Mitsuko Doll Falls in Love

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VENICE, CA – Something funny has happened as Mitsuko Doll has been waiting for the finishing touches on her website to finally be finished: She’s fallen in love.

No, no, not with some jerk who’s going to shut down all of her adult business fun, but she’s rekindled love with an old flame: camming.

It’s true. The waiting has allowed her free time to cam and she’s found that she is loving it more than ever.

“I’ve just been trying to get on MyFreeCams every day, morning and/or evenings,” she says. “With the downtime of my site I’ve found that I’ve just started falling in love with camming again. It’s really awesome to meet new people every day and actually build relationships so there are always familiar faces in my chat.”

Some of you are those familiar faces and more are joining the Mitsuko army every day. Check out Mitsuko on MFC at

Mitsuko’s sale of hundreds of clips on continues and she hopes to announce the re-launch of her website any day now. Go to to check out her clips for sale.

For information on her affiliate program webmaster.php to sign up.

Follow Mitsuko on Twitter @MitsukoDoll. For more on Mitsuko go to

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