Mommy And Daddy Must Be Proud; Casey Calvert Pens Article For Huffington Post

Hope everyone had a pleasant Father’s Day.

There was an article in Huffington Post recently by Casey Calvert (who?) that I think is appropriate for the occasion. Parents everywhere take note.

The article starts off with this little gem:

“My decision to do porn wasn’t an easy one. I spent months debating and talking to people: girls, agents, directors, MY PARENTS, my boyfriend at the time. I made many pros-and-cons lists. At the top of every con column? Sexual health.”

What kind of parent would be in this conversation with their child? Let me ask Casey Calvert: What trailer park are you from that you would be sitting down at the kitchen table with mommy and daddy debating the pros and cons of getting your asshole fucked on camera? At what point does mommy go, “Casey honey, here’s the pro. Think of all the money you’ll make! We can get out of the trailer park. Daddy and I on welfare and collecting cans off the street doesn’t seem to be making ends meet. So this will be a great way to improve our situation. The con? Ya might get AIDS.”

What pros and cons does one go over with mommy and daddy about getting into porn? Casey, can you help me out here? You’re putting it out there for the world to see, so I’m a little curious about this, as I’m sure a lot of people are.

Discussing getting into porn with mommy and daddy was the thing that jumped right out at me. But I was also struck by this statement:

“I spent months debating and talking to people…”

What did you do that you weren’t in the business but you were able to spend months talking to people in the business? Were you like some porn stalker chick? If you weren’t in the the business, but you were debating and talking to girls, agents, directors, what were you doing? Were you just some girl working at Starbucks and you had a bunch of porn friends?

This is who we present to the world to speak for our business. Someone who debated with girls, agents, directors and mommy and daddy. Someone with parents who said, “You know Casey, having guys cum in your mouth is the best thing to do with your life.” She’s not a girl who becomes 18, 19, 20 years old, is working at Hooters or Starbucks and happens to find the business. Then when her parents ask her, “What are you doing with your life?” She goes, “Umm, just some modeling…” Her parents eventually find out she’s doing porn and they go, “Oh my God! Where did we go wrong? Well, I hope you’re safe…” That’s not what happened. She sat there and said:

“Hey mom, hey dad. I’m thinking about letting a bunch of guys fuck my ass and cum on my face for a living.”

“Really? That’s so awesome! What were your other choices to do with your life?”

“Well…um… I thought about a job at the mall or maybe going to college to become a nuclear physicist.”

“There’s no future in that, honey. Go with the assfucking and facials.”

Casey says at the top of every con column is sexual health. No other con. OK.

She goes on:

“Eventually, obviously, I decided that the reward was greater than the risk. And I was right…”

The reward of getting mommy and daddy out of the trailer park and off of welfare was worth the risk of dying of AIDS. Cool.

“I feel sexually safe every time I go to work…”

She feels sexually safe every time she goes to work. And she doesn’t use a condom. She gets to fuck guys like Alex Gonz, who worked in the business for years with hepatitis C and guys like Mr. Marcus, who faked his test and infected a bunch of girls with syphilis. But Casey feels safe.

“But California’s A.B. 1576 is going to change that.”

“A.B. 1576 is a California Assembly bill sponsored by Michael Weinstein of AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and introduced by Assembly Member Isadore Hall. It requires that condoms be used for all vaginal and anal scenes and includes a government mandate on STD testing and disclosure of results.”

“Right now I very rarely use a condom at work. If the company requires it (which some do), or if my scene partner would prefer it, I don’t argue. But let me make it very clear that I prefer shooting without them.”

Because I’m a dirty fucking pig who got into the business with mommy and daddy’s help.

“Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how I could feel more at risk when I’m using a condom. Let me explain.” (my retarded logic)

“I trust the testing system we have now. It’s not perfect, but it works. It’s called Performer Availability Scheduling Services (PASS), and it’s run by the Free Speech Coalition, the trade association for the adult entertainment industry. Every 14 days or fewer, every performer gets tested for HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, and trichomoniasis.”

Casey, you know that’s a lie. The entire adult business does not test every 14 days or fewer. If you have an agent who is part of LATATA, that is not the case. LATATA stated in a press release that anyone who required a test newer than 30 days would have to pay a fee. We talked about when it happened and also when LAX Models instituted the policy. Derek Hay and the agents of LATATA, of which your agent Mark Spiegler is a member, stated that anyone who did not require a 14 day test would not have to pay the extra fee. Casey Calvert, that shows that there are producers in the business who only require a 30 day old test. Derek Hay and LATATA give a financial incentive to those who only require a 30 day old test. So when you say “Every 14 days or fewer, every performer gets tested for HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, and trichomoniasis” that is a false statement. It is also false that every time a performer gets tested they are tested for all of those diseases. You’re lying, Casey. Plain and simple.

Now, would people, other than your mommy and daddy with whom you confer whether or not to suck cock for a living, would normal rational people say, “If you test on the 1st and you get a disease on the 5th and you work with talent on the 8th, won’t that talent still get a disease?” What do you say to that, Casey? You would have to say, “Of course.” Then what do you say when they say, “If you wore a condom, would they get that disease?” You would have to say, “No, they wouldn’t.” End of story.

See how easy it was to dispute your retarded logic? See how easy it was to dispute the bullshit that you’re supposed to spew from Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition and I guess your mommy and daddy?

“If everything is negative, the performer gets a green checkmark next to his or her legal name in the PASS database, which can only be accessed by agents, producers, and other performers…”

That’s everybody, Casey.

“If there is a positive result, that performer gets a phone call from the testing facility notifying them of the result. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are treated immediately, and the performer retests after seven days. If something more serious shows up, in addition to the performer getting treatment, we have an industry-wide moratorium to address it.”

If you get a phone call notifying you of a positive gonorrhea or chlamydia result, what about all those performers you worked with between tests? You say an industry-wide moratorium is only instituted to address something “more serious.” What about gonorrhea and chlamydia? Are the performers who are exposed notified? What’s more serious? Is syphilis? Hepatitis? AIDS? So if it’s a serious disease like AIDS, we institute a moratorium. If it’s only that pesky gonorrhea or chlamydia, we carry on with our business.

Free Speech Coalition, do you see why we’re losing this battle? When you let people like Casey Calvert speak, that’s why it’s so easy for Michael Weinstein and Isadore Hall to get legislation passed.


“When performer Cameron Bay contracted HIV off-set last August…”

You don’t know that, Casey. Nobody knows if Cameron Bay caught it off-set.

“…she came in to test so that she could shoot. The test came back positive, and there was never a chance for transmission to her coworkers.”

How do you figure that, Casey? We had a moratorium and there were numerous people on the list who had been exposed. If there was never a chance for transmission to her coworkers, then why was there a moratorium? Every time there is an HIV positive result and people are exposed and there is a moratorium and the industry shuts down so the people who are exposed can retest, there is a chance of transmission.

When Cameron Bay tested positive, there were people she had worked with, from Xander Corvus to my cousin Mark Zane. There was a chance for transmission. There was a danger to her coworkers, especially Xander Corvus, who had a bleeding wound on his penis during a shoot that was in the window of when Cameron Bay may have had HIV. In between the time Cameron Bay tested negative to when she test positive, she exposed people and there was a chance of transmission to her coworkers. Xander Corvus was one of those exposed, as well as other people on first and second generation lists. So Casey Calvert, saying that “there was never a chance for transmission to her coworkers” is a completely moronic statement.

In fact, every person who has worked with Sheena Shaw since she’s been dating John Stagliano is on a second generation exposure list. Sheena Shaw is in a sexual relationship with somebody with HIV.

Casey the moron continues:

“Like I said, I trust the system. I don’t trust condoms on set. (At home it’s a different issue, and I use them regularly.)”

So you use them at home but not on set? Do you not trust who you’re fucking in your private life? Is the person that you’re fucking in your private life such a skeeve that you make him wear a condom? So what you’re saying is being on a first or second generation list of HIV is safer than your private life? What, do you go and fuck people at an AIDS hospice?

So the person who you fuck off set is so disgusting that you make him wear a rubber, but a bunch of guys who get tested between the 1st and 14th are cool? You must open your asshole to a Dallas Buyers Club member off screen.

Then comes the most retarded statement:

“Condoms aren’t designed for the rigors of adult performance. The average at-home sex encounter is maybe 10 minutes, whereas the average adult scene takes about an hour. That’s a lot of in and out, a lot of friction.”

Casey, honey, the people who do real movies like Jessica Drake and Stormy Daniels don’t have a problem with condom friction and the rigors of adult performance. The Axel Braun epics that you are not a part of? Those actresses are completely fine with the rigors of adult performance.

“It’s not uncommon for a condom to tear, or even completely break, during a porn scene. It’s also not uncommon for the director to want to really see the action, which often involves the penis coming completely out of the orifice and then plunging back in. This invariably leads to what we call “fishing”: searching inside said orifice for the condom that has completely slipped off. Once the condom breaks or comes off inside me, it completely defeats its purpose of preventing the transmission of STDs.”

Again, I haven’t heard of any of these issues from anyone at Wicked. You need to get together with all of the girls at Wicked who have performed exclusively with condoms for years and talk to them about all of these problems you have with fishing and tearing. Maybe they could help you out. You’re obviously not using them correctly.

“After fucking for 45 minutes to an hour without a condom, my insides are sore. With a condom, they are rubbed raw. The extra friction from the condom causes micro tears in the walls of my vagina and anus. Besides the fact that they just plain hurt, they take time to heal. There is no way I could work as often as I do if every scene required a condom. The micro tears also leave me more vulnerable to STDs when the condom does fail, again completely defeating the purpose.”

Steve Orenstein at Wicked has gone on record and said that not one performer in the history of the thousands of scenes they have shot with condoms have ever come done with an STD. Not one. Casey Calvert, who are you talking about? Who is getting STDs from wearing condoms?

Then Casey says:

“…condoms make my job harder. The pain from the friction leads to less endurance (condoms can chafe a penis as well; the men have a similar problem). We have to take time stopping and starting, fishing, applying a new condom. It can be exhausting work as it is. We don’t need something making it even harder.”

This chafing argument goes completely out the window when you consider that Wicked Pictures and Axel Braun, the producers of the biggest, most successful movies in the adult business all wear condoms. Retard Porno Dan uses condoms. Casey Calvert, you need to get Axel Braun, Brad Armstrong, Porno Dan, Jessica Drake, Stormy Daniels, Asa Akira to all come out and say how bad condoms are. Can you do that, Casey Calvert? You can’t, because they won’t. You’re part of the skeevy section of the business that has no imagination and no talent to make good movies. You’re a joke.

She goes on:

“The scenes filmed under the requirements of A.B. 1576 will simply not be as good as the scenes we film now, and the porn audience is extraordinarily particular. There is very little loyalty. If they aren’t completely satisfied with the product, they will go somewhere else. They don’t want condoms, and they don’t want lackluster scenes. If this bill passes, companies have three choices: move out of the state, go underground, or go out of business.”

Again, explain Wicked Pictures. You can’t, dummy.

“I really like my job, and I really like living in L.A. I have no intention of moving to Vegas…”

Vegas doesn’t want you! The governor of Nevada is not rolling out the red carpet to the porn biz.

“So if there’s a mass exodus out of the state, I guess I’m working less or spending a lot of time on planes. But the problem is if companies decide to stay in California and flaunt the law, A.B. 1576 will make my job unsafe. We self-regulate our health very well right now, but that’s bound to fall apart if we have to do it in secret. I’m not going to work if I don’t feel safe.”

Then don’t work. If you don’t feel safe fucking your boyfriend without a condom, I doubt you’re ever gonna feel safe.

“As a whole, the adult performer population feels the same way I do…”

Yeah, the skanks, not the people who do real movies like Wicked.

“We are not anti-condom. We are against having the choice taken away from us. Over 600 performers have signed a petition voicing opposition to the bill. That might not sound like a lot of signatures, but in an industry as small and insular as ours, that’s a huge consensus.”

Those 600 performers make up a 3 billion dollar industry? Really? OK dummy.

“Hall and AHF argue that performers are employees, and that just like any other employee, we deserve protection for our health and safety. I agree. But just like stunt workers or professional athletes, we risk our health for the purpose of entertainment. We employ the best safety measures that we can while still producing a product that our audience wants to see.”

All of those professions you mentioned all wear protective gear that is mandated and they are heavily regulated. The NFL makes new rules every year to combat what’s unsafe.

Casey Calvert, you’re an idiot. Whoever you’re talking to who is giving you this information is a moron, too. You must have had help. Someone who is smart enough to do her homework and consult mommy and daddy before getting assfucked on camera bareback is obviously smart enough to fact check an article for the great Huffington Post. I wonder who that was? Where did you get all of this genius information?

This is just another example of the brain trust of the adult business. Spewing the Free Speech Coalition lunatic party line. Making ridiculous arguments that a five year old could deconstruct.

But that’s what you get from Free Speech Coalition. March of the Retards. 600 performers with Casey Calvert leading the way.

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