Monic Foster: A legend in her own mind

Monica Foster is shouting from the rooftops that she is a middle aged single woman with no kids that looks “great.” For good measure she has also told people to fuck off and to stay out of her way. A charming specimen, isn’t she? Actually, this is quite typical of today’s American woman which is why many guys either go overseas to find a wife or go “MTGOW.” This is one nasty creature that would make any man’s life a living hell. And it is interesting that she can’t see the irony of bragging about looking great while at the same time bragging that she is in middle age and has not been able to land a man nor kids. There is a reason for that.

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She’s had just one boyfriend since she left Florida in 2008, NINE years ago, that being loser porn camera man Matt Holder. Here’s a guy that can’t be making much money in his career and when it comes down to it, wasn’t that good looking. By Foster’s own admission he had poor dental hygiene. And even this clown dumped her ass because he couldn’t stand it anymore. Now the closet thing she can get to a boyfriend is a 60-something haggard and racist sorry excuse for a musician named Barry Nelson who plays in a lounge band called The Groove Committee. He has gone private on Twitter and even he will not publicly support Foster. Barry has to be worried that he too will be dragged into Foster’s legal problems.

In just a few days, Foster will plunge $500,000 into legal debts making her even less attractive to potential suitors. If she continues to mock, harass and provoke the legal team that she is to face in court and stalk and harass people that she has been instructed to stay away from, she could face criminal charges and land herself a jail sentence. The fat old women in jail would find her to be real attractive and would make that known to her. Keep it up and she’ll find out.



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