Monica Foster And Her Shut In Fan Bois Popping Off At Their Fag Holes Some More

Well, we haven’t written about this hooker much of late as she is just shy of one month from getting her dick knocked in the dirt again by prominent Las Vegas attorney Marc Randazza and we are waiting for January 3 to really celebrate but since her and her obese fan bois can’t keep their fag holes shut, we’ll post some more about them. Seems obese loser Kelly Robinson has announced THIS to his massive Twitter following of THIRTY SEVEN:


Oh, Kelly, it is your golden girl that is the bully, stalker and harrasser of innocent parties. She got smacked in the mouth to the tune of ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN THOUSAND dollars and change recently for the libeling, harassing and bullying of an innocent Las Vegas mother and wife and she is due in court in about a month so that Randazza can finish her off. So who really is the bully here? Who’s getting karma? I don’t see anyone getting sued or punished for “bullying” her and in fact, her attempts to serve people with protection orders have been rejected by the judge. She is the one being sued and LOSING for her bullying and harassment of people. Really strange that you so-called “tolerant” liberals are some of the most hateful, racist, intolerant people in the world and think its OK for you to bully people but you don’t like it when you get it back in return.

Alexandra Mayers tries and FAILS to serve an innocent party


Really wonderful that people that aren’t registered to vote in their state of residence think that they are entitled to an opinion about politics but that isn’t the way it works. You waived that right when you decided to stay in that day and fiddle yourself on web cam for $1/min instead of getting off your ass but that was a choice you made. Donald Trump is your president for the next 4-8 years. Time to accept this fact. Perhaps you could comb Craigslist for a George Soros supplied $15/hr job as an agitator, looting and rioting and wrecking the businesses of hard working Americans. You animals are terrorist pieces of shit and should be tear gassed and shot up with rubber bullets and then jailed. The parties that we wrote about here today don’t have to worry about that though – They would have to actually locate their balls before they crawled out from behind the computer and hit the pavement in support of any of their worthless causes. These special snowflakes prefer to run their mouths from the safety of their room, behind a computer, sipping hot cocoa while harassing innocent people and their families.


I want you all to study the above photo long and hard. This is what karma looks like. This is what your life looks like when you spend a decade of your life fighting a multi-billion dollar industry along with various fans and workers of that industry and even innocent family members and civilians who were simply caught in the crossfire. Basically, what she has done is taken on all comers with no thoughts about the consequences. Well, the above are the consequences and it doesn’t look like she is having fun. She sat alone this past Thanksgiving eve and probably all day Thursday while everyone else was out with their friends and families. This is karma, this is rock bottom. It will get worse on January 3 no matter how hard ol’ Kelly Robinson and Barry Nelson wave the pom-poms. Because you clowns won’t be in the courtroom to save her that day and you know what? Neither will she as she will concede without a fight and lose a great deal of her online presence. So who really is the bully when she won’t even contest what she has done to people? If there is a brain in your tiny fan boi skulls, try to activate those brains and think. Your golden girl is going down HARD!

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