Monica Foster Alexandra Melody Mayers is a potential predator and pedophile, alert Judge Rob Bare now

Or at least alert someone. This woman, Alexandra Melody Mayers who used the name Monica Foster to perform in smut films on camera, makes strange tweets all the time about pedophilia and children and accuses others of this but it is obvious that she has some type of obsession with children. This is a very dangerous woman that needs to be off the streets and away from children. She hasn’t seen her own nephew in better than five years which means she is probably banned from doing so.

This sick piece of shit recently posted a Michael Jackson (Piece of shit pedophile) video and claimed that she wants to “Save the children.” Folks, no responsible parent would let this woman within 100 yards of their children and hopefully she is not communicating with children over the web either. “Save the children” by staying away from them. If she lives near a school, she should be evicted – This should come up in your letters to all that are writing to Judge Rob Bare ahead of her March trial. For those that have not done so, the Judge’s contact info will be posted at the conclusion of this blog.

This sick asshole goes around chastising people that call the “victims” of female “sex offenders,” “lucky,” but let’s face a few facts here: Those young men that had sex with their older teachers were not forced nor were they really victims. They wanted it, the teacher wanted it and so it happened. It doesn’t make it right. The female teachers should have stayed with men their own age but there are no “victims” involved. Even a young teenage boy could overpower any woman if they wanted to but they did not – And in most cases they went back for more. Maybe those calling these young lads lucky know that young women are a pain in the ass and not worth the bother or the time.

Alexandra Mayers should be in prison. She has been obsessed with youth and childhood hairlines (On adult men) for years and obviously is attracted to young men that are way too young for her and she has put out these signals time and time again and still the sick, pedophile, tranny, gay marriage and smut supporting sick assholes at Twitter have let this go on. This is why she has no boyfriend – Because she isn’t attracted to men that are of age. She has been with a few men of age but only for the idea that they will carry her through life while she sits back and writes hate blogs all day. She exposed herself many years ago in her blog where she acted entitled and whined about having nothing while her friends lives improve every day. She just isn’t willing to work for what she wants. She has now wasted the better part of 8+ years on a cause that has gotten her nowhere. Had she worked a job with that earned a modest paycheck, say $40,000 or so/yr (An amount the greedy trannyfucker scoffed at when he was faced with having to get a real job), she would have earned well over $300,000 in that time and would probably now have savings, investments, a car and apartment of her own. Instead, she freeloads off others well into her 30’s.

Those that would like to write a letter to Judge Bare can do so by writing to him at the address below. Submissions should be sent in ASAP. Thank you.

ATTENTION Judge Rob Bare

Regional Justice Center, Courtroom 3C

200 Lewis Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89155



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