Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers Pulled A Fatal Attraction On Matthew Paul Holder, BUT…

Monica Foster

Monica Foster also known as Alexandra Mayers, the porn and XXX web cam failure once fell in love with porn camera man Matthew Paul Holder and thought they had a future together. When Matt decided that he didn’t want the baggage and stigma that comes with a black wife or girlfriend, he dumped her. She pulled an Alex Forrest/Fatal Attraction and slit her wrists. As she lay there bleeding to death, expecting Matty to pull a Dan Gallagher and save her, she was shocked when he walked out and left her to die.



Alexandra Mayers@MonicaFoster

You (& you know who you are) broke my heart. My SOUL and SPIRIT attached HEART – which is WHY I won’t come back to you. I DID LOVE you.

Alexandra Mayers@MonicaFoster

I was the difficult path – you chose the easy path. You left me for dead. I almost died. Today, I don’t hate you – I just pity your child.

Alexandra Mayers@MonicaFoster

To the person I’m talking to in these tweets – now you know how I’ve felt for the past 7 years. You’re a Dad now so suicide isn’t an option.

See Holder wasn’t putting up with her pity party and wouldn’t hold himself responsible for the actions of a mentally ill woman. This is what more people need to do. She will never kill herself because she is afraid of not existing and not being able to cause shit in the world. So just let her threaten suicide, harm herself, smoke, drink, do drugs, neglect her HPV, which will eventually lead to




  1. 7 years and she can’t get over him! I believe that if she Knew where Matt lived, she would be at his house, terrorizing his family, and boiling his rabbit alive. Foster has the nerve of accusing others of stalking people and makes fun of others of getting their hearts broken, this nutjob can’t get over a Matt after 7 years from a one night stand. No one believes her BS about Matt holder either. She tried to defame him and ruin his for the past 7 years.

  2. Monica Foster has been heartbroken over Matt Holder for 7 long years! She has tried to ruin his life by defaming him and spreading lies about him. She said lies that he gave her herpes, he got her on drugs, he got her pregnant and that he only paid for half of the abortion, and all kinds of foul crap.

    7 years and she can’t let go and move on. This is why people keep making fun of her, she’s pathetic! No man in his right mind would want to be with her.

  3. I believe Holder just wanted to screw a black girl to say he’d done it, to knock it off his bucket list. Foster had other ideas. Holder did the right thing but since Foster had never had a boyfriend and desperately wants a white one, this destroyed her. She’s really got no options for men outside porn. She’s already got one check against her for being black, no man will take her home to mom when anyone can Google her and see what she’s done. She’s really out of options when it comes to finding a white man.

    • No man in his right mind could ever want this woman. She doesn’t take pride in her appearance, she’s an alcoholic/drug addict, she refuses to work or better herself, she’s obsessed with the porn biz, and she acts like a complete nutjob.

      • She’s got absolutely no class. Look at the way she’s sitting in this photo. No class at all. No decorum. You would think she would have manners with a school teacher mother and a businessman homosexual father but no, no class at all.

  4. She keeps blaming racism for being the reason why she flunked out of porn. How can a dark skin, unattractive, cross-eyed, woman who lost a B/G gig all because she had bad vaginal odor, succeed in this business?

    She thinks that blaming racism for all her issues will help cause people to pity her! Even when she took a chick that bounced, she blamed racism.

    She’s also a dead fish when it comes to sex.

    Funny as hell when Asian men said that she looks like a monkey, lol!

    • I think she failed due to attitude. You have a woman who was probably treated like royalty in her little small town among a small group of people but once she got out into the rude world she realized that she just isn’t that hot compared to most women in Hollywood and porn in particular. It was then that she lashed out at the business and began going on an anti porn campaign and trying to ruin livelihoods. It didn’t help that a porn cameraman dropped her after he had his fun with her. It was all too much for her to take and now the only people that appreciate her are obese middle age black men that never leave the house. She made choices and now she’s suffering the effects.

  5. She was awful in bed, truth be told. I have a high sex drive but ended up masturbating most nights either when she refused to give it up or when I couldn’t finish due to her rushing me and due to her just being an all around corpse fuck. She stunk of tuna. Her hygiene is absolutely deplorable but don’t take my word for it, it is well known amongst her co-stars. The difference is that they were getting paid to fuck her and I wasn’t. She accuses me of giving her herpes, I will take a public STD test any day of the week to prove that I am not the one that gave her herpes. She’s had any number of sexually transmitted diseases and word on the street is that she’s positive for HIV and on meds. Hence the anger at not being able to work in the business. Hence the reason she’s broke. Hence the reason she’s carrying a lot of belly fat – as a side effect of the meds – Look it up. I am sorry she ended up in this predicament but go blame someone else. Matthew Paul Holder can and does sleep very well at night knowing he never screwed anyone over.

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