Monica Foster aka Alexandra Mayers aka Aunt Alexandra: Stop Stalking And Harassing Us Here On AdultFYI.Com OR ELSE!

Message to Monica Foster aka Alexandra Mayers aka Aunt Alexandra to her young Floridian nephew, if you continue to stalk and harass us here on, we may just have to sue YOU. You threaten our contributors with lawsuits and badmouth us on social media and then threaten US with lawsuits? Hey, FUCK YOU!


Despite being over $167,000 in the hole after Las Vegas attorney Marc Randazza tore her a new one in court, she continues to bad mouth the man. She just doesn’t ever learn. She would never say any of this shit to anyone’s face UNLESS they agreed to waste an entire day in a “Mediation session” with her stupid ass. What the fuck is that gonna solve? I’ll tell you what – It’s gonna waste the other party’s time, not hers as she has absolutely NOWHERE to be all day, every day, and it’s gonna give her leverage in her little online campaigns because then she can say she met the other party and is willing to meet her foes face to face and is not a coward. BULLSHIT! You will only meet with the other party if a moderator holds your hand, you fucking gutless piece of shit. Outside of that you won’t meet anyone. You’ve got no balls. Look, no one is going to lay a finger on you and you know it. You want to meet and discuss this shit, do it out in the open ONE ON ONE. No balls, just like your faggot dad.


And after she was caught in a bare-faced LIE claiming that black performers in porn are discriminated against – we proved her to be a lying sack of shit by throwing up Pornhub‘s most searched for terms in 2015. And guess what one of the top search terms was? EBONY. Instead of giving her fellow black performers credit, she just trashes the “White men” that are doing all the searches for all this black porn. Who says they’re white? Like she always says, whites will soon be a minority so who does this dumb bitch think is searching for all this shit? More than just white men. See, she’s pissed at her fellow performers for being successful and proving that black women are not discriminated against in porn. She’s pissed at all white men because her boyfriend Matty Holder dropped her like a bag of shit and had kids with someone else. Cry me a river, dickface.

There isn’t any reason she couldn’t have been a success in porn except for that little thing about her being unattractive, unhygienic and a lousy lay. She knows it now with the Pornhub survey and it eats away at her. Whenever a black bigot gets proven wrong and the good old trusty race card is no longer available to them, they lose their shit. Read it and weep, cunt. Blacks are treated as ROYALTY in this country and you are the proof. Hey, can we all sit around all day and complain, once in awhile diddling ourselves on cam FOR MONEY and collect a nice check every couple weeks from the government WHILE we sponge off our sugar daddy? That would be so nice and stress free.


And so, Aunt Alex, you are on warning. You will stop stalking and harassing us and trying to be like us or we will come down on you harder. You could always come aboard here as a writer but you would have to radically change your views, stop being such a bigot and a fag hag and get the fuck over your failed porn career and move forward. You would also have to close some of your bullshit sites BUT that may happen in time against your will and maybe, just maybe, WE will seize control of those sites and really have a field day with you. Keep it up.


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