Mike South vs. The Lamborghini Driving Indian; Complains About Testing in Texas

The Mike South bullshit machine never ends.

There’s a guy who has a website that’s linked in with the PASS system. It has banners to Free Speech Coalition and PASS on it. But so does Mike South. We talked about it before www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60341 Mike South has an advertiser who is a lawyer named JD Odenberger who has a partner named Reed Lee who is a FSC board member.

So this guy Fiyyaz Pirani has a website where you can get your HIV test results from this clinic in Texas. It has an affiliate program and if you join it, FSC gets an affiliate commission. Somehow this is all the smoking gun Mike South needs to show corruption and hypocrisy in FSC. It’s an affiliate program, just like the affiliate programs that are on Mike South’s website that link to Manwin. If you go to the banner 0Day Porno on his site, it links you to a bunch of affiliate programs including Manwin sites. We also talked about this before www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60351 When you click on the sites, Mike South makes money.

Now Mike South is bitching and moaning and says that this is his smoking gun about some clinic that owned by some Indian looking guy and he has a site with FSC and PASS banners on it. And he drives a Lamborghini. Oh well. So this guy drives a Lamborghini and Mike South drives a ratchedy pickup truck. Because of this, there are these millions of dollars that FSC is making. Does anyone know anybody that goes to this clinic that this Pirani guy owns? The only clinics that people in the legit adult industry go to are Talent Testing and Cutting Edge. Who goes to Houston Texas to get tested to work in the porn industry that is based in Los Angeles, California?

Listen, I’m not the biggest fan of Free Speech Coalition and the people associated with it, but it’s for a lot of different reasons. Having a clinic in Texas that throws a FSC banner on its website and a guy who makes an app that is hooked up to the PASS system where you can look up results from anywhere and if someone goes to that clinic you have an affiliate code and you can make a piece of the money, that’s your smoking gun?

Can anybody find any legitimate performer who has gone to STD Check in Houston Texas? Anybody? Mike South, you’re telling me that because of a press release from 2012 that said “We are an authorized provider to [PASS] and the Free Speech Coalition…” that there is a relationship with FSC and you say “It appears the FSC may be profiting directly off of performers testing through STD Status as part of Fiyyaz Pirani’s “Affiliate Program.”” That’s your fucking smoking gun? Really? A clinic in Texas that nobody in the business goes to. You don’t have your performers go to any clinic in Georgia, so what fucking performers are going to a clinic in Texas?

According to Mike South, all of this amounts to smoking guns. All I’m seeing is basically some guy who opened a clinic who called up FSC and said, “I have a clinic. Is it OK if we hook up and I can put your logos on my website and I also have an affiliate program so if it draws traffic and I make money, you guys get an affiliate referral fee?” And they said sure. How many jerkoffs are gonna go to Texas for a test?

Even performers who live in Texas don’t go to clinics in Texas. That performer flies out to California and goes to Talent Testing or Cutting Edge. Mike South, didn’t you know that? You would know that if you were part of the industry. You’re not part of the industry. You’re an ignorant hillbilly who takes talent from California, infects them with disease and flies them back to Los Angeles where they spread their disease. There’s no smoking gun. There’s nothing but your ratched disease ridden dick and your ratched disease ridden hillbilly friends out there spreading disease.

A clinic in Texas. There’s your smoking gun. “We got ya, Free Speech Coalition!” He even says that the fee for testing is 200 dollars and if you test twice a month it’s 400 dollars and FSC gets half of that in a referral fee. What talent in Texas is getting tested in Texas, flying to California to shoot, then flying back to Texas to get tested and then flying back to California?

How does anybody listen to this ignorant motherfucker? He so desperately wants to be Rob Black. He really does. He needs to have a disclaimer, because he’s dangerously retarded. Don’t try to do what I do because you look stupid. When I connect the dots on a story, people look at it and see that it makes a lot of sense. When you try to be me, Mike South, you look like an ignorant, inbred, shooting cats in the back of the head, justifying killing animals for sexual gratification asshole.

Here’s how he breaks down his bullshit:

“The FSC refers performers to STD Status for a twice a month STD panel at $200 a pop. That’s $400 a month for performers paying for testing out of their own pocket. The FSC in turn collects a 50% commission for every referral they send to STD Status. STD Status bilks performers by overcharging for a standard STD panel and the Free Speech Coalition pockets half of performers’ hard-earned money. A studio like Kink (who pays for their own talent testing and whose CEO Peter Acworth sits on the FSC board) probably gets a discounted rate and can write off performer testing as a business expense. Everybody wins. Well… everybody except performers that is.”

“The question now is: How many performers are testing through STD Status?”

None, asshole! Who the fuck gets a test in Texas twice a month and flies back and forth from California to work?

I swear to God, if Mike South ever shows up in LA, I’m gonna shove my hand up his ass and make him a fuck puppet. And Adella from Fine Ass Marketing, you oughta be ostracized from this business for ever associating with this jerk off. You’re the cuntbag that put this loser in business. You’re the reason this asshole gets any mainstream attention. If you never got him any publicity, he’d just be some ignorant hillbilly claiming to have Georgia OSHA inspectors on his sets. Because of you, he’s got an MSNBC logo on his site. Adella from Fine Ass Marketing is the one who gave this retarded hillbilly a platform.

Take a look at the pictures that were posted of the XRCO Awards. Those are most of the talent that works regularly in the porn business. Not the slobs like Lindsey Lovehands and the other ratched looking bitches on Southern Bukkake that work with diseased hillbillies. Mike South talks about upping the talent level, but look at his sites and see if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black. The girls in the XRCO pictures are the girls who work in the industry and not one of them tested at a clinic in Texas.

The industry shoots primarily in LA, then in Vegas and Florida. Texas isn’t even on the radar. Some methed out whore in Texas shooting a swingers video isn’t a porn star, any more than a guy who puts on a football helmet is in the NFL.

There are no girls in Texas getting tested twice a month and there is no grand conspiracy with Free Speech Coalition making tons of money. It’s just something that Mike South drummed up so he would have something to write about. His new story about the Indian guy and his Lamborghini just show you how jealous he is. What, he’s an asshole because he has a Lamborghini? Your little buddy Adella travels all over the world like a rock star. Is she an asshole too? Sorry Mike, some of us have nice things. We didn’t take a .22 rifle to school and shoot squirrels for food because our parents were shitty providers.

Hey Mike, while your old man was having you hunt squirrels for the family to eat, my dad was building condominiums and restaurant franchises like Cheeburger Cheeburger all across Florida and in the Carribean. While you were out there hunting squirrel, I was going to George Foreman fights. I was getting on an airplane and going to Wrestlemania. Some of us didn’t come from an inbred hillbilly family and didn’t have to hunt squirrel for the family to eat because our parents were ignorant fucks who couldn’t provide for us. I’m sorry that your parents were such incompetent fucks that they had to rely on a 2nd grader to hunt squirrel so the family could eat. Sorry Mike. I didn’t have to do that.

This Indian, he didn’t have to do that either. And he definitely didn’t get a Lamborghini from having porn stars that live in Los Angeles test at his clinic in Texas twice a month for 200 dollars a pop, you stupid motherfucker.

Mike South, you’re an idiot who promotes animal torture and killing animals for sexual gratification and you shoot cats in their head. You’re a piece of shit. You’ll never be me, you’ll never be as smart as me, you ain’t as good looking as me. You my friend, are an ignorant disease ridden scumbag. Sorry.

My girlfriend Katie Summers, on her worst day, is better looking than any ratched ass skank you’ve ever had on your shitty websites. And Vicky Vette, you’re a ratched ass skank, too. Anybody who supports or advertises with Mike South is a vile, disgusting human being.

Bill Maher is doing a thing called Flip a District where he outs the most horrific senators and congressman and is making a push to get them voted out of their districts. We’re gonna create a website called Friends of Mike South. If you’re a friend of Mike South, you’re gonna get outed as a ratched ass motherfucker. Just like they organized boycotts with Rush Limbaugh because of the disgusting things he says, we’re gonna do the same thing to Mike South. People who support this animal killing scumbag are gonna be outed. Vicky Vette, you support Mike South, you’re a disgusting ratched pig. Adella from Fine Ass Marketing, you’re a vile, ratched cunt. If you participate in a Southern Bukkake, you’re gonna be outed as a disease carrying disgusting pig.

So look for that in the next week or so. The Ratched Ass Mike South List. Starring all the people who support Mike South. That’s something to look forward to. We’re gonna expose all the people who are part of the Mike South regime. This equates to being a Nazi sympathizer. When you support Mike South, you are guilty by association.

When you support Mike South, you are a ratched, disgusting, vile piece of shit.

That’s the bottom line.

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