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It appears that model Cindy Crawford wants Just one catch. The website belonged to porn performer Cindy Crawford [pictured] whose real name happens to be Cindy Crawford. Anyway, try to follow the story from –

SuperModel Cynthia Ann “Cindy” Crawford, who was once married to Richard Gere, has filed a UDRP with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) seeking the domain name

According to the domain name as of as recently as August 2012 and going back to 2005, was going to what appears to be the official site for the model, however if you take a look at the domain today, its pointed to material from the hardcore porn star by the same name.

The domain name is currently being forwarded to a different Cindy Crawford, this one a hardcore porn star;

The domain name was owned back in July of 2012 by Ms. Crawford, using an address in Madrid Spain along with a contact of a Julian S. Garcia.

The whois today shows the same Julian S. Garcia of Madrid Spain not only as the administrative contact for the domain name but as the registered owner of the domain.

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