Monarchy Gives Back to Performers; Launches Showcase Studios

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LOS ANGELES – It is a known fact that in the adult business there is little to no profit sharing programs for performers and definitely no residuals like our mainstream counterpart. Monarchy Distribution is looking to change that and has created Showcase Studios, a new division with the goal of putting content back into the hands of performers.

With the massive amount of content owned by Monarchy as well as the vast amount of licensing contracts that Monarchy has made with internet content providers and other studios, it helms one of the largest catalogs in the adult industry.

Showcase Studios goal is to enable an adult performer to effectively brand themselves with their own Showcase DVD.

Performers are able to sit with Monarchy and view a vast array of footage featuring themselves that they have shot throughout their career. Working with the Monarchy production department, they are able to choose their favorite scenes and put them into one showcase DVD.

Monarchy has set a low all inclusive per piece price for these custom videos. Girls can take the DVD’s and sell them to their fans and generate revenue off content they have already shot for other companies but do not own the rights to.

“The market for DVD has decreased and we saw a completely untapped market for these girls to sell to and make money for themselves” said Monarchy owner Mike Kulich.

“Every time I go on twitter, I see a girl sporting her new shoes or gifts that fans buy for them off their wishlists. These guys love interacting with the performers and spoiling them. This gives the performers the opportunity and the outlet to sell their DVD’s directly to the fans that are looking to spend money on them. It also gives them a product featuring just them to sell to their fans anywhere they go whether it be feature dancing, tradeshows, or store signings.”

Kiki Daire [pictured] has already signed on with Showcase and her first DVD is currently in production. The DVD features 5 scenes ranging from her early years in the business to her recently shot content. “My fans have always contacted me about getting a Best of Kiki Daire DVD with just scenes of me but it is difficult because as a performer you shoot for a lot of different companies.

Showcase Studios is an incredible idea because it brings all your content together and gives the fans exactly what they want: A full DVD with scenes that they would have to look all over the place to find, all on one disc” said Daire.

If you are a performer and interested in creating a Showcase DVD, contact Mike Kulich at [email protected] or follow Monarchy on Twitter @xxxmonarchy.

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