Mike South Says Kurt Treptow aka Kurt Brackob Story Is Beating A Dead Horse

Let me explain to you exactly what AdultFYI.com and The Rob Black Show are all about.

We are not a blog. We are not a fun little gossip site. We don’t sit around our house and play fucking games.

We are a talk show. We talk for 5 hours a day. No different than a Rush Limbaugh, a Sean Hannity, a Chris Matthews or a Rachel Maddow. The list goes on and on.

This is what we do. We don’t sit here and talk about getting into porn. We talk about issues. We divert occasionally into comedy, but they are things that are based around Rob Black and what Rob Black thinks. They’re based around me.

You guys seem to forget this. My name’s not Ralph Nader. I’m not a guy who says somebody ate a bad can of peas so let’s boycott peas.

I have an agenda. I told everybody this. My agenda is why I’m doing this. No other reason.

Now if my agenda happens to help people along the way, great. If my agenda doesn’t help people, great. If there are those of you who want to be part of my agenda, you’re welcome. Those of you who don’t, fuck you.

I gave up giving a shit about 5 months ago. Five months ago, when we had disease after disease come along and everyone said, “Let’s be united, let’s all hold hands and sing kumbaya and find a solution to these problems,” and you all came up with bullshit excuses not to do the right thing. It’s exhausting to preach to you to do the right thing.

And you have AVN, XBIZ and Mike South covering up for these people who cause the problems.

Listen, when you have an issue and you only address the issue and not the people who are creating the issue because you don’t want them to be mad at you or withhold money from you, you don’t solve anything. This issue is only going to fixed by the people causing the issue or others who can fix it.

We talk about testing flaws but nobody wants to go after Free Speech Coalition and the people in charge of it. We talk about this clinic or that clinic and how much this costs or that costs. But AIDS Healthcare Foundation will give STD testing for free. But nobody wants to talk about them because they’re the boogeymen.

AVN, XBIZ and Mike South all have an agenda. They claim they don’t but they do. If you hate Evil Angel and the things that they do and you don’t support it, but you’re friends with one of the directors so you go easy on them, you’re doing something that is affecting the entire industry.

I could go off on Axel Braun about certain things, but you all know I’m supportive of about 90% of what he’s done. AVN, XBIZ, Mike South and myself are all in a media position where some people listen to one more or less than the other. Stats don’t lie.

There are people who helped us in the beginning to get things going that now won’t talk to us. We started as something like a joke. People thought it was a joke. It was fun. They said, “Oh Rob Black is talking about a person I don’t like. It’s funny.”

When it evolved from Rob Black motherfucking this person or that person and blossomed into talking about real issues, that’s when everyone recoiled and freaked out. That’s when everyone wigged out, because now Rob Black wasn’t just fun and games.

Kinda like when I started this journey, Mike South and I sorta made a truce. I know you all remember. He made me Person of the Week. But that all changed when I started going for more than just Free Speech Coalition and started going after real issues and the people causing them and some of these people were friends with Mike South.

So now you have Mike South in a position of saying I agree with 80% of what Rob Black is saying, but the 20% that I don’t agree with is because I’m friends with them or I do business with them.

You have Mike South saying that he’s not a supporter of Derek Hay and LA Direct and that he’s been critical of Derek Hay. But ladies and gentlemen, if you do a little research and go through old posts on his site you will find that his criticism of Derek Hay is few and far between. What you are going to see is huge support of Derek Hay, LA Direct and LATATA.

You gotta understand something. Before I came along, you were all mongoloids listening to dummies. Rob Black came along and dispelled all the bullshit that everyone was trying to feed you. That’s what you don’t like.

It’s easy to say Derek Hay did this wrong if it’s something that everybody will universally agree with. If you go through old Mike South posts you will see him saying that Derek Hay saved the talent industry because he got girls to set on time. The industry needs Derek Hay because you have girls who can’t find their way to a set and he will pick them up and bring them. Girls who con’t get to the set aren’t a problem anymore because Derek Hay will physically pick them up and bring them there.

So you can see that while Derek Hay may not directly feed Mike South money on the books, they have other deals, other arrangements. It’s so fucking obvious. So whenever I say something edgy, you will see him or XBIZ or AVN put out a story that answers the allegation without actually saying my name. But Mike South is better because you can see when he’s getting heat, because he will come out with a post immediately to refute something I’ve said.

Mike South made a post today. If you go to his site he made a post that clearly shows that he’s no rocket scientist and has no idea how talk shows and the news works. I don’t think he’s ever seen Greta Van Susterern or Nancy Grace or any other talk/commentary show. When they talk about issues and they aren’t addressed they don’t just stop talking about them. When they talk about Casey Anthony and she doesn’t come right out and say I killed my kid, they don’t just say OK and go away.

If you put me in room with someone and let me ask them a question, I will let them answer without one dirty word. But then I have to ask a followup. You people will ask half a question with absolutely no follow up and consider the case closed. Nothing. You lie and then try to cover it up with more lies.

Here’s what Mike South printed today. Remember, he’s one of the three news reporting agencies of the business, along with XBIZ and AVN. They were all invited to the Alex Gonz/Derek Hay press conference and told three different stories. Even though they all heard the same thing at the same time.

Here’s what he wrote:

It’s entitled “Some Advice For the Rob Blacks of The World”

“You report the news, you aren’t the news.  Remember that.”

“You are NOT the arbiter of what story grows legs and what story doesn’t.  You simply present it.”

“That said your presentation is 50% of whether or not a good story gets legs.  Focus on the shit that matters, don’t drag extraneous people into it who are nothing but bystanders…that turns off your readers faster than anything.”

“Blow your Kazoo about that for two hours…”

Guys, once again, do you see? He won’t even address the issue. He talks about “bystanders.”

Mike South, we have Google Analytics installed. Every day our readership grows on AdultFYI. We have thousands of people read what we say. I’m not sure who exactly we’re turning off. Tom Byron will come up to me and say, “Do you realize we had 9,000 people go to the site on a Saturday?” A Saturday. Not real sure who we’re turning off except Mike South and a couple of other people who support pedophiles.

I’m not gonna blow my kazoo about this for two hours, I’m just gonna talk about the people that you don’t want to talk about and that is Marc Randazza, Julie Meadows, XBIZ, Diane Duke, etc.

It’s kinda an unanimous opinion that Diane Duke is a piece of shit and our testing system is flawed and the structure needs to change. On that we can agree. We all agree that Free Speech Coalition and everybody associated with it is a piece of shit and we agree that they associated with a pedophile and that the evidence is there. It’s factual.

Instead of addressing the issue and following up and reporting on it, we all started talking about a new disease that is bullshit that only Mike South reported on, and Mike South is giving me advice that I’m not the news and I should only report on the news? Really?

Nobody else reported on this super gonorrhea except Mike South and he told the world that there was super gonorrhea. He informed everybody he had anonymous sources, he had anonymous talent. He had all these people who were keeping mum and hush hush. To the point where he had LA Weekly and Dennis Romero post a story about it. Romero actually said Mike South is 90% right on his stories.

Now nobody else reported on this. AVN didn’t say a word. AVN, who I say is owned by Manwin but Mike South says they aren’t. AVN, who is considered the bible of the adult business, they haven’t reported a single word about it.

The only people who reported on super gonorrhea was XBIZ. The very magazine that I say is doing business with a pedophile. They posted a press release that Free Speech Coalition printed up that said there’s no super gonorrhea. Mind you, they never did a press release about hepatitis C and a press conference with all three adult news agencies. Never did a press release about that. But Diane Duke did a press release about super gonorrhea and that there was none.

They put that press release out, of course on XBIZ. All during the time when we’re talking about Kurt Treptow aka Kurt Brackob and pedophilia.

So somebody needs to explain to Mike South when he says that I’m not the news, I only should report the news, that when you have a news story that nobody else has heard of or know anything about and going so far as to have LA Weekly spout your bullshit, then moving on to a story about getting into porn, and having another testing option of going to UCLA and being a lab rat for STDs when I’ve already told you that there is an option that doesn’t cost a thing and that is AIDS Healthcare Foundation who will do your testing for free.

So no word about super gonorrhea since the 28th of November. The only person who reported about it was Mike South. So the whole world knows about a disease outbreak based on the reporting of one man.

Mike South.

You want to talk to me about reporting the news? We’re not a news agency. We’ve never claimed to be a news agency. We are a talk show. We are an opinion talk show. We’ve been one for seven months.

AndultFYI is not a news site. It hasn’t been a news site since we came aboard. Before The Rob Black Show came along Gene would post press releases and little stories about schoolteachers fucking their students and once in a while Monica Foster would send him some info and he would write a story or two. The Rob Black Show came along, Gene started reporting on it and it took off like a rocket.

Gene retired, we took it over and made it into what it is now. No more press releases or bullshit stories. Now the site is a site with opinions about what you assholes say is going on.

So Mike South and all you commentators out there. You’re retards. You’ve always been retards. You all got a free pass when I was going through my legal shit and going to prison and being on probation. But now I’m back and you can’t stand it. You’re all fucked. You don’t know what to do. So you gotta sit there and come up with bullshit. And you say the Kurt Treptow story isn’t good anymore because it’s not getting any legs.

Really Mike South?

You have a website and a message board that you moderate. So when you post on Mike’s message board, you have no idea what people are really talking about, because if Mike doesn’t like it, it doesn’t get posted. Because he moderates it.

He says only 50% of what I say gains traction. What traction? Why would XBIZ do a story about doing business with a pedophile? Thank you. Why would you report on a story about a pedophile in Vegas that is associated with your friend Marc Randazza? Thank you. Why would you report on Julie Meadows? Thank you.

Guys, how do any of you read what this man posts and believe any of it? And this is a news agency? Are you guys all nuts?

Then you say I drag extraneous people into it that have nothing to do with it. They’re just “bystanders.” Who’s a bystander?

How is Marc Randazza a bystander? How is Christian Mann a bystander? How are Julie Meadows and Diane Duke bystanders? They all participated in a panel discussion in Vegas paid for by a convicted pedophile. Diane Duke has participated in two panel discussions. One in Vegas earlier this year at XBIZ 360 and in Vegas for the Liberty and Prosperity panel that Kurt Treptow aka Kurt Brackob paid for.

How are all these people bystanders when they all did business with a child pornographer? I don’t get it. When a child pornographer gives you money and you appear at events with him and you do interviews with him, how is that not doing business with him?

How is everybody just blowing this off?

I know Mike, I’m blowing my kazoo about your post. But it’s good, because you opened a can of worms that exposes your corruption and your friends corruption and you stepped in your own dogshit and you might as well just smear it on you.

Mike doesn’t want to talk about his friend Marc Randazza, who Forbes magazine calls one of the top ten most influential in porn. It’s interesting that a Forbes top ten lister would do business with a pedophile. Go figure. I guess Marc Randazza is just an innocent bystander.

Mike, I’d love to know who these innocent bystanders are. Julie Meadows? She interviewed Treptow/Brackob and posted it on her blog. Then when the shit started to come down she removed the post. Is she an innocent bystander?

The only innocent bystander I know of is Amber Lynn. That’s the only innocent bystander. Poor Amber Lynn took a picture with the pedophile and I guarantee she didn’t know who Kurt Treptow/Brackob was. He was just another gedrool that wanted a pic.

But Marc Randazza didn’t know? A lawyer who is a huge Libertarian supporter and lives in Las Vegas didn’t know who the former treasurer for the Nevada Libertarian Party was? A lawyer who appeared on a panel with that former treasurer in Vegas? Marc Randazza is an innocent bystander?

If Marc Randazza didn’t know about Treptow/Brackob’s past he is the worst lawyer in the fucking universe. Certainly not worthy of Forbes magazine’s top ten list.

You gotta go to Mike South’s site. You always know when I hit home with something about his friends because he always scurries to write something to support them with some kind of innocuous post that never addresses the issue.

He says about me, “You report the news, you aren’t the news.”

But super gonorrhea was reported only by Mike South and the only press you saw on it was attributed to Mike South. Since then, we haven’t talked about it. There hasn’t been any news since November 28th. He hasn’t talked about it in a week. 10-15 people might have been exposed. They don’t have agents? Who are the agents? Who else knows about this?

We could do another two hours on this bullshit about super gonorrhea. But who wants to beat a dead horse?

We present a story. We ask for answers. When nobody answers we’re supposed to just move on? That has to be the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard.

“Hello Senator. We heard that you were taking kickbacks and bribes. Oh you’re not? OK. We’ll move on. Don’t want to beat a dead horse.”

Who the fuck does that?

Ladies and gentlemen, if this isn’t another indication that our business needs a new direction. If this isn’t another indication that every single news agency is in the back pocket of corrupt corporate porn. This is pathetic, man.

You know what? If these four or five people responded and answered questions and people responded with a follow up and the matter was settled, then a month later I brought it up again and kept hammering it, that would be beating a dead horse. But nobody has said a goddamn thing. Not a fucking word.

They are all aware of it. I emailed Dan Miller at XBIZ about it a week ago, so that motherfucker definitely knows about it. Julie Meadows took down her blog post interview with Treptow/Brackob, so it would be safe to assume that she fucking knows about it. I would assume that the great attorney featured in Forbes magazine Marc Randazza has figured out what’s going on by now.

OK. I guess it’s not a story then. Let’s move on. Let’s talk about how to get into porn.

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