Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers can never win! Her and youtube in bed together

So either a homosexual or another failed at life black ghetto stalker loser like Monica that works at youtube has teamed up with failed at life loser Monica Foster because they seems to be refusing to give Monica a strike on her youtube account or remove my copyright content from the 4 videos on her channel.

Here are 3 of the recordings below that fraud Monica and someone at youtube are protecting. Funny she reports it on my account and youtube pulls it but when I report it on her account they dont do shit. To whoever is protecting Monica over at youtube, hopefully your boss sees this post and this post is being attached to 4 more complaints about your sorry ass and possibly a lawsuit against youtube.





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  1. Foster is embarrassing herself by posting these vids. She thinks that she can convince people that she’s a victim of a racist hate crime. It’s funny how she went on a rampage crying to Twitter about this and how she cried to CNN. Can that stupid bitch get it through her skull that nobody cares about her and nobody cares what’s going on with her. Little by little she is losing supporters and credibility.

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