Mitsuko Doll Has Her Second Orgasm (Column) About Camming; her summer gift raffle and more

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VENICE, CA – If you’re looking for the straight dope on the cam girl world, no one will give it to you straighter than Mitsuko Doll.

In her second volume of the very popular Orgasm feature about camming, “Camming Today & Its Future” Mitsuko explains what it’s all about from it’s very essence. Who are webcam models, how do you spot them, what is their general purpose and why are they doing the things they do.

Not all of these topics have perfect black and white answers, but she does her best to break things down until they make complete sense. One point she makes is that many cam models are working in the online adult business “because they feel it’s less taboo than shooting porn.”

“The key to camming isn’t being the most attractive girl, but putting more emphasis on the live, real-time interaction,” she writes. “Live interaction is the appeal for guys and is what may prompt them to visit a camgirl opposed to watching a porn film.”

She also discusses how being a cam model is more than just putting on shows. In fact, being in front of camera “is only half the work, while the rest of their time is spent behind the camera working on promoting themselves and creating content to sell.”

Since they are their own boss, talent, producer and marketer, they have no one else to blame when things don’t go right. There is a lot of responsibility when you’re running your own company, yes, even when that company revolves around a pretty girl taking her clothes off online.

Mitsuko is also in the running for’s Hunt tor the Orgasm Girl and fans can vote for her at It’s so easy we could practically do it for you, but that would take away from your fun.

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