years almost. I have yet to have a SINGLE instance of an STD transmitted on one of my sets … not a SINGLE one.””

Now he’s Ron Jeremy. Ron Jeremy claims that he’s never caught a disease in his entire career in the adult business. Is this guy so hopped up on dope from his surgeries that he doesn’t even know what he’s saying? Does he actually say that he had an OSHA compliance officer sitting in that hotel room? Is he saying that an OSHA compliance officer was there for a bukkake shoot? I didn’t know how a bunch of untested guys shooting jizz on a girl’s face could be OSHA compliant. That is the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen printed in an interview ever.

Peter Warren, I know you despise me. But you gotta follow up on this. I can’t believe that you would print that Mike South claims to have an OSHA compliance officer on every single one of his sets and not ask him any other questions about it. If that’s not the smoking gun of someone who’s completely lost touch with reality, I don’t know what is.

So this scene where he’s trying to knuckle fuck this Jessica girl. You’re telling me that off to the side is an OSHA officer making sure everything’s compliant? Really? Is there anybody that believes that? Are you telling me that when 8 or 9 grubby hillbillies are getting ready to jack off in a girls face there is an OSHA compliance officer standing off to the side talking notes?

Let me repeat this. “I have an OSHA compliance person on every single one of my sets” Is that the most ludicrous asinine statement you’ve ever read? So if he shoot 8 times a month, he has a Georgia OSHA compliance officer show up to every single one of those shoots? Really? I can’t believe that nobody questioned this. I can’t believe that Peter Warren didn’t laugh in his face and call Mike South a complete lying douchebag.

Devil Man says:

“Setting aside the fact that, without a universal testing AND monitoring/surveillance system that could access records of the test results of all performers with whom he worked both before AND AFTER they worked with him, South could not possibly know for certain whether any of his performers had ever contracted an STI.”

Devil Man is 100% right. Mike South uses a store bought HIV swab test. He doesn’t test for any other diseases. Yet he claims that no one has ever contracted an STI in 20 years.

The statement that he makes about an OSHA compliance officer on every set is the most glaring example of bullshit, though. If you want to have an OSHA officer on your set in California, that is a task onto itself. Yet, we’re supposed to believe that in Georgia, where technically filming pornography isn’t even legal, it’s pandering, that Mike South is able to have an OSHA compliance officer on every single one of his sets?

I think that, more than anything, sums up the story on Mike South.

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