Million Dollar Question: How Many Performers Urging a “No” Vote on Prop. B Have Medical Coverage?

That was one of the issues brought up by AHF’s Michael Weinstein this evening. Weinstein and Derrick Burts faced off against “No” on Measure B’s James Lee and adult performer Rebecca Bardoux. The debate was broadcast on and moderator Warren Olney proved very well versed on the subject.

On the issue of medical insurance, many porn performers are notorious for not having it. But, by the same token, Lee’s blown two opportunities in squaring off against Weinstein. They debated earlier this month. Now and on that occasion Lee has failed to direct questions to Weinstein about his alleged business affiliations with condom companies.

Then again, Weinstein could level the porn house of cards by proving that performers although they tout the benefits of testing are without adequate medical coverage. The industry certainly doesn’t provide a plan, although Diane Duke months ago on another Internet show claimed to have had one in the works.

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