Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers has lost her Marbles oh wait she already lost those years ago

Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers has lost alot more than her Marbles this time. After Being sued and losing half a million dollars for libeling a lawyers wife calling her a whore when she is far from it now Monica is back posting libel and making slandering videos on youtube of others she is jealous of.


Her latest victim is Donny Long, Heather Deep and there unborn child. Yup the sicko is not only posting lies about these three but now begging for donations in there name claiming they need help. WTF This women is clinically fucked in the head. Heather fired back in a hail of tweets knocking Monica out asking everyone to report Monica.


5h5 hours ago

 Monica just jealous cause she cant have Donny or his sperm or child or any other white man for that matter cause she is so fat n old n ugly

For those that dont know who Monica Foster is see her real name .com at her whole family has lost the plot ahhahaha


for money in my name as she is a pure fraudster and scam artist! Sick women that needs to be locked in a prison for life!

She has really lost all her marbles this time hahahahha, Please report all her videos for bulling and harassing and wherever she is begging

yet again but also now posting lies about us and trying to get donations begging for money from the public in my name WTF this women is nuts

Everyone please report all of Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers videos and tweets as she is libeling and stalking me and Donny


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  1. Is Donny even white? I thought he was Cuban? People just call him white because white people are an easy target and are the only group that it is acceptable to be racist against. In any case, Foster is jealous as hell when she sees people living their lives and accomplishing things while she goes NOWHERE!

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