Modeling Agency Scams Increase As Economy Worsens

I especially like the caveat that some talent agencies are slimy porn merchants in disguise.

Washougal, WA —, as part of its ongoing mission to tip the odds in the favor of people aspiring to become actors, models, musicians, dancers and other entertainment professionals, has just released its Top Ten Tips for Avoiding Talent Agency Rip-offs.

Talent Watchers fights against scam in the entertainment industry
The Internet-based talent directory provides a quick, easy and legitimate way for aspiring adult and child actors, models, musicians, dancers and others to get their pictures and portfolios in front of potential employers. And although operates above-board, that’s not the case with others in the industry.

Breaking into acting or modeling is a tough job for unknowns with no portfolio and no industry contacts. That’s why the lure of turning to a professional modeling agency has created a rip-off opportunity for people clever enough to stroke their victim’s ego while emptying their pockets.

“It’s hard enough to break into the talent business without wasting your time and money dealing with phony agencies,” according to Jacqueline Milano, founder of

“But with a little bit of knowledge about how legitimate talent directories work, people can focus on getting their first audition, casting call, or child modeling break without worrying about being taken for a ride,” added Jacqueline.

In an effort to create more success stories with happy endings, Jacqueline offers these Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Talent Agency Rip-offs:
1. Legitimate talent agencies will never guarantee to find work.

2. Legitimate talent agencies don’t charge up front. They earn their money by taking a percentage of what their clients earn.

3. Legitimate agencies won’t require an aspiring actress or model to buy an expensive photography portfolio.

4. A legitimate talent or modeling agency won’t pressure anyone into signing a contract on the spot.

5. Beware of requests to pose nude. Some disreputable talent agencies are really porn operators in disguise.

6. Legitimate talent and modeling agencies put all promises in writing.

7. An honest talent agency operator will be happy to provide reference clips or portfolios of actors, dancers, musicians or models that the agency has already placed.

8. “Walk by” talent scouts who stop people on the streets or in the mall are almost never legitimate.

9. Avoid any agency that charges even a small registration or similar fee, but only accepts cash or checks. Any company that doesn’t have a credit card merchant account isn’t legitimate.

10. And the most important tip of all: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is especially true for loving parents who want to see their child model or actor become a star.
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