Mike South Plays Wag The Dog With Super Gonorrhea Diversion

Ever see that movie Wag The Dog?

It’s a film made back in 1997 by Barry Levinson about a political spin doctor played by Robert DeNiro and a Hollywood producer played by Dustin Hoffman. There is a sex scandal involving the President before an election and they orchestrate a fake war in Albania to divert attention away from it and cover it up.

DeNiro hires Hoffman to use his Hollywood magic to create this illusion of a conflict with Albania involving a soldier taken hostage and they develop this elaborate scheme to get the American people’s attention away from the President who is caught in a sexual situation with a young girl.

Kinda reminds me what’s going on in the industry right now with convicted pedophile Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow and everyone’s favorite hillbilly moron Mike South. Let me explain.

Mike South just reported on his site that two performers have come down with a strain of “Super Gonorrhea” that is resistant to antibiotics. He said the performers, a female and a male, got dosed with the superbug and have taken antibiotics for three weeks and are still coming up positive.

He’s not gonna talk about his buddy Marc Randazza, who puts money in his pocket. He’s not gonna talk about Julie Meadows aka Lydia Lee.

This asshole says:

“Just when I thought it was gonna be a slow news week..”

Pedophilia in porn. A slow news week. OK.

Maybe pedophilia’s not a big deal down in Georgia. Personally, I’m not big on pedos. I spent a year in prison where they all think anyone involved with pedophilia should be tortured and executed.

He goes on:

“This is a bad story…”

So this is a bad story. It’s not a bad story that Marc Randazza, Julie Meadows, Diane Duke, XBIZ, etc. all do business with a convicted child fucker. That’s not bad. But two performers coming down with superclap is.

“I am hearing that there are two new gonorrhea cases one a female in Los Angeles, the second a male who is currently in Florida. I’m not sure if the two cases are related but they likely are and this time it’s an antibiotic resistant gonorrhea.”

“Both tested positive about three weeks ago, took meds, and are still positive.”

“Both were given another round of antibiotics, and both insisted that they were not having contact with anybody, and still coming up positive.”

“Both cases have been reported to the CDC.”

“Between the two of them they had contact with 12 females, and 4 male performers, and an unknown number of private contacts.”

“The industry should declare a moratorium until ALL performers are tested.”


Isn’t this like the little boy who cried wolf?

You know what guys? Fuck you. How’s that? I hope all your dicks and pussies fall out from super gonorrhea. Fuck you. Fuck your moratorium. Everybody keep shooting. Seriously. Keep shooting and spraying cum on each other. Who gives a fuck?

Is anyone spreading gonorrhea in children’s vaginas? Is anyone taking their gonorrhea dick and raping eight year old children? No. But Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow is.

Mike South, you have no information except somebody got some gonorrhea, took some tests and it’s resistant. Oh my GAWD!

Let me explain why Mike South is a complete buffoon. I’m so glad that in the past week we’ve managed to put a nail in the coffin of another propaganda tool of this industry that disseminates lies about me and tries to poison anyone who tries to make a difference and calls into question my motives and tactics.

I was buried in a prison and left for dead. But here I am. Kinda like your buddy Jesus. I rose from the dead and if you don’t follow me you will burn in eternal hell forever and ever. But I love you. I love you.

Here’s the thing Mikey. They will probably come up with a shot that’ll knock out that old gonorrhea eventually, but there are people who got HIV and the industry doesn’t care about them. I don’t think a little super gonorrhea is gonna deter people who think HIV is no big woop. Like your friend Julie Meadows, who said HIV is a manageable disease.

Mike South is a complete and utter buffoon. Just like everybody who posts anonymously on his message board. A bunch of cowardly do nothing nobody losers.

Two people with gonorrhea that is resistant. But nobody’s resistant to a cock being buried in an eight year old’s mouth.

Two people with super clap. In one month we had three cases of HIV. Three. When you get HIV it sucks. And not in a good way.

Performers don’t give a fuck. You can still go to a website and watch twelve guys jerk off in a girls mouth. Or you have girls that will do interracial gangbangs without condoms for Dogfart.

Chanel Preston, who’s running for the board of Free Speech Coalition, just got done last night with her first IR gangbang for Dogfart She had a bunch of guys dumping loads in her. Do you really think Chanel Preston gives a fuck about super gonorrhea? Because before super gonorrhea Chanel Preston didn’t give a fuck about HIV.

Nobody cares about HIV. No one cares. Nobody gives a fuck about hepatitis C.

We’ve been talking about a pedophile for five days and no one cares.

Mike South knows more than he reports. But he parcels it out because of the people who put money in his pocket. So he’s gonna talk about super gonorrhea, but it’s all Diane Duke’s fault.

He says there are 12 females and 4 males involved. Which means there is most likely talent agencies involved. So who are the agents? I’ll bet they are a member of LATATA.

Everybody is hell bent on thinking that Diane Duke is some kind of magical wizard and if they just get rid of Diane Duke they can all sit on the Free Speech board and run things right. Are you people that fucking dumb? Do you really think Diane Duke runs everything?

Mike South says there should be a moratorium. Mike South loves Derek Hay. Derek Hay is the boss of LATATA. Why isn’t Mike South on the phone with Derek Hay saying, “Hey Derek, shouldn’t we call a moratorium?” Especially since Derek Hay talked about 20% increases and 30 day testing. Shouldn’t he call his boss Derek Hay?

This totally makes Mike South look like a punk bitch. He’s a cunt. And it just goes to show you that if he was as smart as he says he is he would be on the phone with agents. I’m a kazoo and he’s a rocket scientist? Rocket scientist my balls.

Mike South is a big LATATA supporter. A Derek Hay supporter. I’ll bet at least one of the 20 or so people exposed are on the LA Direct roster. How come he’s not calling out Derek Hay and saying we should have a moratorium? Watch what he does. I guarantee you he will try to deflect the blame to Diane Duke, Free Speech Coalition and PASS.

I really hope this meeting I has today with the jew in a suit works out for my TV show pilot. Because this industry is so unbelievably stupid and nobody asks questions. Nobody cares about anything until it is put right in their face. Everybody pretends that nothing’s happening and they are all fakes.

I guarantee you that some of the people exposed have agents who are LATATA members. I will bet you that he and Derek Hay will come out and try to spin this and blame Diane Duke. If Mike South’s little bullshit is correct, three weeks ago you had super gonorrhea. Three weeks ago agents knew about super gonorrhea. How is it Diane Duke’s fault?

Mike South sucks the dicks of the agents. Why won’t he talk about the agents? Because he doesn’t want to bury the people who put money in his pocket.

He won’t talk about pedophiles? Fuck you, it’s pedophile season.

You can take super gonorrhea, fuse it with John Stagliano’s super HIV, make a fucking burger out of it, put some fucking Mr. Marcus syphilis sauce, sprinkle some Alex Gonz hepatitis C cheese on it and I will eat that burger before I will stick my cock in the mouth of an eight year old girl like everyone’s friend Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow does.

Kurt Brackob, who bankrolls Free Speech Coalition events and who Mike South says was merely a slip up in an invite. Kurt Brackob, who hangs out with Marc Randazza and Julie Meadows and does panels at XBIZ 360 with Diane Duke and fucks children.

All the industry leaders and news organizations, XBIZ, AVN and Mike South, a man who was invited to the Alex Gonz press conference so he’s considered one of the news outlets, doesn’t report on child fuckers or hepatitis C. And HIV? If you go on the message boards everybody says, “HIV? What’s the big deal? You take a pill, you’re fine.” And we’re supposed to be freaked out about gonorrhea.

What is super gonorrhea? They’re gonna come up with a special treatment and it’ll eventually be cured and then everyone will go, “Is he still talking about Kurt Brackob and the fact that everyone’s still shielding and covering up for this man? He is? Oh, fuck.”

What are they gonna come up with next? Super crabs? What are they gonna come up with next to take attention away from the industry’s support and concealment of a man who fucks kids?

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re being fooled into believing that gonorrhea is more important the pedophilia. Nobody cares about HIV or hepatitis C. You’re still gonna fuck without condoms. Nobody gives a shit.

It took this moron five days to wag the dog. And the best he could come up with was a super gonorrhea that was contracted three weeks ago. Wouldn’t you think after say, seven days of super gonorrhea that there would’ve been a moratorium then? Of course we’re talking about Cutting Edge Testing that had Clover having seventeen different false positives for syphilis.

Oh, I forgot. Three weeks ago nobody knew about Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow the child fucker.

Except everyone else in the entire fucking world.

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