Mike Strother And Howard Levine Get A Rob Black Movie History Lesson

I don’t get it.

Mike Strother must be a masochist. He must like being abused. He must like people to talk shit on him. Only someone who likes being abused would say the things he says. Things that are so fact checkable. He must like to be made to look bad. Seriously.

He must like being abused because anything he says can be proven wrong in five minutes. He doesn’t even mostly tell the truth and sprinkle a little lie here and there. He obviously knows nothing about the industry and doesn’t bother to even make an effort to be correct which leads me to the conclusion that he likes being abused.

Like when he told everybody that he wasn’t fired from Elegant Angel and he left with me, Tom Byron, Van Damage and Tiffany Mynx over a money dispute and that we asked him to come with us. A simple check of the timeline from when his last movie came out to when we left to form Extreme Associates will show this to be a bold faced lie. He was already gone when we were winning awards at the 1998 AVN Awards and we left in February. Ten months after he was fired. His timeline doesn’t gell. He never defended himself in being caught in that lie. It was so easily fact checked.

His latest easily proven fact checkable lie is a doozy. What’s even better is that by correcting him, I’m able to tell people how awesome I am.

Here’s what he said:

“Robs last movie was a turd called “Birds of Prey” someone took pity on him when he came outta jail and threw him a bone….They tell me THAT wont happen again.”

Does anyone realize how unbelievably retarded that statement is? Anyone with a fraction of knowledge of the adult business would know that it’s not true. The movie Birds of Prey was put out in 2012. I was released from prison in 2010. That’s a two year gap that Mike South figures nobody knows about. I guess I got out of prison in 2010 and was blowing homeless guys on Santa Monica Boulevard for two years until somebody threw me a bone and let me do a movie that I owned. I owned Birds of Prey.

Let me give you all a history from when I got out of prison to when I did this movie. I got out of prison and created a line called Extreme Comixxx. The movies were distributed and owned by my boss at Exquisite Multimedia Jerry Estrada. Extreme Comixxx. Remember a company I owned called Extreme Associates? Extreme Comixxx was created by Rob Black when he got out of prison. I guess Mike South doesn’t know about this because he’s a hillbilly sitting in Georgia eating squirrels and shooting cats in the back of the head.

Exquisite Multimedia put out all black and interracial movies. In 2010, nobody was buying them anymore. The parody craze was in full bloom. The concept was to go head to head with my friend Axel Braun in the superhero parody genre at Vivid, so Extreme Comixxx was created. This was right after I got out of jail. This period of time that Mike Strother seems to have forgotten is starting to unfold for all of you. The first movie put out by Extreme Comixxx was Justice League of Pornstar Heroes. This was an epic movie that went on to sell over 10,000 units. This is a fact. Justice League established Extreme Comixxx as the alternative to Vivid Superheroes. It was competing for shelf space with Vivid and the great Axel Braun. That was the first movie out of prison. It wasn’t made in 2012.

The next movie was a little thing we called Rezervoir Doggs. Mike Strother is so full of knowledge and truth. Guess he forgot about the second movie. It got nominated for a shitoad of AVN Awards. Best Parody, Director, Actress, you name it. VH1 actually reviewed it and called it a faithful adaptation of Tarantino’s original.

Following that we did a movie called Supergirl. Oh my God, a third movie! I know, they just keep coming. My third movie out of prison. Mike Strother seems to forget a two year stretch of movie activity.

Next movie was Captain America. It came out before the mainstream film and long before Axel Braun’s version. That was the fourth movie. Hugely successful, highly entertaining. Reviewers loved it.

Iron Man came next. What, are we up to our fifth movie now? Yes, Iron Man. Came out before Axel Braun’s Iron Man. Dale DaBone, who was Axel’s Iron Man came to our set to see his little buddy Seth Gamble, who was playing Tony Stark. He commented on how our suit was much better than Axel Braun’s Iron Man costume, because theirs kept falling apart.

So that was the fifth movie out of prison. I’m still trying to figure out where this bone was given. According to Mike Strother, I wasn’t an employee of Jerry at Exquisite. I guess that’s an illusion. Who created Extreme Comixxx? Who distributed these movies? Who did I make these for, my fucking balls?

I guess I didn’t work for Exquisite Multimedia. I guess we didn’t shoot the final fight sequence of Captain America on the roof on the Exquisite building. I guess two years after prison I was thrown a bone to do Birds of Prey.

After Iron Man, I did another movie for Jerry Estrada called Batgirl. Another huge success with great costumes and awesome reviews.

In between these movies, I did a couple of movies with a gutless bitch named Howard Levine. This is a man who told me in an email that he would be waiting for me, implying that he would beat me up because of a couple of articles we wrote about him. He would be waiting at San Carlo Deli, which is where he has lunch every day. Think about this. Somebody wants to challenge you to an altercation at a shopping mall. Is this the most gutless, bitch like move in the world?

Tell you what Howie. Anytime you feel like getting the shit slapped out of you, I’m happy to oblige. I’ll come down to Jerry’s parking lot and I’ll bring a camera so everybody can watch while you get your ass handed to you. Or you can come down to the strip club. We have a parking lot. Nobody will call the police like they would at a strip mall, you fucking little pussy. I’ll film it and put it on the internet, like the black girls do on Facebook. For you to want me to come down to a deli, a restaurant, you gotta be the biggest pussy bitch faggot in the universe.

So during this period, Howard the pussy bitch Levine was involved with this scam artist named Carlos Cavero. He had a company called Pleasure Dynasty. Howard was getting money from this guy who was bilking all of these poor unsuspecting investors. Howard went to Jerry Estrada and they employed me to make not one, but two movies.

The first movie was an epic called Taxi Driver. This was also made during the two year period that Mike Strother and his band of keyboard bitches forgot about. The guy who starred in the lead was a man by the name of Tommy Pistol. Nobody ever heard of or gave a shit about him before. He was the husband of former Extreme contact star Gia Paloma and did parts here and there for Joanna Angel. Before Taxi Diver, nobody gave two shits about Tommy Pistol. I gave him the role because he was willing to shave his head. He auditioned for me in the parking lot of Exquisite and he got the job.

That role got Tommy Pistol the XBIZ Best Actor Award. Somehow between getting thrown a bone for Birds of Prey, I managed to make a movie that by all accounts was one of the best of the year. XRCO gave it Best Parody Drama. People took the movie home to see what the buzz was about and as a result, Tommy Pistol got hired for a whole bunch of movies. The guy who is now hosting the AVN Awards owes his whole career to Rob Black. After Taxi Driver, he did Pee Wee Herman for Michael Bisco and Vivid. All of the big movie roles that he got was after he starred in Taxi Driver which was directed by Rob Black. Getting the picture, fuckheads?

Because Taxi Driver was so successful, Howard Levine and Carlos Cavero managed to fleece some more investors and we did a movie called Training Day. This movie starred Chanel Preston and Nyomi Banxxx. You kinda see how the Chanel Preston career started going, huh? Did you ever wonder how Chanel Preston got so popular? Guess what, she was starring in every Rob Black movie in 2010. Nyomi Banxxx and Chanel Preston starred in another epic movie that was produced during the time I guess Rob Black didn’t exist. Remember, I got out of prison and was thrown a movie as a bone.

After this movie, I guess Carlos and Howard’s investors dried up and there were no more movies to be made. So next we did Mork and Mindy. Starring Evan Stone as Mork and Chanel Preston as Mindy. So on top on doing movies for Exquisite we were also doing movies for DreamZone with Tom Byron and Tom Byron Pictures. All owned by that wonderful man Frank Koretsky. Not Fortensky, keyboard warriors. Koretsky. When you guys create your bullshit lies, at least spell peoples’ names correctly. Morons.

After Mork and Mindy, I came back and did another movie for Extreme Comixxx that was the first of its kind. It was kind of a video game that we created in a DVD, where you go through these levels to eventually have sex with Wonder Woman. It was called Wonder Woman Interactive. You played a game and went throughout this adventure and if you chose the wrong door, you would get shot. I developed it with my programmer Smiley Johnson, who also worked for Exquisite. It starred Chanel Preston. Oh my God! Chanel Preston again! You could press these different buttons and fuck Chanel as Wonder Woman in her mouth, in her ass, in her ear. It was hugely successful and had a lot of critical acclaim because there were no other movies like this.

Then we did a movie called Superheroine 3D. Yes, a 3D movie. It was an interactive POV 3D adventure where you could pick the position that you wanted to fuck your favorite superheroine. Pretty impressive for a director who Mike Strother claims didn’t exist.

I don’t know how Jerry Estrada got these movies done. Rob Black didn’t work there. He got out of prison and sucked some dick on Santa Monica Boulevard until someone threw him a bone and gave him Birds of Prey. A movie I owned. It wasn’t even put out by Extreme Comixxx. It was put out by Sinister Comixxx and distributed by Pure Play Media. I got out of prison and this movie was made. The two years prior didn’t exist.

How anybody can believe a word that comes out of Hillbilly Boy’s mouth is beyond me. When someone gives out incorrect information, I don’t just sit there and call them names. I provide evidence to prove that they are full of shit. It’s preposterous to come out make statements that are so easily fact checked.

But the most preposterous statement he makes is about Kagney Linn Karter. He claims that I used real glass in the stunt where Kagney received a small scratch on her face. Instead of using breakaway glass, he says that I had her jump through an actual plate glass window. He claims that people at Exquisite told him I used real glass instead of sugar glass. As much of a piece of shit as Jerry Estrada is, there is no way he said that. It is blatantly false. If anyone said anything like that, it would be Howard Levine. Howard Levine is a bitch. He is so upset that I tell everybody the truth about Howard Levine. Howard Levine has been threatened with lawyers because he lies about people. I told everybody the story of when he was served a cease and desist from Steven Hirsch at Vivid for talking shit.

So this lying piece of shit is telling everybody that I didn’t work for Exquisite and that I used real glass on a stunt. OK. You wanna know that real story?

The stunt involved two girls. Kagney Linn Karter and Gracie Glam. Nobody wants to talk about the fact that there were two girls in the stunt. Both girls go through two sheets of breakaway glass at the same time. Gracie is fine. Kagney gets a scratch on her face. We found out later that Kagney had been drinking. We didn’t know that Kagney was drunk. Let me add that there were about thirty people on the set. Everybody saw the glass that we bought from Breakaway Glass on Vineland. There was a sign taped to it to not go near it because if you breathed on it, it would shatter.

But the stuff wasn’t paper thin. You had to be careful. Gracie Glam was. Kagney Linn was not. Gracie Glam was sober. Kagney Linn was not. Gracie Glam did the stunt without a problem. Kagney Linn got a scratch on her face.

I was not sued because there was nothing to sue about. I guess things weren’t that bad, because Kagney returned at a later date and finished the movie’s climactic fight scene.

So there’s the story on the bone that I was thrown and Kagney Linn. Mike Strother and his bullshit never ceases to amaze me. I’m sure we’ll have more to say about all of this in the coming week because Howard Levine will read this and email me a challenge to fight in a restaurant.

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