Monica Foster about to go in more debt than the typical DOCTOR!

The typical doctor does not graduate med school with $500,000 in student loans and he has something to show for his debt.

Monica Foster is about to go into debt to the tune of $500k and doesn’t have a pot to piss in.

She could have picked up TWO houses on Tristan Flower in Henderson for less than that but instead she’s got nothing but debt and will lose a significant chunk of her online presence next week because she won’t shut the fuck up.

You have proven nothing with your lies, you’ve got no supporters and tons of people want to sue you and are suing your black ass. (Cue her cries of racism because the word black was inserted here but somehow she isn’t racist when she inserts white into all her hate posts).

Alexandra Mayers‏ @MonicaFoster

WAY too many people think that I’m tweeting about them when I’m not. Get a life you ugly & narcissistic fools. It’s not all about you.

Maybe you should just shut the fuck up then since you don’t have the balls to address anyone by name and are just confusing people and getting yourself further into trouble. Furthermore, you obsess daily over 3 or 4 people and have stalked these people endlessly and threatened to kill and maim them. What are they suppose to think when you post threats? As for getting a life, you can’t be serious. You were alone on:

-Christmas Eve
-Christmas Day
-New Years Eve
-Your Birthday
-Super Bowl Sunday
-Valentine’s Day

And you had the audacity to broadcast yourself sitting at home alone by yourself on those days. No shame at all. No one watched, favored or retweeted any of your broadcasts not even Barry. Maybe you can buy retweets and favorites just as you bought your followers.

Just concede. You have done damage to yourself and have proven nothing and never will. Going half a million in debt to try to get back at porn industry people because you failed was a dumb thing to do and now you will lose a lot of your platforms. You just come off as a bitter, angry old maid. Give it up.




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